Saskia Pomeroy’s Toolkit for Squiggly Hieroglyphics

Everything Saskia Pomeroy needs to make her optimistic, layered, vibrant, abstract artwork.

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Simple movements and colour combinations are just as evocative to me as nature itself.

  1. Plywood shape sculpture prototype—first one ever made!
  2. Blue vase with handles, made by me with drippy blue glaze.
  3. Three pin badges, designed by me.
  4. My business card.
  5. Cedar pencil from my husband’s shop.
  6. Recent collage.
  7. Two coasters from my coaster sets.
  8. My sketchbook.
  9. My pencil case which I made with a Dominic Kesterton for Pick Me Up Festival last year.
  10. My scalpel blade (for collages).
  11. My Wacom pen for digital work.
  12. Rainbow pencil.
  13. Paintbrush. All on top of an Aalto side table.

Multi-disciplinary artist Saskia Pomeroy has a sharp eye for form, texture, colour blocking, and composition in general. Whether she’s working in print, drawing, painting, sculpture or textiles, Saskia’s style is optimistic, vibrant and joyous.

She frequently uses contrasting finishes, colour overlays and technical details as an additional dimension to her print work. Her subjects range from the abstract to the observational, including themes such as nature, ancient art, glyphs and symbols.

We take a brief look at the tools and objects on the energetic artist’s table and find out what she’s working on next.


Saskia Pomeroy for Print All Over Me

Firstly who are you and what do you do?

I am Saskia Pomeroy and I’m a graphic artist and maker. I was brought up in Scotland, my parents are Dutch and now I live in London.

You have a very graphic style, how did this develop?

My style has developed, I think, from my upbringing by my parents who are both artists. I was always drawing and painting from a young age, and I was taught to observe life and to take beauty from it.

I think that’s why I am at where I am now, because I’ve done so much studying (of life that is) that I’ve pared my forms right back to the basics of what I think is beautiful. Simple movements and colour combinations are just as evocative to me as nature itself.


If you had to create a new shape what would it look like and what would you call it?

If I was to create a new shape it’s probably a shape that exists in one of my hanging mobiles or shape sculptures. I think it’s a bit like a kidney bean or a boomerang kind of shape, and it would be called ‘Life’ because it starts and ends at the beginning, but it’s a bit wiggly in between.

You work in a variety of media, from ceramic vases to earrings to hanging perspex mobiles and even leather coasters. What’s the next project you have in mind? Or is there a particular material you would like to try out next?

My next project is a little baby! I’ll probably be taking most of this year out to concentrate on the beginning of the little one’s life, and staring at this new person my husband and I have created!


Saskia Pomeroy’s portfolio

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