The Best Commercial Photography Portfolio Examples of 2024

We’ve compiled a ‘Best Of’ commercial photography portfolio examples, including a number of different Format themes used. Scroll through to find your inspiration.

February 8, 2022

Commercial photography is focused on selling either a product or a person or business. Whether you are working for an entrepreneur and their product, business, or service or with a multi-level corporation, the goal of your commercial photography is to attract clients to pay for that business. Developing a creative and aesthetic space to share your commercial photography portfolio is an integral part of your success. Format has many different commercial photography online portfolio website options for photographers to choose from and a complete guide to get you on your way. We’ve compiled a ‘Best Of’ commercial photography portfolio examples with a diverse group of photographers and portfolios, including a number of different Format themes used. Scroll through to find your inspiration as you begin creating your own commercial photography portfolio:

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desktop browser window frameNiko Goga desktop
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Niko Goga

Theme used: Peak

Niko started his photography journey in 2012, via various workshops, photo clubs, college courses, and photographic organisations. He loves making memories with his camera. Memories that stay imprinted with people. Every time you click that shutter, you make a connection. A connection that lasts forever.
desktop browser window frameMike Ford desktop
phone window frameMike Ford mobile
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Mike Ford

Theme used: Exposure

Mike Ford makes photographs for a living. He approaches portraiture as an opportunity to tell a story about amazing people living extraordinary lives. Photography begins with lighting and Mike tries and communicate a mood and a feeling with how he light his subjects. His work was awarded by Applied Arts Photography Annual twice for portraiture as well his series on big Hawaiian surf.
desktop browser window frameJurian Kriebel desktop
phone window frameJurian Kriebel mobile
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Jurian Kriebel

Theme used: Clarity

Based in Netherlands, Jurian Kriebel creates images that are clean and minimal always focusing on the serenity and simplicity of a photo. Combining that with the technical knowledge, he makes sure his style is consistent throughout ad campaigns, portraits or high-end product work, and of course having fun along the way.
desktop browser window frameGuy Davies desktop
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Guy Davies

Theme used: Peak

Guy Davies is a Commercial Photographer based in Sydney. Guy is a passionate commercial and advertising photographer who works with local and international ad agencies. His work specializes in people, food, and beverage and is regularly seen in print, broadcast, outdoor, digital, and brand integration.
desktop browser window frameJessica Ebelhar desktop
phone window frameJessica Ebelhar mobile
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Jessica Ebelhar

Theme used: Kiln

Jessica Ebelhar is a photographer and stop motion artist specializing in modern product, food, beverage, and portrait work for forward-thinking brands and publications.
desktop browser window frameMario Veloso desktop
phone window frameMario Veloso mobile
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Mario Veloso

Theme used: Horizon Left

Born in Angola in '97 and raised in the streets of Lisbon, Portugal, and currently based in Perth, Australia. Mario Veloso discovered photography in his youth. This hobby of his began when he started to photograph people and the people in his neighborhood. Mario worked with multiple global brands. in publications such as GQ, HipHop World, and others Mario specializes in fashion photography, street photography, documentary, portraiture, music and video.
desktop browser window frameDarren Hull desktop
phone window frameDarren Hull mobile
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Darren Hull

Theme used: Horizon

Darren Hull an editorial and commercial photographer who has earned a reputation as one of Canada’s top image makers with work informed by a strong sense of story line. Darren has a passion for the images he creates, as well as the relationships he build with his clients and subjects. Darren captures innovative images for global and local clients, informed by a strong sense of storyline.
desktop browser window frameChris Lanaway desktop
phone window frameChris Lanaway mobile
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Chris Lanaway

Theme used: Sierra

Christopher is an award winning and internationally published freelance commercial and portrait photographer accredited by the Association of Photographers. He is best known for his work revolving around sport and athletes.
desktop browser window frameKricket Kirkpatrick desktop
phone window frameKricket Kirkpatrick mobile
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Kricket Kirkpatrick

Theme used: Point

Kricket Kirkpatrick is a Commercial Photographer in Dothan, AL. Kricket helps entrepreneurs and small business owners save time and connect with their followers through authentic photos that capture their story. Her passion is telling stories for businesses and creatives in the hospitality, travel, gastronomy industries as well as artists and creatives that are equally as passionate about their work.​
desktop browser window frameViviane Ponti desktop
phone window frameViviane Ponti mobile
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Viviane Ponti

Theme used: Horizon Left

Viviane Ponti is a commercial photographer in Toronto. She graduated from RMIT with an honors degree in 2005 (Bachelor of Arts in Commercial Photography - Photojournalism). Viviane is an active photographer and her travel folio is represented by Getty Images.. Her photographs have been featured on Airbnb's site. Viviane has appeared in several international media, including the BBC London, the BBC Travel, the Lonely Planet Travel Guides, and The New York Times.
desktop browser window frameKimberly Lee  desktop
phone window frameKimberly Lee  mobile
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Kimberly Lee

Theme used: Ora

Kimberly Lee is an internationally exhibited commercial and fine art photographer. Based in Toronto, Kimberly specializes in creating stills and videos for global brands, from food and beverage to lifestyle and editorial. Balancing creativity and organization, Kimberly currently works as a freelance photographer, creating assets from concept to completion.
desktop browser window frameAli Alriffai desktop
phone window frameAli Alriffai mobile
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Ali Alriffai

Theme used: Amazon

Ali Alriffai is a Bahraini professional commercial and lifestyle photographer. His work in the last two decades has earned him one of the most respected and influential photographers in the region. Through numerous commercial assignments, Ali has built a large and respectable portfolio of work ranging from industry giants such as telecommunications and finance to national campaigns, sports, fashion, fine art, and editorials.
desktop browser window frameAdam Humlesol desktop
phone window frameAdam Humlesol mobile
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Adam Humlesol

Theme used: Fullframe

Adam Humlesol is a photographer and a retoucher who works from Kalmar, Sweden. With three years of professional training, a degree in commercial photography, and a passion for the craft, Adam has been running his own firm since 2012.
desktop browser window frameGabby Ruddick desktop
phone window frameGabby Ruddick mobile
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Gabby Ruddick

Theme used: Sierra

Gabrielle Ruddick works and lives in London, Paris, and New York City as a fashion, beauty, and still life photographer and film director.Her work ranges from editorial and commercial projects. Often using a conceptual approach she combines facets of pop-culture and romanticism along with spirited colors and subject juxtaposition. she offers multiple viewpoints of what it means to be fascinating and offers alternative depictions of ‘beauty'.
desktop browser window frameEuan Anderson desktop
phone window frameEuan Anderson mobile
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Euan Anderson

Theme used: Amazon

Euan Anderson is an advertising and lifestyle photographer who helps clients to show off their products and services with striking imagery. Not only is he the master of capturing the subtlest of emotions on the face of an artist, but also is he able to make images say what the customers want them to say. He has worked with companies such as Coca Cola, Edrington Beam Suntory, and First to name a few.
desktop browser window frameJim McGuire desktop
phone window frameJim McGuire mobile
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Jim McGuire

Theme used: Ora

Jim McGuire grew up in Charlotte, NC and started his commercial photography business here in 1987 after returning from two years at the Portfolio Center in Atlanta GA. Jim lives in the historic Plaza Midwood neighborhood near downtown Charlotte with his two sons, Noah and Finnegan. I have won numerous awards and participated in hundreds of marketing and content projects.
desktop browser window frameRobbert Koene desktop
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Robbert Koene

Theme used: Horizon Left

Like many born Dutch photographers, Robbert Koene received his photographic training at the famed School for Photography in Den Haag. Settling in South Africa since 1985, no surprise that over the years, his wonderment of Africa, its culture and influences started coming to the fore. Robbert found himself drawn towards shooting interiors, landscapes, and people.
desktop browser window frameKrug Studios desktop
phone window frameKrug Studios mobile
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Krug Studios

Theme used: Peak

Krug Studios is a full-service photography studio located in Toronto’s west-end. Owner Steve Krug is an active member of the photography industry, working with distinguished clients on a number of national brands and campaigns. His award-winning work ranges from conceptual advertising to food and lifestyle. At Krug Studios, they place a strong focus on nurturing their clientele, as well as cultivating new, creative relationships.
desktop browser window frameBobby Jablonski desktop
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Bobby Jablonski

Theme used: Slate

Bobby Jablonski is a freelance photographer located in the Boulder, CO area. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Photography Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and continues to deepen and broaden his education.
desktop browser window frameAleksey Dovgulya desktop
phone window frameAleksey Dovgulya mobile
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Aleksey Dovgulya

Theme used: Amazon

Aleksey Dovgulya is a commercial, portrait, event photographer and photography trainer, Brand Ambassador of Hensel Visit GmbH & Co. KG - one of the leading producers of lighting equipment. Member of the Photographers Guild Russia and the Federation of European Professional Photographers - FEP. Award winner of Trierenberg Super Circuit, Russian Photo Awards, Moscow International Foto Awards, International Black & White Photography Contest, and International Prix de la Photography Contest.
desktop browser window frameA.J. Schokora desktop
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A.J. Schokora

Theme used: Peak

Originally from Detroit, A.J. has lived in Asia for over a decade. He was recently named one of Fast Company’s most creative people globally and previously featured by The New York Times. A.J. is a seasoned creative director, photographer, and filmmaker who has worked with major brands, celebrities, and professional athletes all over the world.
desktop browser window frameMarc desktop
phone window frameMarc mobile
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Theme used: Sierra

Marc studied visual communication in Monchengladbach. Afterwards, he relocated to Hamburg, where he became a photographer's assistant and photographer for high gloss publications and ad campaigns. Marc also learned how to obtain an upgrade and an excellent night's sleep on a plane. He got a job working for brands like Coles and Woolworths and also local labels.
desktop browser window framematt Keal desktop
phone window framematt Keal mobile
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matt Keal

Theme used: Aperture

When Matt was 12, he took his first photo, and everything has changed since. Matt's initial love of painting and drawing combined with a desire to take pictures led him into professional photography. As well, he has studied graphic design and commercial photography, so he knows how to “sell” a product or concept. It's Matt's mission to discover and tell stories that resonate differently with everyone who sees them. E
desktop browser window frameGengHui TAN desktop
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GengHui TAN

Theme used: Frame

GengHui is an aspiring photojournalist with a diverse experience in events and commercial photography. The good fortune came in the form of the multitude of chances that came his way as a result of it. Believing each image speaks volumes, Geng Hui hopes to capture the emotions behind every encounter to create precious memories for those around him.
desktop browser window frameTyler Douglas desktop
phone window frameTyler Douglas mobile
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Tyler Douglas

Theme used: Amazon

Tyler specializes in action and environmental portrait photography to capture compelling images of athletes in their active and sports lifestyle on location. Tyler is drawn to people and places that embody a positive, energetic spirit because he is a passionate adventurer. Tyler's project involves recording peak athletic moments in the outdoors. Combining heart-pumping action with visually arresting environments produces visually stunning images with a commercial edge.
desktop browser window frameBrayden Olson desktop
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Brayden Olson

Theme used: Kiln

Based in New York, Brayden specializes in creating genuine, raw and unique moments for brands of all sizes. The main goal of all of our shoots is to provide seamless execution of the creative while allowing for an open and collaborative environment for client, talent and photographer.
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