150+ Free Book and Logo Mockups for Graphic Designers

Save time with this exhaustive list of more than 150 free PSD logo and book mockups for your next graphic design project.

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Presenting your new designs to a client? Help your client envision your idea by providing photorealistic mockups of your designs. Mockups are useful tools to impress your clients in presentations and provide a creative context for your clients to envision the future of your design for their project. Using a photorealistic mockup could set your idea apart from the rest.

From book cover design to books mockup, showcase your portfolio of graphic designs with some of the best free mockups. We went through thousands of options and put together a list of over 150 PSD mockups and templates that will help make your presentation or pitch more creative and interesting. The list is divided into print templates and logos for building brands.

It’s important to note that most of these mockups are free with attribution. Make sure you read the full license agreements before using them in your next presentation

Want more design inspiration? Check out our tips for designing your portfolio logo.


Designing a book that’s about to be published? Or helping to create a book designed for your client? No matter the purpose of your book, these free book mockups will provide a solid foundation to showcase your work.


Hardcover Book in Hand Mockup

Show off your cover design with these free book cover mockups. Book in hand in front of a fully customizable background that allows you to fully express your creativity and designs. Give this free book mockup a try.

Download it here.


Hardcover Open Book Mockup

One of the best free book mockups to use is this open book design that will allow you to showcase your interior book content. The pages within the book are fully customizable using the smart-object layers.

Download it here.


Notebook Mockup

This notebook design will show off sketches, doodles and typographic skills for you or your client.

Download it here.


Square Book Mockups

Display albums, magazine pages, catalogs or designs in a photorealistic way. Customize your book mockup using the smart-object layers and choose a background color that works best for the book mockup.

Download it here.


Open Book Mockup

A comprehensive aerial-view of your open book mockup. One of the most realistic and free book cover designs that can show off your book pages and its content. Let your client a get a glimpse of how the book will look.

Download it here.


Floating Book Cover Mockup

A creative way to show off a book design. This free book mockup has three customizable hardcover books floating across a neutral background. Provide different views and angles of the book using this template.

Download it here.


Notebook Mockup

Here’s a photorealistic way to display your graphics, images and typography in style. This cover design takes inspiration from the iconic Moleskine. Change up the background color for a more dynamic look that suits your brand.

Download it here.


Landscape Book Mockup

A modern, comprehensive book mockup that offers shots of the cover, multiple interior pages, and the back cover. The perfect free book mockup to include bold designs and imagery.

Download it here.


Stacked Book Mockup with Varying Width Spines

Does your client have a few books published? This free book cover design shows a few spines of books stacked against a neutral background. It can showcase how each book looks against each other. This one is perfect for those with a novel collection or book series.

Download it here.


Square Book Mockup

This square book mockup includes an interior look of the book. It will show the cover and the inside pages to showcase your book design.

Download it here.


Hardcover Book Mockup

Multiple hardcover book exteriors stacked against a fully customizable background. You can slightly see the spines to give the image some depth. A great way to display a cover design and alternative colors of the same hardcover book.

Download it here.


A5 PSD Book Mockup

Add a smart layer to this floating A5 hardcover book with accompanying gemstone. A classic, simple and beautiful free book mockup.

Download it here.


Free Book Cover Mockup

Present your notebook in a stylish and photorealistic way. The cover of this notebook is fully customizable. The book is placed on a table to showcase how it stands out with other items and stationery.

Download it here.


Clean, Simple Book Cover Design

A free book mockup that’s clean and modern with a crisp look. A wide shot of the hardcover book and great detail on the closeup that gives your book all the space to stand out.

Download it here.


Free Book Cover Mockup

This soft-cover book mockup comes with different backdrops. A great way to showcase a client’s work being used in everyday life. If you’re looking for the best free templates to use, this free book mockup is super simple and customizable.

Download it here.


A4 Book PSD Template

A gorgeous, modern A4 book mockup to showcase a client’s work with an exterior shot of the cover and a glimpse at the inside pages.

Download it here.


Text Book Mockup

This book mockup will show the interior pages of your client’s work set against a realistic backdrop. If you want to showcase how the text looks inside of the book, this is a great template to try.

Download it here.


Sketchbook Design

Looking to showcase your graphics for a sketchbook? This PSD template displays the inside pages as well as the front and back covers. You can use it for icons, typography and display other creative objects.

Download it here.


Notebook in Autumn Scenery Design

Change out the image of this notebook set amongst fallen leaves. Perfect for a seasonal display of your cover designs, this free book mockup allows you to create designs that suit your client’s brand.

Download it here.


Old Photo Mockup

If you’re looking for a photorealistic display of your notebook design, then this is the perfect free book mockup for you. It’s a great way to showcase doodles, sketches, photography and fonts inside a book.

Download it here.


Hardback Book Mockup

A beautiful display of a hardcover book mockup set against a choice of two realistic wood backgrounds. This simple background ensures that the focus is on the book cover.

Download it here.


Magazine / Book Mockups

Looking to make a 3D book cover? Here is a simple 3D display of a hardcover book mockup amidst a neutral backdrop. Fully customizable with smart-object layers.

Download it here.


Dust Jacket Book Mockup

A beautiful, realistic display of the exterior cover and interior pages of a hardcover book with a dust jacket.

Download it here.


9 x 7 Landscape Paperback Book Mockup

Here’s a 9×7 landscape paperback book mockup that includes a closeup of the cover. Also using smart-object layers to make it fully customizable. The shadow also gives the book a 3D look and feel.

Download it here.


Photorealistic Book Cover Mockups

A book cover mockup set against a photorealistic background. Want to know how the book will look on a table? This is a great way to show a client’s work in an everyday setting.

Download it here.


Nature Book Mockup

A simple and modern way to showcase a client’s nature book. The asymmetric background makes the image on your book stand out. Give this free book mockup a try.

Download it here.


Art Book Mockup

A beautiful way to show off one’s sketches or doodles. Use this free book mockup to fully customize the interior pages amidst a realistic backdrop.

Download it here.


Landscape Book Cover Mockups

A simple display of landscape books. Try this free book mockup to easily customize your designs using smart object layers.

Download it here.


Paperback Book Mockup

Have a paperback novel or book to promote? Change the cover of this book cover mockup to the likes of your client.

Download it here.

Magazines and Brochures

Show off your magazine designs using one of these customizable templates. Some of these mockups provide a look at the exterior and inner page layouts. Most are easy to use and fully editable.


Photorealistic Magazine Mockup

A simple way to display the inner pages of your magazine design. The 3D design has the magazine sit up to create depth.

Download it here.


PSD Magazine Template

This one shows a wide shot and closeups of your designs. A great way to showcase detailed images of your project you’ve been working on.

Download it here.


Tri-Fold Brochure Mockup PSD

An editable tri-fold brochure against a customizable backdrop to showcase your client the final project.

Download it here.


Brochure with Design Mockups

A handheld design brochure for a simple way to show a client the interior pages.

Download it here.


Front and Back Magazine PSD Mockup

A great way to present your magazine covers (front and back) as well as the interior pages in a photorealistic way.

Download it here.


Magazine A4 Design

Showcase the inner pages of your magazine. The glasses case and vintage camera add some realism and interest.

Download it here.


Magazine PSD Mockups

A simple way to show your magazine design on the inside and outside.

Download it here.


Customizable Magazine Mockup

A photorealistic way to show a client your design for a magazine’s exterior and interior pages. Pages and background are fully customizable.

Download it here.


Square PSD Magazine Mockup with Customizable Inner Page Design

Here’s a photorealistic way to display a square magazine design. The inside pages and background are fully editable.

Download it here.


Glossy Magazine Mockup

A simple and elegant PSD to showcase a glossy design of your work.

Download it here.


Pet Magazine Mockups

This mockup is great for showcasing the design of a pet magazine. It can be customized using smart-object layers.

Download it here.


Digest-Size Mockup

One of the best free digest-size mockups to show your client’s work in a photorealistic way.

Download it here.


Brand Book Template

One of the best free ways to showcase your client’s brand and identity is with this brand book template. It shows off the front and back covers as well as interior pages of a branding project.

Download it here.


Simple A4 Mockup

A simple and modern way to showcase an A4 magazine cover for a client.

Download it here.


Grey Creative Annual Report Template

Looking for one of the best free templates to showcase a client’s annual report? Give this beautiful, creative template.

Download it here.


Modern Mockup of Magazine

Here’s a modern way to showcase the interior pages of a magazine. A great way to display the page design.

Download it here.


Design Magazine Template

A simple template that shows the cover design and an interior page of your magazine design.

Download it here.


Business Magazine Mockup

A great way to showcase your business magazine design. Realistically displays your interior page designs.

Download it here.


Magazine Double Spread Mockup

Display a double spread of your magazine design using this mockup. Set against a realistic backdrop to show the magazine in an everyday setting.

Download it here.


Magazine For Multiple Pages Mockup

Show off multiple pages of your design. It offers detailed closeups of the pages to show off to your client.

Download it here.


Magazine/Book Front Cover Mockup

Here’s a simple and elegant magazine mockup to showcase your design. Can be used for a book with larger dimensions, too.

Download it here.


Magazine Cover Mockup Design

One of the best free PSD mockups on the list is this magazine cover design. It comes in 5 different angles for you to choose from. Fully customizable and is easy to edit.

Download it here.


Magazine + Cover Mockup

A great all-in-one cover designs to show off the creativity and graphics of the covers and inner pages. Beautiful and simple.

Download it here.


A4 Brochure/Magazine Mockup

The best thing about this template is that it’s easily customizable. Displays the interior page design for your clients.

Download it here.


Photorealistic Magazine Mockup

Create a photorealistic display of the inner pages of your design.

Download it here.


Ultra Clean Magazine PSD Template

A beautiful, crisp way to show different inner pages of your design. Fully customizable pages and background.

Download it here.


Magazine Template in A4

A gorgeous way to showcase the front cover and inner pages of A4 magazine design.

Download it here.


Magazine in A5 Mockup

Mockup your cover designs in A5 allowing you to show off the front and back covers as well as a spread of the inner pages.

Download it here.


Photorealistic Mockup for Magazines

This is a photorealistic way to show your client what the inner pages of your magazine design will look like.

Download it here.


Magazine Cover Mockup

Another template that’s easily customizable to provide clients with a basic idea of your design.

Download it here.


Folder Mockup

A basic mockup template for folder designs.

Download it here.


Have a new logo idea? Use one of these mockups to deliver your pitch. Providing a context for the logo or signage shows your client your brand idea in an everyday setting.


Logo Label Mockup

Gorgeous, realistic logo label mockups that offer 3 different colors.

Download it here.


Painted Wood Logo Mockup

A spray-painted stencil on wood.

Download it here.


Letterpress Logo Mockup

A mockup of a letterpress logo on natural paper.

Download it here.


Emboss Paper Logo Mockup

Sleek and elegant embossed paper logo mockup.

Download it here.


Vintage Logo Mockup on Wood

A great way to show a vintage logo to your client with a wood background.

Download it here.


Mandala Logos

Looking to create your own graphics? Download these vector files of mandalas to create your own distinctive logo designs.

Download it here.


Street Wall Logo Mockup

Help your client envision a company’s logo on a street wall.

Download it here.


Full-Color Logo Mockup

This mockup allows you to create a logo in full color.

Download it here.


Hanging Wall Sign Mockup

Show your client what the logo will look like on a hanging wall sign in the street.

Download it here.


Logo Mockups on Presentation Folder

This template will show a client’s logo on a presentation folder, which will allow companies to see their branded graphics on company stationery.

Download it here.


Letterpress Logo Mockup

Here’s a photorealistic mockup of a letterpress logo.

Download it here.


3D Wall Logo Mockup

Show off a 3D logo design on a wall to help your client envision an office space.

Download it here.


Vintage Logo Mockup

Beautiful, vintage logo mockup set for clients to envision branding on objects.

Download it here.


Shop Facade Logo Mockup

Here’s a way to help a client envision a new logo on the business.

Download it here.


7 Photorealistic Logo Branding Mockups

A variety of photorealistic logo branding mockups that range from debossed leather to engraved stone.

Download it here.


Logo Mockup Collection

A simple collection of logo mockups to take inspiration from.

Download it here.


Rust Metal Logo Mockup

Here’s a way to show your client the logo on a rustic, metal backdrop.

Download it here.

Realistic Gold Logo on Cup and Paper

Gold and Silver Logo on Paper and Cup

Show your clients the designs of their logo on some company swag. This template allows you to create mockups for paper and cups.

Download it here.


Wood Logo Mockup

Beautiful, spray-painted stencil on wood logo mockup.

Download it here.


Leather Logo Mockup

Debossed leather logo to show off logo designs.

Download it here.


Steel Stamp Logo Mockup Template

Realistic steel stamp logo mockup to creatively show your client your design.

Download it here.


Wax Stamp Logo Mockup Template

A creative way to show off your logo design on a wax stamp mockup.

Download it here.


Close Up Logo Mockups

High-quality closeups of logos on various textures to give your client a variety of context.

Download it here.


Wooden Wall Logo Mockup

Simple wooden wall logo mockup to give a bit of texture to your design.

Download it here.


Mockup Logo

A fun, colorful way to showcase a logo design.

Download it here.


Coaster Mockup PSD

A beautiful and interesting way to showcase a logo design: On a coaster with wood background.

Download it here.


Cutout Logo Mockup

This deep cutout logo mockup offers a unique effect.

Download it here.


3D Chrome Logo Mockup

Here’s a realistic, 3D chrome logo mockup. All you have to do is replace the smart object with your new logo design.

Download it here.


Rubber Stamp PSD Mockup

A realistic representation of what your new logo design will look like as a rubber stamp.

Download it here.


Gold Stamping Logo Mockup

This gold stamping logo mockup is elegant and easy to edit.

Download it here.


Realistic Paper Logo Mockup

Here’s a realistic paper logo mockup that will help your client envision branding on stationery.

Download it here.


Embossed Leather Logo Mockup

This PSD template is super easy to edit and work with. All you have to do is replace the smart object with your new logo.

Download it here.


Wax Seal Stamp PSD Mockup

Offer your client an alternative way to view their logo design with wax seal stamp mockups.

Download it here.


Wood Engraved Effect Mockup

One of the best free engraved wood effect to showcase your logo mockups.

Download it here.


Black Mockup Logo PSD

Creating mockups of your client’s logo? Give this super elegant and sleek design a try.

Download it here.


4 Photorealistic Logo Mockups

Give your client some branding context. This is a package of 4 logo mockups that offer a variety of environments, including two record player images.

Download it here.


Spot UV Logo Mockup

This template creates mockups that simulate spot UV gloss added to a client’s logo.

Download it here.


Embossed Paper Logo Mockup

Create elegant mockups of your client’s logo embossed on paper.

Download it here.


Silver Stamping Logo Mockup

Add a silver lining to an embossed logo to create an impressive effect.

Download it here.


3D Wooden Logo Mockup

This 3D perfect for a client to envision a sign for the business.

Download it here.


Burlap Logo Mockup PSD

Rustic logo designs on a burlap sack offer a lot of texture.

Download it here.


Cloth Tag Logo Mockup

A very realistic representation of a client’s logo on a clothing tag.

Download it here.


Brick Wall 3D Logo Mockup

Help your client envision a new 3D logo on the side of a brick wall.

Download it here.


Silver Foil Clothing Tag Logo Mockup

A gorgeous silver foil clothing tag template to showcase mockups of your logo and how they look in action.

Download it here.


3D Silver Logo Mockup PSD Template

Drag and drop your logo onto this 3D silver PSD template. Easy to use and impressive to show.

Download it here.


Window Signage Logo Mockup

Allow your client to envision what a storefront will look like with your new logo designs.

Download it here.


B&W Paper Logo PSD Template

An ultra-realistic black-and-white paper logo with a bit of texture in the background.

Download it here.


Scratched Metal Logo Mockup

An interesting effect for a client to consider. Here’s a realistic, scratched metal logo design.

Download it here.


Dark Leather Metallic Finish Logo Mockup

Elegant designs and mockups of logos on dark leather.

Download it here.


Vintage Paper Logo Designs

Create a timeless feeling with mockups of their logo on beautiful vintage paper.

Download it here.


3D Logo Mockups

Create edgy logo mockups with this design. It even has 3 varying backgrounds.

Download it here.


Leather Stamping Logo Mockups

A realistic, gold-stamped logo on brown leather gives a sharp and professional feel.

Download it here.


Gold Letterpress Logo Mockup

Classic metal letterpress logo mockups to impress your clients.

Download it here.


Wood Engraved Logo Mockup

Looking for PSD mockups with a wood engraving design? Here’s a basic design template to show your client your idea.

Download it here.


Sketch Logo Mockup PSD

One of the more simple PSD mockups to show a sketched version of your logo designs.

Download it here.


Vintage Logo Sketch Mockup

This logo PSD offers a vintage sketch effect for your design.

Download it here.


Rusty Metal Logo Mockup

A realistic, rusty metal effect for the backdrop of your logo design.

Download it here.


Grunge Spray Logo On The Wall

If you’re looking for PSD mockups with a rustic feel, this is a spray-painted logo design with a grungy, paint-peeling wall as the background.

Download it here.


Vintage Logo Designs

A classic spray-painted logo on wood design for an alternative effect to a standard design.

Download it here.


Burned Logo PSD

A PSD that allows you to make your logo appear burned into wood.

Download it here.


Vintage Boxes Template

Gorgeous, photorealistic vintage boxes that showcase a client’s logo.

Download it here.


Wood Engraved Logo Mockup

Showcase your logo or your client’s logo on wood.

Download it here.


Photorealistic Fabric Logo Mockup

A realistic fabric logo mockup for labels that will be directly on the fabric and not on a tag.

Download it here.


Photorealistic Leather Mockup PSD

Here’s one last photorealistic leather mockup. Not embossed or debossed, but painted onto leather.

Download it here.

More PSD Templates and Book Mockup Ideas

If you’re looking for other projects to showcase your creativity, we’ve also included other PSD mockups, book designs, and templates for you to try. In addition to the book designs listed above, you can create a book that caters toward different clients and needs. Below are some of the best free PSD mockups to take your creations to the next level.

children book mockup

Free Children’s Book Mockup

A super cute book mockup perfect for creating an easy, durable children’s book to read. This free book mockup gives you the freedom to customize the book cover designs and interior pages of a children’s book. You can showcase your creativity and ability to create amazing graphics with this book template.

Download it here.

Bookcase PSD Mockups

If your client is looking to get a book mockup done, consider upselling them with a bookcase mockup. These beautiful bookcases are perfect to keep the book pages and covers from getting tarnished. Customize the bookcase to match your book mockup for an inclusive package.

Download it here.


Book Sleeve Template

Get creative and put together a book sleeve for your client’s book mockup. This PSD template includes layers and easy to edit smart objects for better customization. The book sleeve can be easily personalized to match the brand identity and colors. Keeping the book cover simple, all the design work can be placed on the book sleeve instead.

Download it here.

eBook Mockups

For those who want to keep it environmentally friendly, they may choose to only launch ebooks for their work. Try this free template to create a free book mockup on a digital device.

Download it here.

Cardboard Baby Book Mockup

Another book mockup perfect for showing off your creativity. This cardboard baby book mockup allows you to showcase the interior and exteriors of a colorful, imaginative book.

Download it here.

Promote The Book Mockup and Designs on Social Media

After creating your book mockup, magazine book cover design, and logo mockups, use them across your website, social media, and online portfolio website. For your client to generate more sales and attraction for their upcoming book, your client can utilize the book mockup to promote their book on social media platforms. Besides, your client can consider leveraging the same designs to create social media posts that reflect the designs you’ve created for their brand.

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