Sarah Palmer’s ‘Drunk on Trump’ Captures Donald Trump’s Surreal Campaign Trail

Canadian photographer Sarah Palmer uses double exposures to show the bizarre reality of Donald Trump's "fries and soda" fueled rallies.

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“In Canada, we’re all perplexed at what’s happening,” photographer Sarah Palmer says of the current US election race. “After all we’ve heard about Trump, I wanted to see what was true and what was blown out of proportion.” The Toronto-based photographer has been attending recent Trump rallies and Republican events in New York State, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, documenting both diehard Trump supporters and angry protestors.

Shooting with a Holga, a lightweight Lomography camera, Palmer creates multiply exposed images that have a sense of unreality to them. The chaotic, disorienting feel of the photos reflect the way it feels to be at a Trump rally. “It’s like being in a confusing dream,” Palmer says.

With the US election looming less than one month away, most estimates are predicting a Trump win to be extremely unlikely. An increasing number of Republicans have withdrawn support for Trump or even asked him to step down, especially in light of his recently revealed comments about sexually assaulting women.

So who’s still out there at Trump’s rallies, waiting in line, buying the t-shirts, eager to shout out their support? It might be hard to believe, but there are still Americans out there who plan on voting for The Donald.

“It didn’t feel like I was at a political rally,” Palmer says. “It felt more like a show was about to start, and everyone was getting ready for it with their fries and soda. That, for me, was very surreal. At Trump rallies, he comes out to that Jock Jams song. The one that starts, ‘Y’all ready for this?’ Yeah, it’s gross.”

It can’t get much more surreal than this. At least, we hope not. Here are our selections from “Drunk on Trump.” Find more at Sarah Palmer’s portfolio, built using Format.

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