The Best Music Portfolio Examples of 2024

Put together a musician portfolio as unique as your sound by getting inspired with musician template examples across genres, from contemporary harp to hip-hop.

Musician portfolios are little corners of the internet where the artist’s creative vision lives digitally. The music industry is inherently creative, which leads to a lot of range in the musician website templates selected and the type of work included on them. Whether you’re a solo music performer or part of a band, selecting images and content that encapsulate your sound helps show fans, venues and scouts tell what sets you apart. Having a portfolio is an important first step to securing a record deal. The portfolios included below are meant to inspire with different approaches and layouts to help you further your music industry career.

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Shane Timm

Theme used: Amazon

I'm self taught and I love to photograph people. Shane Timm's work focuses on inclusivity. He wants nothing more than to provide a space where every single person met feels safe, accepted, and can live freely without judgement. Shane's only desire is to make beautiful photographs and believes everyone can be the subject of a compelling image.
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Inês Silva

Theme used: Mica

Based in Lisbon, Portugal Inês Silva studied multimedia and photography, since then collaborating with music blogs and websites as a photographer.
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DeShaun Craddock

Theme used: Horizon Left

DeShaun A. Craddock is a self-taught photographer with a love for music. DeShaun loves when they can isolate the performer and create an image that is calm and intimate. Deshaun enjoys Capturing the energy of an event by showing its scale and size.
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Abbie Jennings

Theme used: Meridian

Abbie Jennings is a freelance photographer and creative producer based in Manchester, UK. Abbie has been photographing live music for over 5 years, shooting for various publications and directly with artists. She was a finalist at the British Photography Awards in 2021 and won the Redeye Talent Award in 2017.
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Theme used: Slate

Penguinrush is a group of four musicians who are born in Nagoya. Formed around Nozomi and Shinyu, who were high school classmates, Kotaro and Nariken officially joined the group in 2017. This four-person group specializes in J-POP, which is composed of a genreless ensemble and a unique melody line.
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Robyn Dell'Unto

Theme used: Order

Toronto-born, Nashville-based songwriter-produce, Robyn Dell'Unto, is dedicated to the craft of helping artists tell their stories. Her recent work includes Wild Rivers’ Thinking 'Bout Love and Willie Shaw’s TikTok viral Needed Somebody. As a seasoned professional, Dell'Unto’s selection of the Slate template helps show off the scale and broad range of music she has been involved with.
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