Commercial Photography

Greg Elms

“Greg Elms loves climbing volcanoes but he’s not a mountaineer. He loves Hindu festivals but isn’t religious. Indian or Chinese cuisine – he loves them both. Most of all, Greg loves celebrating real and authentic moments with his photography, whether it’s people, food or places. Greg has been highly sought after by book publishers, magazines and ad agencies for over two decades. He seeks out diversity and difference the world over, believing they are vital to our survival. ”

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Tabiolo Headshots

“Commercial & Theatrical Actor Headshot Photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. Specializing in Kids, Teens, Adult - Talent Headshots, using Natural Lighting & Studio Lighting. Photo Studio based in Hollywood, Los Angeles.”

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Jon Weston Kloefkorn

“Weston Kloefkorn is a professional photographer who has worked in the photography industry since 2014. Working in over 25+ countries with over 20 companies Weston is always ready to photograph anything anywhere, with camera in hand he is love to capture portraits in beautiful spaces, fashion editorials, weddings, events, landscapes and anything in between. Weston is first and foremost a people person loving to bring confidence and calmness to the photographic process and in life.”

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Renske Derkx

“Renske Derkx is a commercial photographer and videographer from the Netherlands. She likes to create images with bright colors and beautiful shapes that evoke emotions. Her client base consist of clients like the government, national banks and the police. ”

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Monique Wiendels

“In 2009, Monique graduated with honours and received the prestigious Portfolio of the Year Award from Sheridan College's Photography Program. Since then she has explored many avenues of photography; fashion, portraiture, and commercial work from around the globe. She has recently settled in London, Ontario and is working as a portrait/commercial photographer. She is inspired by cultural differences and the land from which they came from. Monique loves to tell stories with her work. ”

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Frank Braun Fotografie

“Frank Braun lives and works in Bochum and Düsseldorf, Germany. After having worked in a photographic laboratory for a year he travelled through Europe and Middle and North America to gain experience in landscape photography. Following this period he started his studies of architecture at the University of Dortmund. After this he started his two year education as a professional photographer. Having finished this education, he established his own photo studio for commercial photography.”

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Updated on August 8, 2019 | By Steph Davidson

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