Ted Cavanaugh’s Food Photography of Tie-Dye Pickled Eggs Bring Easter Vibes

Photographer Ted Cavanaugh makes hard-boiled eggs look like art.

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When we saw photographer Ted Cavanaugh’s images of pastel pickled eggs on Bon Appetit, it was clear that spring has sprung. When have hard-boiled eggs looked so… beautiful?

Senior food editor Chris Morocco is the mind behind this pickling project. He used a vinegar-based brine and the natural ingredients of turmeric, blackberries, blueberries, and beets to soak the eggs. It’s a pretty simple process that involves tapping the shell of cooked eggs before dropping them into their color baths. The cracks in the shells create a tie-dye effect that’s a level up from your basic kid’s decorating kit. Plus, you can eat these eggs so no wasted ingredients.

Cavanaugh is a Brooklyn-based photographer that specializes in food and beverage. You’ve probably seen his work on Martha Stewart Living, Refinery29, Men’s Health and Bloomberg Businessweek. If you’re a fan of food photography, you definitely need to check out his portfolio to see more of his crisp, inventive work.

If you want to try making these eggs yourself, here’s all the instructions on Bon Appetit.


Originally published on Bon Appetit


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