The 12 Best Design Portfolio Examples of 2022

Get inspired to create your own design portfolio with these showstopping design portfolio examples that serve as the perfect canvas for your best work.

January 13, 2022

Having a stellar online portfolio will help you further your career when industry partners and clients come calling. Working in tandem with your digital presence, like your social media accounts, a fulsome and recent design portfolio can help your work get seen. This article will help you get inspired to make your mark in the world of design with design portfolio examples that will make prospective clients stop in their tracks and want you on their team.

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desktop browser window frameFlorian Matthias Egerer
phone window frameFlorian Matthias Egerer
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Florian Matthias Egerer

Theme used: Ora

Florian is an Application Developer, Designer, and Product Manager based in Vienna, Austria. Florian focuses on delivering great user experience—in every aspect. He’s worked on apps, UI, UX, print, and corporate design with the same love, for more than 15 years. The things Florian creates are unique and have a common vision: meaning, simplicity, and usability.
desktop browser window frameEarly Cloud Design
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Early Cloud Design

Theme used: Order

Early Cloud Design Integration Limited is a creative design integration company from Macau. The designer members are mainly from Macau, Taiwan and Malaysia. Their work focuses on using rigorous market research and analysis methods, unique design methods, and innovative thinking to help customers successfully develop their brand business.
desktop browser window frameDillon La Grange
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Dillon La Grange

Theme used: Frame

Dillion La Grange is from Oregon, where he grew up on cartoons and skateboarding. He eventually went to school to study industrial design, and simultaneously worked in a woodshop, where he learned about building furniture. Lagrange Design is a catalog of furniture, and home goods hand-made using traditional joinery methods, in hopes to achieve contemporary visual aesthetics.
desktop browser window frameTena Tso
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Tena Tso

Theme used: Ora

Tena is a talented designer whose collective work has been recognized with various International accolades and awards. With a passion for design, Tena is a natural collaborator and has worked with a library of noteworthy clients.
desktop browser window frameRachel Eck
phone window frameRachel Eck
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Rachel Eck

Theme used: Order

Rachel Eck is a designer and letterer from the NY/NJ metro area. She earned her art degree from Rutgers University and went on to work across many design mediums over the past 15 years. Starting in Brooklyn at a boutique custom font and typesetting shop in Park Slope, Rachel went on to do international brand guidelines, campaigns and event activations with brands like Verizon, Citi bike and Lyft.
desktop browser window frameEszter Zámori
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Eszter Zámori

Theme used: Ora

Eszter has been a contemporary jewellery designer for more than 10 years. Eszter’s jewelry is made of materials that stand the test of time: precious metals, gemstones, and exotic wood. Eszter believes that an object prepared with the utmost attention will preserve the imprint of the moment years to come. The materials Eszter uses encapsulate just that. Eszter believes that the purpose of jewelry is to slow down time, to awaken passion, and to provide pleasure, just like a piece of candy.
desktop browser window frameKayla
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Theme used: Sharp

Kayla is a Digital Designer for Levi Strauss & Co in the San Francisco Bay Area. She likes to think outside the box, push boundaries, and make her visions come to life through design, music, and fashion.
desktop browser window frameMichael Lomon
phone window frameMichael Lomon
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Michael Lomon

Theme used: Ora

Michael is a London-based Motion Graphics Designer, Illustrator, and Comic Book Artist. Michael is the creator of the Palace of Tears web comic and other fantastical fictions. In addition, he is the designer, animator, and often director of a whole host of animated shorts. These are produced for broadcast, web, and social. Big on After Effects and Cinema 4D, Michael’s favorite projects allow for a more organic approach to motion, with plenty of texture, and unusual aesthetics.
desktop browser window frameEunah Ainslie
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Eunah Ainslie

Theme used: Peak

Eunah is a Designer and a Creative Consultant with extensive experience in Fashion, Illustration, and Art Direction. Eunah specializes in designing apparel, prints, patterns, and textiles. Through Eunah’s international work with design teams and production facilities, Eunah has built a broad understanding of the design and production processes. These range from raw material sourcing to retail display, to point-of-sale in both high fashion, and corporate environments.
desktop browser window frameRhea Jeong
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Rhea Jeong

Theme used: Kiln

Rhea Jeong is a creative professional with an eye for precision. Originally from Seoul, Rhea is an industrial designer currently based in San Francisco.
desktop browser window frameCarla Gine
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Carla Gine

Theme used: Daylight

Carla studied Arts and has a Degree in Fashion Design, and a Master’s in Research in Art and Design. More specifically, she is focused on researching Aesthetics through design. In 2016, Carlia started focusing on how fashion can be changed by using aesthetic capacites. In 2017, Carla presented Methamophos in the context of Alicante Fashion Week. In 2019, Carlia showed a dress at the TerrassaTextile Museum. In 2020, Carla received a grant for artistic research in Konvent and released ECHO.
desktop browser window frameAlice Picard
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Alice Picard

Theme used: Kiln

Alice Picard is a graphic designer, illustrator, and visual artist. She completed a degree in graphic design in Montreal (UQAM) after doing a semester in Strasbourg (HEAR). Her rather eclectic approach is characterized by the versatility and the experimental side of her graphic approaches. Alice’s work usually flirts with the hybrid of several techniques, to infuse meaning into each project. She is based in Montreal and likes the color yellow a little bit too much.

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