Nick Vo: His new photo series ‘Aware’ is quiet and jarring

The Toronto photographer explores the lonely moments in between Japan's bustling day-to-day activity.

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Nicolas Vo is a Toronto based multidisciplinary artist. Working primarily in photography, he explores themes of isolation, intimacy, and the ephemeral. Recent works, such as This Is Only Temporary, focus on the elusive and transient nature of memory.

His new series Aware took shape during a visit to Japan. Taking its name from the Japanese term “Mono No Aware”, which translates to an awareness of the temporality of life, Aware is a maturation of the themes Vo has explored in his other work. Opting to ignore the hustle and bustle of urban Japan, Vo instead trained his camera on the moments in between—the pauses of everyday life—to express his own feelings of isolation, both fleeting and total.



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