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10 Burning Man Photographers That Captured Playa Life

A gallery of photographs to celebrate Burning Man’s 30th anniversary in 2016.

How do you capture an event that psychedelic arts writer Daniel Pinchbeck describes as “more decadent than Warhol’s Factory, more glamorous than Berlin in the 1920s, more of a love-fest than Pepperland, more anarchic than Groucho Marx’s Freedonia, more implausible than any mirage"?

Now celebrating its 30th anniversary, Burning Man is a grassroots experiment in community and art that brings over 70,000 people to Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. This year, the Burners will hit the Playa from August 28 to September 5 for a steady dose of creative installations, costumes, camping and gifts. This is not your typical music festival vacation.

To give you a peek at the mysterious world of Burning Man, we put together this gallery of photography from the Playa. Each photographer brings a different perspective—from quiet moments at sunset to glow-in-the-dark party moments.

Zoe Savitz’s online portfolio

Franck Gazzola’s online portfolio

Nima Taradji’s online portfolio

Tom Stahl’s online portfolio

Celeste van Rooyen’s online portfolio

Dario Camilotto’s online portfolio

AJ Heath’s online portfolio

Sebastian Suki Belaustegui’s online portfolio

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