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Photographing Faces, Religion, and Memory in San Salvador de Jujuy

Benjamin Bascary revisits his Argentinian hometown in this enigmatic photo series.

In an evocative photo series, Benjamin Bascary depicts the landscape and people of San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina. Titled Paisajes del feudo, or Landscapes of feudalism, the work is as much an exploration of Bascary’s own memories as it is a study of Jujuy’s capital city. An important trade route location during the colonial period, Bascary describes San Salvador as “a feudal land governed by high-class sugar businessmen since 1832.”

Bascary shared why he decided to return to Jujuy to photograph it. “I am currently living in Bariloche, Argentina, a totally different place, but I passed my entire childhood on those lands so the memories meant a lot and marked me in strange ways, including visually. So I decided to come back with my camera and try to capture the ‘aura’ of the place, including the politics, the faces, the manhood, the rural people of the region that only produces sugar; and of course the religion, which marks the history and the landscape.”

Documenting the buildings, people, and small details of San Salvador, Bascary’s work provides a close look at the Argentinian city.

Find more of Benjamin Bascary’s photography at his online portfolio, built using Format.

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