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Andrew Lyman’s Photo GIFs Record Private Moments

Photographer Andrew Lyman uses grainy GIFs to create moving portraits.

In his intimate portrait photography, Andrew Lyman uses light and movement to their fullest by recording GIFs of his subjects. Over-saturated and close up, Lyman’s portraits feel like moments grabbed from secret home videos or low-budget films. Their pixelation only adds to this feeling, with the highly textured, low-res grain mimicking the irregularities of 16mm film.

Based in Savannah, Georgia, Lyman often shoots friends and acquaintances, lending a highly personal and unstaged feel to his photography. In addition to creating moving images, Lyman often shoots on 35mm. Whether still or in motion, Lyman’s work captures personalities, moods, and relationships in sharp focus.

He’s shown in several gallery shows, but Lyman’s work seems so perfectly suited to the web. This is due in part to his lo-fi sensibility, but also to the sense the viewer is looking in, very briefly, on intimate and vulnerable moments in the lives of others.

Find more of Andrew Lyman’s photography and GIFs at his online portfolio, built using Format.

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