Architecture Portfolio Websites | Tips and Examples

Make your online portfolio website stand out as an architect with professional, easy-to-use Format templates and these simple web design and photography tips.

July 13, 2021
desktop browser window frameMarco Richter
phone window frameMarco Richter
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Marco Richter

Theme used: Horizon Left About Marco Richter
desktop browser window frameKat Alves
phone window frameKat Alves
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Kat Alves

Theme used: Obsidian About Kat Alves
desktop browser window frameMiguel Fonta
phone window frameMiguel Fonta
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Miguel Fonta

Theme used: Amazon About Miguel Fonta
desktop browser window frameBasel Almisshal
phone window frameBasel Almisshal
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Basel Almisshal

Theme used: Ora About Basel Almisshal
desktop browser window frameWouter van der Sar
phone window frameWouter van der Sar
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Wouter van der Sar

Theme used: Stockholm About Wouter van der Sar
desktop browser window frameShyue Woon
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Shyue Woon

Theme used: Order About Shyue Woon

Architecture Portfolio Tip: Get Online

We're moving away from handing out physical portfolio books and moving towards online portfolios because they're quick to share and update and offer many more opportunities for marketing. Every creative career requires a portfolio regardless of whether you work freelance or joining an architecture firm. Your portfolio showcases your best projects, inspiration, and processes to give your clients an idea of what it would be like to work with you.

Luckily, it's easy to get started with an online portfolio. Platforms like Format take a lot of the leg work out of setting up a website so that you can focus on the design and content. Want more tips on how to get started? Please read our guide to architecture portfolio tips.

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desktop browser window frameMujib Ojeifo
phone window frameMujib Ojeifo
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Mujib Ojeifo

Theme used: Fullframe About Mujib Ojeifo
desktop browser window frameElyse Kennedy
phone window frameElyse Kennedy
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Elyse Kennedy

Theme used: Ora About Elyse Kennedy
desktop browser window frameNick Tortajada
phone window frameNick Tortajada
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Nick Tortajada

Theme used: Frame About Nick Tortajada
desktop browser window frameHenry Woide
phone window frameHenry Woide
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Henry Woide

Theme used: Coral About Henry Woide
desktop browser window frameRobbert Ladan
phone window frameRobbert Ladan
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Robbert Ladan

Theme used: Contact About Robbert Ladan
desktop browser window frameStavros Marmaras
phone window frameStavros Marmaras
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Stavros Marmaras

Theme used: Clarity About Stavros Marmaras

Architectural Photography Tip: Use The Right Equipment

As a visual industry, you're going to need high-quality photos to showcase your best projects. You can hire a professional to shoot your design work, but if you plan on doing this all yourself, you need a little more than your phone camera to get the best shots. Use a camera that can shoot in RAW to have more control of editing the image. You don't need to buy the most expensive camera out there, but you need to know how to capture high-quality images for your portfolio.

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desktop browser window frameSantiago Vásquez
phone window frameSantiago Vásquez
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Santiago Vásquez

Theme used: Mica About Santiago Vásquez
desktop browser window frameMatt Van Emmerik
phone window frameMatt Van Emmerik
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Matt Van Emmerik

Theme used: Panorama About Matt Van Emmerik
desktop browser window frameJonathan Sage
phone window frameJonathan Sage
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Jonathan Sage

Theme used: Ora About Jonathan Sage
desktop browser window frameAnna Stathaki
phone window frameAnna Stathaki
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Anna Stathaki

Theme used: Amazon About Anna Stathaki
desktop browser window frameJahz Design
phone window frameJahz Design
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Jahz Design

Theme used: Foray About Jahz Design
desktop browser window frameCarlos Berrios
phone window frameCarlos Berrios
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Carlos Berrios

Theme used: Peak About Carlos Berrios

Architecture Photography Facts: View/Press Cameras

If you want to shoot like an old-school pro, view/press cameras allow for large format photography, which delivers the most professional-looking images for traditional-style architectural photographs used in physical portfolios. These aren't exactly budget-friendly cameras, and if you're on a budget, you should look to the next couple of steps to make your architecture portfolio stand out.

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desktop browser window frameLukasz Nowosadzki
phone window frameLukasz Nowosadzki
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Lukasz Nowosadzki

Theme used: Order About Lukasz Nowosadzki
desktop browser window frameLucas Fladzinski
phone window frameLucas Fladzinski
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Lucas Fladzinski

Theme used: Ora About Lucas Fladzinski
desktop browser window frameAndrew Rowat
phone window frameAndrew Rowat
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Andrew Rowat

Theme used: Post About Andrew Rowat

Architecture Photography Tip: Look For Unique Angles

You can convey a completely different mood and story of a building just by changing the angle of how you soot. Do your research on the building or space you are photographing—and don’t forget to consider its environment—to find small details that may be otherwise unnoticed. Unique angles can help you capture interesting photographs of buildings and interiors. 

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