Music Portfolio Websites | Tips and Examples

Let the portfolio websites below are a great inspiration for music photographers to start their portfolio. Learn tips and ideas on how to create your own along the way.

September 28, 2021
desktop browser window frameMaciek Drewniak
phone window frameMaciek Drewniak
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Maciek Drewniak

Theme used: Amazon About Maciek Drewniak
desktop browser window frameMartha Tesema
phone window frameMartha Tesema
Preview Site

Martha Tesema

Theme used: Amazon About Martha Tesema
desktop browser window frameCassandra Hastu
phone window frameCassandra Hastu
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Cassandra Hastu

Theme used: Gloss About Cassandra Hastu
desktop browser window frameMary Joyce
phone window frameMary Joyce
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Mary Joyce

Theme used: Reel About Mary Joyce
desktop browser window frameCindy Robertson
phone window frameCindy Robertson
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Cindy Robertson

Theme used: Carousel About Cindy Robertson
desktop browser window frameAdam Pulicicchio
phone window frameAdam Pulicicchio
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Adam Pulicicchio

Theme used: Peak About Adam Pulicicchio

Tips for taking concert photos

Concerts are a notoriously tricky setting to photography due to the extreme lighting changes that occur throughout a concert. If you’re new to photography, set your camera to aperture priority mode so automatically adjust to changes in light conditions. Otherwise you can use the manual exposure setting for more control. Use a fast shutter speed to capture quick movements and a high ISO like 1600 to capture detail.

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desktop browser window frameAnna Wirz
phone window frameAnna Wirz
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Anna Wirz

Theme used: Amazon About Anna Wirz
desktop browser window frameKen Worth
phone window frameKen Worth
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Ken Worth

Theme used: Obsidian About Ken Worth
desktop browser window frameJonty Carlin
phone window frameJonty Carlin
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Jonty Carlin

Theme used: Foray About Jonty Carlin
desktop browser window frameNhat Ha Dao
phone window frameNhat Ha Dao
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Nhat Ha Dao

Theme used: Amazon About Nhat Ha Dao
desktop browser window frameAlex Howard
phone window frameAlex Howard
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Alex Howard

Theme used: Horizon About Alex Howard

Music website ideas

There are tons of things that a musician can include on their website, like a blog or newsletter detailing latest news and updates about upcoming shows, events, and music releases. Your music website could also have behind the scenes content, photos and videos of your performances, a biography so fans can get to know you, and an online store where you sell merchandise and your music.

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desktop browser window frameBartek Muracki
phone window frameBartek Muracki
Preview Site

Bartek Muracki

Theme used: Mica About Bartek Muracki
desktop browser window frameJavi Perez
phone window frameJavi Perez
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Javi Perez

Theme used: Frame About Javi Perez
desktop browser window frameSherie Murphy
phone window frameSherie Murphy
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Sherie Murphy

Theme used: Slate About Sherie Murphy
desktop browser window frameJulia Drummond
phone window frameJulia Drummond
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Julia Drummond

Theme used: Amazon About Julia Drummond
desktop browser window frameBridie Florence
phone window frameBridie Florence
Preview Site

Bridie Florence

Theme used: Horizon Left About Bridie Florence
desktop browser window frameDiego Guillen
phone window frameDiego Guillen
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Diego Guillen

Theme used: Peak About Diego Guillen

Musician business card ideas: Have all your details

Make sure to include important details like your band or artist name, website URL, email address, and social media links. You don’t want to add so much information that it is difficult for people to take in, so just include the most pertinent information like who you are and where people can find your music. Then choose a photo or illustration to use on the other side of your card to make it stand out.

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