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Minimal Graphic Design Built From Letters

Designer Hugo Jourdan remixes the alphabet to create a series of striking minimal graphic designs.

For his graphic design project Made With Letters, Paris-based designer Hugo Jourdan created a series of 26 abstract posters using only the letters of the alphabet—one letter per poster. The series ranges from geometric, grid-based compositions to more organic, fractal-inspired forms. Jourdan’s alphabet series shows how much a graphic designer can do with a set of just 26 shapes.

It’s often hard to tell which letters the designer used until you really zoom into the work: Ys combine with each other to form a shape reminiscent of a beetle’s shell; Js are layered in an undulating strand that looks like a genetic diagram; a series of Bs are stretched out beyond recognition; squat, square Ts create a tightly formed grid pattern.

Find Hugo Jourdan’s graphic design work at his online portfolio.

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