Event Photography Portfolio Websites | Tips and Examples

Get inspired by these amazing event photography portfolio websites and discover how you can create a stunning portfolio to showcase your event photography projects.

October 4, 2021
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phone window frameMaciek Drewniak
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Maciek Drewniak

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desktop browser window frameMartha Tesema
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Martha Tesema

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Cassandra Hastu

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desktop browser window frameMary Joyce
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Mary Joyce

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desktop browser window frameCindy Robertson
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Cindy Robertson

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Adam Pulicicchio

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Event Photography Tips: In Low Light, Shoot Right

Proper lighting is essential in event photography, as it requires you to capture brief moments throughout what can be long and unpredictable events. For this reason, being able to take great shots in low light will be an invaluable skill to have. This can be achieved with a larger aperture, higher ISO, and a fast shutter speed.

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desktop browser window frameAnna Wirz
phone window frameAnna Wirz
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Anna Wirz

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desktop browser window frameKen Worth
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Ken Worth

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desktop browser window frameJonty Carlin
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Jonty Carlin

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desktop browser window frameNhat Ha Dao
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Nhat Ha Dao

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desktop browser window frameAlex Howard
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Alex Howard

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Event Photography Flash Tips: Adjust To Suit Your Surroundings

Too much flash can make your photos unpleasant to view, while too low of lighting can make for dim and unimpressive shots. We suggest showing up ready to take both flash and no-flash shots, all while making the right adjustments to suit your surroundings.

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desktop browser window frameBartek Muracki
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Bartek Muracki

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Javi Perez

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desktop browser window frameSherie Murphy
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Sherie Murphy

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desktop browser window frameJulia Drummond
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Julia Drummond

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desktop browser window frameBridie Florence
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Bridie Florence

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desktop browser window frameDiego Guillen
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Diego Guillen

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Event Photography Tips for Beginners: Build Connections

If you’re looking for a career that will keep you busy all year long, event photography is a great way to land a steady stream of gigs, make new connections, and learn to shoot in various different settings. It’ll also allow you to create and build an event photography portfolio, allowing you to wow future clients and leverage your skills.

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