Photography Portfolio Websites | Tips and Examples

Here are a collection of some tips, tricks and examples for making your photography portfolio website. Find your inspiration.

July 9, 2021
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Khanh Bui Phu

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Vanessa McWhirt

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Aaron Chandler-Worth

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Alicia Tang

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Faaria Khan

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tidephoto - Stefan Franke

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Creative photography ideas at home: Use a tripod or table

Don’t let your surroundings prevent you from getting creative with your photography. Whether you’re interested in still life photography or self portraiture, there are so many potential subjects in your own home that you may not have considered. A tripod will come in handy, but if you don’t have one on hand, try using a table with a sturdy pile of books and your camera’s self timer.

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Jekka Adalin

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Giancarlo Cassinelli

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Philipp Kritzer

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Henry Cobbs

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Xenia Palacios

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David Bechtel

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Beginner photography tips for night photography: Let more light in

Since lighting conditions are so vastly different, the regular photography tricks don’t necessarily apply to night photography. If you have a DSLR, adjust the settings to let more light into your camera. This way, you can capture some cool images like city lights and silhouette portraits. 

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Cindy Murray

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Kate Lionis

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Fun photography ideas outside: Use nature as your backdrop

No matter what the weather, there are always endless opportunities for creative photoshoots outdoors. You could use nature as the backdrop for your portrait photography, or you could take inspiration from the skyscrapers in a busy urban neighborhood. While you can definitely just head outside with your camera, the most successful photos usually involve some planning ahead of time. Consider what time of day will provide the best lighting for your photo concept. 

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