Weekly Update: How to Make Art Anywhere Edition

The best links of the week, from some must-read artist guides to some promising calls for entry.


Our Weekly Update is here to bring you our favorite links from the past week: art and design news you might have missed, must-see stories, and the best new contests and calls for entry.

How to succeed as an artist when you don’t live in an art world capital

This week Artsy tackles one of the toughest questions that emerging artists deal with through a lengthy exploration: what does it take to make it in the art world when you don’t live in a major art city? The piece is full of interesting case studies:

“For Scott Reeder, who lived in Los Angeles for two years before spending nearly a decade in Milwaukee, living in the Midwestern city provided him with the space, freedom, and offbeat cultural environment he needed to grow his practice. “I like being a bit away from the coasts, to get some perspective. And for something weirder to develop,” he said. Milwaukee afforded him “a little time to gestate and slow down.””

Your ultimate update on what happened in the art world this summer

Also via Artsy, check out this exhaustive guide to the goings on of the art world over the past few months for a refresher on the news you might have missed.

Why do people have such different reactions to works of art?

A fascinating long read in the New Yorker dives deep on the question of why people like the art they like: “In 1961, Piero Manzoni created his most famous art work—ninety small, sealed tins, titled “Artist’s Shit.” Its creation was said to be prompted by Manzoni’s father, who owned a canning factory, telling his son, “Your work is shit.” Manzoni intended “Artist’s Shit” in part as a commentary on consumerism and the obsession we have with artists.”

Ikea loses its influential head of design

Marcus Engman, head of design at Ikea since 2012, has stepped down from his position to work on his own design consultancy. As Fast Company reports, Engman had a major influence on changing things up at Ikea over the past few years; everyone is curious to see where the Swedish big box giant will go next.

Are sneakers art now?

In GQ, a consideration of a Philips Auction House show that puts sneakers on display: “It’s been a banner year for sneakers and streetwear items making their way onto the auction and art scene. LeBron James’s “Equality” sneakers earned a place in the Smithsonian. There was an entire auction dedicated to Supreme earlier this year at Parisian house Artcurial where the combined sales topped $1 million, and the MoMa put one of the brand’s logo tees in its 2017 fashion exhibit.”

Call for entry: Show your work with Creator Class and Pexels

Pexels has teamed up with Creator Class for an upcoming exhibition at Free Studio in Toronto. Titled We Are One, the event will showcase local and international photography on the theme of diversity. You can submit work now to be featured at the gallery event, which takes place September 28.

Call for entry: British Journal of Photography announces new contest, Portrait of Humanity

The latest photography contest from BJP is an ambitious undertaking: “Our overall aim is to create one of the greatest collaborative photography exhibitions in history, celebrating our shared values of individuality, community and unity. Of the entries, 200 longlisted photographs will be chosen to be included in a Portrait of Humanity Book, where readers can delve into the photographs, and read the stories of people from all over the world. And 50 shortlisted photographs will be exhibited around the world as part of a global touring exhibition, from August to December 2019.” Entry is open now until December 11.

Call for entry: All About Photo Magazine

AAP Magazine is currently seeking photography submissions that explore the theme of shapes. Prizes include up to $1000 in cash. The deadline for entry is September 30.

Have a tip or call for entry to share? Did you write an article or publish a project that you think we’d like? Let us know.

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