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Maria Alejandra Mata

“Maria Alejandra Mata is a photographer, digital retoucher, and self-portraiture artist. Her main focus is on concert photography and she uses her retouching/digital art skills to create images that look and feel rock and roll. In her self portraiture, Maria touches on very personal subjects such as solitude, depression, and love lost. As Maria has moved away from the emotional turmoil, her work now focuses more on a more fun, rowdy look.”

Template: Order

Alex Howard

“Alex Howard is a live music and portrait photographer from Texas and based in Berlin. Alex works with both digital and analog formats and sometimes likes to make gifs. Alex has shot for both SXSW and Iceland Airwaves and regularly contributes to KALTBLUT Magazine. ”

Template: Kiln

Bartek Muracki

“Bartek Muracki has been photographing music for over a decade. Although concert photography is his main domain, Bartek is most interested in music-oriented photojournalism that neither starts nor culminates on stage. He manages to find decisive moments and emotions in the quotidian – during hours-long recording sessions, while shooting a video clip on location, or inside a tour bus. He looks at what remains hidden throughout a concert.”

Template: Horizon Left

Javi Perez

“Javi Perez is a music photographer based out of Arizona. In their photos, Javi aims to portray a dream-like state as for Javi, music has been vital to helping them feel at ease. Javi also hopes for people viewing their photos to remember the show as grand, and heartwarming as it felt being there. ”

Template: Peak

Sherie Murphy

“Sherie Murphy is a live music photographer located in Virginia Beach, VA. Sherie has been shooting music for about 3 years now and started out with just a smartphone taking pictures and editing them. Afterwards, it grew into shooting for big concerts and even bigger festivals. Sherie also shoots editorial, couples, real estate, and more.”

Template: Slate

Julia Drummond

“Julia Drummond is a photographer based in New York. Julia has been making work since 2015 and specializes in music, portraits and events. She has worked with local and international artists such as CHVRCHES, Tove Lo, Aurora, K Flay, Mitski, Sasha Sloan etc. ”

Template: Offset

Bridie Florence

“Bridie Florence works as a freelance music photographer. You will usually find her in the studio or on a tour van, editing pictures somewhere in the UK. Whether she's capturing the spirit of a live band, snapping portraits or designing artwork. she's getting closer to the artists you want to know. ”

Template: Horizon Left

Diego Guillen

“Diego Guillen is a Mexican photographer with 10 years in the music business. He loves music, photography, concerts, touring and documenting experiences. He has done work for cool people he admires, like The Voidz, Molotov, Natalia Lafourcade, Bomba Estéreo, Jorge Drexler, Elsa y Elmar, Porter, Caloncho, Mon Laferte, Juan Pablo Vega, OCESA, Universal Music México, Sony Music México, and many more.”

Template: Peak

Updated on July 24, 2019 | By Steph Davidson

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