Katya Koroscil's 'Glitch Art' is unintentionally nostalgic

One camera's defect is another artist's photo series, as Katya Koroscil proves in these creative works.

Whether the subject is Jana Hunter, lead singer of The Lower Dens, or a blinding white Vans sneaker, photographer Katya Koroscil uncovers stark beauty in both objects and people. The recent Ryerson University grad, and new Montreal transplant, works on “creating images that challenge and expand the ideals of femininity, masculinity and beauty.”

Remember when you would re-watch your favourite VHS tapes as a child and the film would start to turn fuzzy, the colors would streak and parts would “glitch” on you? Koroscil recently rediscovered this with a piece of modern technology when her digital camera began “doing this… thing”. Her corrupted Canon 7D altered her photographs with rainbow-like glitches. Rather than hitting delete, she was able to see the beauty in this error. And so began her Glitch Art photo series. Although unintentional, the results create a dose of mind-altering nostalgia. A reminder that technology glitches are not the end of the world, but can be the start of something new.


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