The Photographer Fund is no longer accepting applications. Click here for resources for photographers financially impacted by COVID-19.

The Photographer Fund

The Photographer Fund is now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied.

These past few months have been full of uncertainties, and it has become apparent that the world will continue to be full of challenges and ambiguity for the foreseeable future. Not only is the COVID-19 outbreak taking a toll on many people’s physical and mental health, it is also having an unprecedented impact on the global economy. This economic upheaval is felt strongly in the photography community—especially by freelance and independent photographers. Despite event cancellations and project delays, photographers continue to create and share their passion through their online portfolio.

At Format two of our core values are Care and Impact, alongside our mission to help photographers seamlessly run and grow their business. We’re driven by our passion to enable the success of every photographer—supporting them with the tools and resources to make their online portfolio and creativity stand out. That’s why we created a $25,000 fund to help photographers facing financial difficulties due to COVID-19.

When we first conceived of this idea, we expected the response rate to be in the hundreds. As time went on, the list of applicants grew to over 26,000 photographers from across the globe. We were able to give 50 applicants $500 to help towards bills, rent, and food for their families.
We truly wish we could have helped more people, but we are a small, self-funded 40-person company.

We’ve compiled a list of resources to help photographers during the global pandemic. You can access them below.

Team Format

COVID-19 Resources for Photographers

These resources are a great place to start for any photographer impacted by COVID-19. Whether you’re applying for funding, learning new skills via courses, or starting a new project, there are lots of ways to stay busy and keep working on your business during the global pandemic.

COVID-19 Resources for Photographers and Artists
Searching for COVID-19 resources for photographers and artists? Check out our guide to artist grants, photography funding, and other resources for artists.

Your Guide to Earning Money as a Photographer During COVID-19
Wondering how to make money as a photographer during COVID19? Your regular gigs may be on hold, but there are still many ways to earn cash.

Free Online Photography Courses You Can Take During the COVID-19 Quarantine.  Whether you’re brand new to photography or you just want to level up your skillset, this list of free online photography courses will help you get started.

Photography Project Ideas to Do at Home During COVID-19
Don’t let the COVID-19 quarantine put a stop to your photography. Now’s a great time to expand your skills into new areas with these photoshoot ideas at home.

General Resources for Photographers

From building your first portfolio to learning new styles of photography without leaving your home, these resources can help photographers at any stage of their business. Create the perfect home office, curate your work, and more.

Photography Portfolios 101: How To Build An Amazing Photo Portfolio
Need to create a photography portfolio? This guide details how to make a photo portfolio that will showcase your professional photography work—and win you clients.

Curate That Site: How to Choose Which Portfolio Images To Use
Picking portfolio images may be intimidating—but, sadly, you can’t use them all. Here are our top tips and tricks on how to choose images for your portfolio.

8 Home Office Ideas To Help You Work From Home Like A Boss
Do you want to design the perfect home office? Learn how to choose the right home office design, furniture and décor to stay focused while working from home.

Still Life Photography: The Complete Guide
Looking to expand your photography portfolio and develop your skills? This guide explains why still life photography is a great option, and how to go about it.