A Trip Around the World With Format Photographers

Stunning images from photographers all over the globe.


There are photographers using Format portfolios in every country in the world. That’s over 190 countries represented from China and Nigeria to Jamaica and the USA.

We collected some of our favorite photos taken around the world to let you see our favourite travel photography through your screen. Take a bite out of some delectable food photography from Italy, or check out the famous London bridge up close on a foggy day. Whether these photos were taken near or far from home, we guarantee you’ll see your own surroundings in a whole new light.

After you gathered inspiration, check out our travel photography guide to help you prepare to start your own travel photography journey.

Show us your work! Email submissions to magazine@format.com or tag us @useformat on Instagram.

Jairo Alvarez, Argentina

Devin Schiro, Paris, France

Grant Anderson, Aberdeen, Scotland

Silvia Varela, Madrid, Spain

Alexandre James, Corsica

Katrin Braga, Fellabær, Iceland

Luis Ferraz, Lisbon, Portugal

Anze Osterman, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Dirk Bakker, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Curtis Barnes, Long Beach, USA

Fabio Bascetta, Bologna, Italy

% image axelbrunst %} Axel Brunst, Stuttgart, Germany

Mike Bell, Sydney, Australia

Karen Marshall, New York City, USA

Laura McGregor, London, England

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