Out of This World Tattoo Designs By ‘Sean From Texas’

This Instagram famous tattoo artist creates simple, spacey images of aliens and astronauts.

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Sean Williams, better known as Sean from Texas, has carved out his own weird niche in the world of tattoo with his funny, unnerving designs.

It comes as no surprise that Sean’s based in Los Angeles, given the frequency of palm trees, cactus-spotted deserts, and cars that pop up in his work. Sean puts his own twist on these LA vibes, though: his desert scenes feature alien abductions, and when he draws a car, it’s probably part of a brutal crash.

Sean’s distinctive, hand-drawn aesthetic has been a few years in the making. He got his start in tattooing by DIY-ing his own tattoo guns at home. “Back in pre-internet Texas, when you had to just figure out a way to do things on your own, I took apart our family hair clippers and made it into a machine,” Sean told Format Magazine. “That was my first tattoo gun. Professionally I’ve only been tattooing for about 10 years, but if you add in all the homemade stuff I did out of my kitchen and house, it’s been nearly 20.”

Along with the California landscape, pessimism stands out as a big theme in Sean’s tattoo work, but it’s always tongue-in-cheek. His Grim Reapers are actually kind of cute, and some of those alien abductions are pretty picturesque. Besides, isn’t there something hopeful about escaping into space when things on Earth get tough?

See some of our favourite spaced-out tattoos by Sean from Texas here, and find more at @seanfromtexas. To learn more about Sean’s tattoo process, check out this interview we did with him.

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