UX/UI Portfolio Websites | Tips and Examples

If you dream of being a professional UX UI designer, you need a portfolio. When it comes to your UX UI portfolio website, visual design is everything. It’s the first thing potential employers or clients will see, and it needs to make a lasting impression.

Whether you’re fresh-faced or a seasoned veteran, the future is visual storytelling. Here’s an introduction to our favorite examples of UX UI portfolio websites.

April 19, 2023
desktop browser window frameFergus Hurst desktop
phone window frameFergus Hurst mobile
Preview Site

Fergus Hurst

Theme used: Gloss
About Fergus Hurst

Fergus Hurst is a film and digital photographer who captures landscapes, wildlife, portrait, commercial and documentary images. He fell in love with photography at a young age, and always learning new ways to capture the world around him.

desktop browser window frameSophie Huntley desktop
phone window frameSophie Huntley mobile
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Sophie Huntley

Theme used: Chroma
About Sophie Huntley

Sophie Huntley is a photographer and moving image maker (b. 1997 Essex). With a degree in BA(Hons) Fashion Photography, her work stylistically conveys elements of fashion and fine art. Sophie approaches creating visuals as a piece of art: fascinated by form, the body, landscape, light and water. Sophie's work demonstrates a focus on women, deriving from the position of women within society and her own personal experience.

desktop browser window frameNiko Goga desktop
phone window frameNiko Goga mobile
Preview Site

Niko Goga

Theme used: Kiln
About Niko Goga

Niko started his photography journey in 2012, via various workshops, photo clubs, college courses, and photographic organisations. He loves making memories with his camera. Memories that stay imprinted with people. Every time you click that shutter, you make a connection. A connection that lasts forever.

desktop browser window frameFranklin Yeep desktop
phone window frameFranklin Yeep mobile
Preview Site

Franklin Yeep

Theme used: Sharp
About Franklin Yeep

Franklin Yeep is a black & white film portrait photographer based in NYC. Yeep shoot all things analog, which gives them a one-of-a-kind experience to the subject and the viewer. They believe the slow process allows the sitter to "breathe," enabling them to capture their portraiture in an honest, and transparent way. Everything is hand-processed by Yeep from start to finish without involving any photo labs, which allows them to have complete control over the creative process.

desktop browser window frameHilaire Baumgartner desktop
phone window frameHilaire Baumgartner mobile
Preview Site

Hilaire Baumgartner

Theme used: Shapes
About Hilaire Baumgartner

Hilaire Baumgartner is an editorial and commercial food photographer based in Fort Worth. What started as a vegan food blog in 2017, Baumassfoods (a play on words from her last name) is now Hilaire’s business where she focuses exclusively on food + product photography. She believes food should be fun and often transfers her playful personality into bold and colorful work.

desktop browser window frameLorenzo Frison desktop
phone window frameLorenzo Frison mobile
Preview Site

Lorenzo Frison

Theme used: Panorama
About Lorenzo Frison

Lorenzo Frison is a 29 year old visual artist based in Belgium. He has a heart for photography, film/cinematography, art direction and storytelling. In 2019 he graduated a LUCA School of arts with a bachelor degree in Film, Television and Storytelling. In september of 2020 he started a new education in photography to re-master his skills.


Keeping it Minimal vs. Visual Clutter

Shape your online presence by presenting your recent and most outstanding work to potential clients from all over the world. Take the time to thoughtfully curate your work with clear, minimal design and visuals.

Depending on your design aesthetic and variety of work, determine whether it is best presented with large or full-page images or a collection of thumbnails. Site visitors should be able to have a virtual introduction to you as a designer, and clear steps to navigate through the most important parts your website 

Here are a few items every great portfolio website should include:

Business name and/or logo

About Me/Bio/CV

Clear, accessible fonts

Client testimonials

Social media links

Contact page

When adding text to your site, keep it brief and convey the most important information. Your website copy should be professional with a dose of personality–simply put, write the way you talk. Be sure to include well-placed CTA’s throughout the site, directing visitors to the next steps. 

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desktop browser window frameIan Warren desktop
phone window frameIan Warren mobile
Preview Site

Ian Warren

Theme used: Clarity
About Ian Warren

Maybe it sparked when Ian Warren asked for a subscription to Architectural Digest for his 11th birthday, or watching his dad build models of their house before beginning an add-on or remodel, while he was earning a BFA in sculpture or, working as a graphic designer. Ian Warren's love for design, people, and architecture has brought him to where he is now. After growing up in Colorado and living in New York his work is inspired by European architectural photography, modern design, and nature.

desktop browser window frameConnor Czora desktop
phone window frameConnor Czora mobile
Preview Site

Connor Czora

Theme used: Sun
About Connor Czora

Connor Czora is an artist, educator, and activist currently based in Washington, DC. Born in Rochester, NY, they received their BFA in Ceramics and Gender Studies from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2019. Czora’s work explores the relationships between imperial ceramics, cultural taste, and sociopolitical power structures in the United States. Tracing the history of Western decorative arts, their work interrogates how ideologies are embedded and perpetuated within cultural objects.

desktop browser window frameHeath Cajandig desktop
phone window frameHeath Cajandig mobile
Preview Site

Heath Cajandig

Theme used: Hue
About Heath Cajandig

Heath Cajandig is an award winning photographer whose work focuses on cities, landscapes and interesting things. Heath's work has been featured in 100+ international publications and media including a Stephen King and James Patterson book cover.

desktop browser window frameVirginie Garnier desktop
phone window frameVirginie Garnier mobile
Preview Site

Virginie Garnier

Theme used: Foreground
About Virginie Garnier

Virginie Garnier is a freelance photographer specialised in travel, lifestyle, portrait and food. They work with natural light and are based in Paris.

desktop browser window frameBloo desktop
phone window frameBloo mobile
Preview Site


Theme used: Obscura
About Bloo

Former marketer, brand strategist, Alonso left his 18 year career to pursue his true passion, photography. Now he is beginning the best part of his life. It's never too late.

desktop browser window frameDarrell Jackson desktop
phone window frameDarrell Jackson mobile
Preview Site

Darrell Jackson

Theme used: Peak
About Darrell Jackson

Darrell Jackson is an experienced portrait and editorial photographer based in Los Angeles. Darrell is well versed in digital and film formats. Client's include Google, PUMA, and Dockers.


Draw Users’ Attention With Visual Design

Your design should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but it should also showcase your skills and experience in a way that’s easy to navigate and understand. Think of your portfolio as a canvas to display your best work, and let your design be the frame that ties it all together. By taking the time to craft a visually stunning portfolio website, you’ll set yourself apart from the competition and attract the attention of those who are looking for top-notch UX and UI design talent.

In this day and age, the best websites are adaptable. Build your portfolio on a mobile-friendly platform like Format and be secure in the knowledge that it will be a visual success on both desktop and mobile phones. Find everything you need to start your personal website UX UI portfolio with Format.

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desktop browser window frameTAYLOR HORNE STUDIO desktop
phone window frameTAYLOR HORNE STUDIO mobile
Preview Site


Theme used: Horizon

Taylor Horne is an American visual artist who combines Photography, Set Design and Fabrication. He began with a formal education in black and white film photography, but growing up building things led him to expand his career into Art Direction and Set Design. His fascination with creating environments led him to work under Set Designers like Mary Howard, and Production Designer Richard Hoover.

desktop browser window frameAmina Zadeh desktop
phone window frameAmina Zadeh mobile
Preview Site

Amina Zadeh

Theme used: Point
About Amina Zadeh

Amina is a Cinematographer specializing in Analogue and Digital formats. Her clients include Vogue, GQ, Paper Magazine, Flaunt, L'officiel, Saint Laurent, Skims by Kim Kardashian, Gucci, John Varvatos, Lexus, Toyota, Nissan, and more. She creates images that are conceptual, alluring, distinct and honest.

desktop browser window frameSean Pressley desktop
phone window frameSean Pressley mobile
Preview Site

Sean Pressley

Theme used: Offset
About Sean Pressley

Sean Pressley is a photographer from Charleston, SC currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY. His work acts as a survey of the black experience drawing inspiration from his middle class upbringing, often exploring gray areas, states of rest, and periods of informality. His works include portraits, landscapes, and documentary works, as well as staged representations which resemble documents resulting in a stylized, slightly embellished depiction of reality.

desktop browser window frameCharlie Hawks desktop
phone window frameCharlie Hawks mobile
Preview Site

Charlie Hawks

Theme used: Obscura
About Charlie Hawks

Charlie Hawks is an American photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. He is drawn to authentic moments and aims to shoot images that make the viewer wish they were there with him. Charlie splits his practice between personal projects focusing on those near and dear to him and making commercial work that is almost always flashy, fun, and full of life. Charlie is an avid skier, cyclist, and cook, and can be found eating, drinking, and dancing with his friends when not out shooting.

desktop browser window frameJustin Smith desktop
phone window frameJustin Smith mobile
Preview Site

Justin Smith

Theme used: Horizon Left
About Justin Smith

Justin Smith is a Commercial Photographer and DP, based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. He's created work for Budweiser, Festool, Harley Davidson, Moen, SONOS, Sunbrella, and many more. Available for: Photography, Cinematography, Directing & Photo Retouching

desktop browser window frameLuc Coiffait desktop
phone window frameLuc Coiffait mobile
Preview Site

Luc Coiffait

Theme used: Amazon
About Luc Coiffait

From Newcastle in Northern England, Luc’s background was in football. Having narrowly missed out on becoming professional, Luc pursued his passion for photography. His work is instantly recognisable through capturing both talent and models in a striking yet natural way. Luc has collaborated with the likes of Robbie Spencer, Haider Ackermann, Dua Lipa, Willem Dafoe, Ben Schofield and Harry Lambert. Clients: Vogue, Gucci, Burberry, i-D, GQ, Kinfolk, Vanity Fair, Calvin Klein

desktop browser window frameCraig Keene desktop
phone window frameCraig Keene mobile
Preview Site

Craig Keene

Theme used: Peak
About Craig Keene

Craig Keene is a Kansas City based photographer, who specializes in architecture, interiors, and design. He collaborates with professionals from those respected fields and has an ongoing collection of personal work that explores the design elements of the built environment.

desktop browser window frameKatelyn Cavaleri desktop
phone window frameKatelyn Cavaleri mobile
Preview Site

Katelyn Cavaleri

Theme used: Frame
About Katelyn Cavaleri

Katelyn Cavaleri is a brand & dditorial photographer specializing in product, still life & lifestyle imagery in Missoula Montana.

desktop browser window frameReed Mattison desktop
phone window frameReed Mattison mobile
Preview Site

Reed Mattison

Theme used: Background
About Reed Mattison

Reed Mattison is a photojournalist from southern Kentucky. His work focuses on family, regional cultures, and the environment. He graduated from Western Kentucky University with a degree in photojournalism and is currently based in Jackson, Wyoming.

desktop browser window frameStirling Elmendorf  desktop
phone window frameStirling Elmendorf  mobile
Preview Site

Stirling Elmendorf

Theme used: Slate
About Stirling Elmendorf

Self-employed since 2004, Stirling Elmendorf has run his business successfully in Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Osaka, Tokyo and now Berlin.

desktop browser window frameJena Carlin desktop
phone window frameJena Carlin mobile
Preview Site

Jena Carlin

Theme used: Amazon
About Jena Carlin

Jena is a Midwest-based commercial food and lifestyle photographer, videographer, prop stylist, and art director. Over the past 13 years, Jena has been known for her elevated earthy, artistic photography style focused on appetite appeal and brand storytelling. She prides herself on building the community and knowledge of commercial food photography through her blog, summit & mentorship program. Selected clients inclue Ghirardelli, Martha Stewart, Kohl’s, Taste of Home, and Sam’s Club.

desktop browser window frameRoseanne Orim desktop
phone window frameRoseanne Orim mobile
Preview Site

Roseanne Orim

Theme used: Amazon
About Roseanne Orim

Dubai-based advertising & commercial food photographer and recipe developer.

desktop browser window frameChris Walsh Creative desktop
phone window frameChris Walsh Creative mobile
Preview Site

Chris Walsh Creative

Theme used: Ambience
About Chris Walsh Creative

Chris Walsh is a photographer & cinematographer specialising in weddings, portrait, & editorial work, based in Canberra, Australia. Walsh adores crafting cinematic wedding videos for clients, and shooting with natural light on 35mm and medium format film.

desktop browser window frameMatthew Sutton desktop
phone window frameMatthew Sutton mobile
Preview Site

Matthew Sutton

Theme used: Offset
About Matthew Sutton

Matthew Sutton is a local Australian based portrait and documentary analogue film photographer whose work focuses on people and their lives.

desktop browser window frameYudith Cedano Alquicira desktop
phone window frameYudith Cedano Alquicira mobile
Preview Site

Yudith Cedano Alquicira

Theme used: Grace
About Yudith Cedano Alquicira

Yudith Cedano Alquicira is Houston-based photographer specializing in portrait and lifestyle photography. They are a Graphic designer by profession, and owner of Cedano Photography since 2010. Specializing in weddings, engagements, quinceañeras, events, family, infants, milk sessions, and business photography. Also, the owner of Cotton Candy Photobooth

desktop browser window frameDavid Johnson desktop
phone window frameDavid Johnson mobile
Preview Site

David Johnson

Theme used: Sun
About David Johnson

David Johnson is an abstract pop artist living and working in Austin, Texas. Their work lies at the intersection of the organic, the geometric, the iconic and the abstract. Johnson's body of work can be encapsulated in three words :: abstraction, definition and deconstruction. They are most interested in exploring belief systems, and especially the birth and death of the American Dream and the validity of those desires.

desktop browser window frameUlderico Granger desktop
phone window frameUlderico Granger mobile
Preview Site

Ulderico Granger

Theme used: Amazon
About Ulderico Granger

Ulderico Granger is a freelance outdoor photographer originally from the Big Island of Hawaii who became enamored with photography at the age of 12. Growing up on an island in the Pacific, Granger developed a love and appreciation for the natural world that has only grown to this day.

desktop browser window frameJonathan Frydman desktop
phone window frameJonathan Frydman mobile
Preview Site

Jonathan Frydman

Theme used: Skyline
About Jonathan Frydman

Jonathan Frydman's photography is a mixture of portrait, performance, and documentary. Having gotten his start sneaking into hip-hop shows in South Florida, he immediately fell in love with photography. There was something alluring in where photography could bring him and the experiences he could share.


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