Weekly Update: The Clock Edition

The best links of this week, from the return of an iconic 24-hour-long artwork, to a chance to have your work decorate millions of beer cans.


Our Weekly Update is here to bring you our favorite links from the past week: art and design news you might have missed, must-see stories, and the best new contests and calls for entry.

Christian Marclay talks the challenges behind his 24-hour film The Clock

Christian Marclay’s extremely long film The Clock has captivated audiences worldwide since it first went on view in 2010. The 24-hour-long piece, made of cuts from thousands of films, tells the time through collaged clips of clock faces. The work can now be viewed at the Tate Modern, and Marclay recently shared some of the story behind the work, which took three years to complete, on The Art Newspaper Podcast.

Terrifying/cute Hieronymus Bosch bird spotted on the New York subway

Per Hyperallergic: “A hellish, ice-skating bird person from Hieronymus Bosch’s “The Temptation of St. Anthony” has come to life, roaming the New York City subway. The charming-yet-demonic costume came to life via the hands of Brooklyn-based artist Rae Swon, who works meticulously with needle felting to render mythical, nostalgic art garments.”

How to use social media without hating everything

It’s a question more and more of us are asking lately. The Creative Independent asked several artists about their strategies for staying connected while minimizing the desire to throw your phone at a wall when Twitter just gets to be too much. We particularly loved this suggestion:

“The first thing I always suggest to anyone feeling this way (and you’re not alone!) is to turn off all the notifications for your social media apps so you aren’t responding to their every beckoning chirp.”

A pre-Brexit photo book

We loved the candid scenes of Britain captured by photographer Robin Maddock in a series that aims to document pre-Brexit life. The British Journal of Photography talked with Maddock about the project, which he plans to publish as a photo book on the same date the UK plans to leave the European Union.

Call for entry: People of Color in Publishing’s Mentorship Program

People of Color in Publishing is a grassroots American organization dedicated to advancing the work of POC writers and creators. They’ve just announced a mentorship program which is open to any POC/Native folks who reside in the United States and are interested in expanding their book publishing careers. Writers and illustrators are both welcome to apply for the six-month program, which will begin in January 2019. The deadline for applications is September 30.

Call for entry: PBR’s National Art Contest

If you’re a budget beer-loving artist based in America, this is the contest for you. Pabst Blue Ribbon is seeking submissions of artwork to adorn future beer cans; the winner will receive $10,000 and have their work seen by millions. This year the annual contest features a new Digital Media category, which will also award a $10,000 prize. Entry is open until October 1.

Call for entry: Create Magazine

Create Magazine is seeking work from artists of all kinds and from any country for their next edition. Selected artists will be featured in Create’s digital and print publications, and will have the chance to be considered for future collaborative projects with the Create team as well. Entry is open until September 29.

Cover image via The Art Newspaper: Christian Marclay’s The Clock (2010) at Tate Modern, copyright the artist and Tate Photography (Matt Greenwood).

Have a tip or call for entry to share? Did you write an article or publish a project that you think we’d like? Let us know.

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