40 Top Subreddits for Artists, Photographers and Designers

Delve into the top subreddits for creatives with our handy round up of the most popular subreddits for artists, photographers, designers, and illustrators.


Welcome to the world of Reddit, “the front page of the internet” and an especially influential community hub for artists, photographers, illustrators, and designers.

There’s something for everyone on Reddit, but it’s easy to fall down the wrong rabbit hole. Thankfully, Reddit is divided into sub-communities called subreddits, which make it much easier to navigate its depths.

From the Reddit art world to the realm of Reddit drawing, you can be sure that there’s a subreddit for every imaginable medium (like sketching, sculpture, digital painting) and movement (such as contemporary, modernism, and surrealism).

Some of the most popular subreddits are absolute goldmines. Browsing fellow artists’ work can inspire a surge of creative energy. Or you can leverage the power of shared digital communities—there’s the potential to find new paying clients and network with art industry players.

The most popular subreddits have millions of subscribers and can cover a wide range of topics, or something highly specific. You’ll never run out of subreddits to explore! We’ve rounded up a sampling (in no particular order) of the most popular subreddits for expanding your curiosity, craft, creativity, and brand.

Reddit Art

1. /r/ArtFundamentals

Let’s start with some building blocks. /r/ArtFundamentals is like a fully loaded constructional drawing course—that is absolutely free. It’s a gem for new scribblers and seasoned skechers alike.

The entirety of the comprehensive lesson bank is accessible to anyone on drawabox.com and managed through the subreddit.

Each lesson comes with a minimum amount of homework to complete before moving on, and assignments can be posted to garner feedback from other “students.”

Best for… those looking for structure and feedback while brushing up on some core drawing skills.

2. /r/Art

Reddit art is the main art subreddit: it’s a massive go-to hub for rubbing shoulders with artists and art-lovers.

With over 13 million (!) subscribers, it’s easily one of the top subreddits for the creative community looking to connect, talk technique, and swap industry news and information. (The majority of threads, however, are people sharing their favorite pieces of art or their own work, so your mileage may vary.)

Just as art can be defined in endless ways, this expansive subreddit can seem a bit… all-encompassing.

Best for… artists who enjoy browsing through a variety of content before narrowing down their focus.

3. /r/Sketchpad

On the one hand, it can be hard to motivate yourself to make art without anyone holding you accountable. On the other hand, you might not feel comfortable sharing every rough draft with your friends, peers, or colleagues, either.

The perfect solution is the Reddit drawing community /r/Sketchpad, a smaller subreddit for sharing unfinished drafts with a crowd of other artists on the internet. Users post individual works-in-progress, offer a tour of their recently completed sketchbooks, and swap drawing feedback (if it’s requested).

While not one of the most popular subreddits based on post frequency (expect two to five new posts a week), it’s a great forum to get more comfortable with sharing your process.

Plus, there’s something undeniably fun and stimulating about perusing the contents of a stranger’s sketchbook.

Best for… getting over perfectionism and back into a daily drawing routine; overcoming the fear of starting that crisp new Moleskine sketchbook.

4. /r/ArtStore

Think of a huge marketplace or bazaar that’s easy to navigate and doesn’t charge a fee to rent a space or table. /r/ArtStore is a subreddit for artists looking to link to their websites, sell original art, and connect with new clients interested in commissioning pieces.

We’re not just talking fine art, either. Art fans are hunting for everything from paintings to photography, illustrations to design, crafts, and more.

Best for… artists actively seeking a fresh way to reach new eyes, have pieces ready to sell, and are open to freelance commissions; quitting Etsy cold-turkey.

5. /r/ArtTools

The perfect venue to geek out about your favorite paintbrushes or alert the community to a sale oil paints, the /r/ArtTools subreddit is all about art supplies and materials. Covering a wide swath of disciplines from ceramics to illustration, there’s a little something for everyone to appreciate.

Need a bulk canvas supplier? Looking for the optimal way to store your oil pastels? This subreddit is also open to specific supply-related questions, suggestions, and product reviews.

Best for… that burning art supply question you have at 3am; giving your non-artist friends a break when they’re sick of you talking about the new type of pen you just discovered.

6. /r/ArtCrit

Reddit art forums like /r/ArtCrit are the perfect community outlet for developing a critical vocabulary, practicing giving and receiving constructive feedback, and just generally getting more comfortable with putting your work out there.

Plus, allowing your work to be discussed by Reddit’s online community can offer some critical distance to help ensure more honest assessments. Discourse is always civil and productive.

Best for… artists who are in need of honest feedback from their peers or want to see their work with new eyes; artists who miss their MFA workshops and critiques.

7. /r/ArtBuddy

If you’re looking for a more consistent and ongoing feedback dynamic, /r/ArtBuddy is the right corner of the internet for you. To get started, post a “Buddy Wanted” thread and fill out the suggested questionnaire.

This way, artists seeking buddies can gauge your goals, what medium you’re working in, how often you’d like to share work, and more.

Best for… artists who have hit a wall, feel isolated in their art practice, need consistent encouragement or support; folks who have the time and energy to dedicate to a mutually beneficial mentoring relationship.

8. /r/ConceptArt

For the those interested in getting into film, TV, and video games, or for already-established concept artists working in the entertainment industry, /r/ConceptArt is the spot to be.

Expanding daily as far as top subreddits go, this community is an excellent way to get a feel for the booming concept art industry, as well as brush up on your skills with tips, tricks, news, videos, and tutorials.

If you’re looking for some solid learning, head over to sister subreddit /r/LearnConceptArt.

Best for… learning about the concept art industry, keeping abreast of relevant news, expanding your imagination, and testing your vision; if you’ve ever left a sci-fi movie thinking “I could have came up with cooler aliens”; those who get distracted by the beautiful landscapes in Skyrim.

9. /r/ ComputerGraphics

The name might conjure a variety of things, but rest assured that this subreddit is for anyone into digital art in all its forms—from 3D modeling to 2D painting. Since it covers a lot of ground, this popular subreddit is very active.

You can expect new posts daily with upwards of 12,000 community members.

Best for… connecting with others who consider their computer an essential art-making tool; Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator aficionados.

10. /r/ArtDocumentaries

If you’re looking to entertain and enrich yourself off of Reddit—perhaps with some fellow art lovers over a glass of wine—/r/ArtDocumentaries is the perfect resource.

Users post links and direct browsers to a wide variety of art documentaries that cover (you guessed it!) every imaginable medium and movement.

Best for… merging your love of art history with your love of film; impressing your Tinder date.

Reddit Photography

11. /r/Pics

A hugely popular subreddit in the realm of Reddit photography with over 19 million subscribers, /r/pics is a great place to share and browse pics.

While there are some restrictions on what can be posted, all skill levels are welcome and many reddit users simply post interesting shots they find online (with proper crediting). It’s a bit of a mixed bag.

Best for… visual inspiration to jumpstart your brain.

12. /r/Photography

The mighty and comprehensive /r/Photography is one of the most popular subreddits for photographers from all walks of life. And unlike its large and more generalized counterpart /r/Art (scroll back up to Reddit Art for a refresher), it’s not as overwhelming—even for newbies.

That’s because /r/Photography is not a place for posting photos (like /r/pics). Instead it’s a useful platform for discussing the craft—everything from networking with other photographers on social media to newbie Q&As and more advanced technical discussions.

Best for… photographers at every level looking to disseminate information, ask questions, and learn from their peers.

13. /r/AskPhotography

Though most subreddits featured on this list will entertain questions from community members at all levels and competencies, if you feel more comfortable asking for help in a forum designed specifically for curious photographers… this is the subreddit for you!

Best for… photographers more interested in asking specific, clearly articulated questions rather than community-building or sharing work.

14. /r/PhotoMarket

Calling all gearheads and equipment obsessives! The Reddit photography community isn’t just about swapping information and pics—you can buy, sell, and trade all types of photo-related hardware as well.

Hailed as “Reddit’s camera store,” this subreddit features best practices for completing successful transactions and an up-to-date scammer list.

Best for… thrifty photographers on a budget or shooters searching for hard-to-find gear; people who get a thrill out of acquiring rare gems secondhand.

15. /r/PhotoClass

Reddit photography has its own class—and it’s always in session! The /r/PhotoClass subreddit (which can also be found at at r-photoclass.com) is a free photography primer. It’s divided into five parts, with a total of 29 comprehensive, easy-to-follow lessons and assignments.

Best for… beginners looking to learn foundational photography skills at their own pace; self-starters on a budget.

16. /r/Cameras

It’s not just about having a camera—it’s about having the right camera.

This popular subreddit is tailored to the essential tool of the trade, providing an outlet for camera reviews, discussions, articles, questions, and more.

You can connect with over 28,000 camera enthusiasts as they ruminate on the question of brand comparisons, lenses, gear, accessories, and more.

Best for… talented creatives who have the eye for photography but might lack the technical know-how to navigate the world of gear and accessories.

17. /r/AnalogPhotography

Some photographers yearn for a return to a time before digital took over. There’s just something special about a roll of actual film.

Those who prefer analog photography can share their passion in this popular subreddit forum. It’s extremely organized, and the photographs shared are often top-notch. There are weekly and monthly recurring threads for self-promotion.

Best for… pros already working with analog film or those looking to dabble; old souls.

18. /r/Darkroom

If you’re going analog, it only makes sense that you’d need to know your way around a darkroom.

This active, niche subreddit has over 4,000 users and prioritizes sharing and discussing darkroom processes over the final product (though you can find some incredible prints, too!).

Best for… photographers looking to learn from seasoned darkroom aficionados; sharing your learning process even if the resulting photograph is imperfect.

19. /r/Lightroom

On the other end of the spectrum, photography Reddit also caters to the digital-minded among us, with subreddits dedicated solely to the ins and outs of post-processing in Adobe Lightroom.

Best for… photographers already familiar with Creative Cloud; people whose only time in a darkroom is when they’re hunched over their laptop editing photos at 3 am.

20. /r/PhotoCritique

Another essential feedback subreddit, /r/PhotoCritique is a large community of over 26,000 users collaborating to improve each other’s photographic work through peer critique.

Welcoming posts from newbies and seasoned pros alike, user feedback is typically quick, respectful, honest, and constructive. If you’re not quite ready to post one of your own photographs for critique, simply browsing people’s shots and reading the suggestions of others can be a wonderful education all its own.

Best for… when you’re craving the honest input of your peers.

21. /r/ITookAPicture

This popular subreddit—with over 80,000 reddit users—is perfect for photographers simply looking for an outlet to simply post their photographs and browse the work of others.

Unlike the /r/pics subreddit, photographers exclusively post shots they’ve taken themselves that demonstrate a particular technique, style, or aesthetic. It’s less of a mixed bag.

Best for… photographers who need an audience to motivate them to continue shooting and sharing.

22. /r/PostProcessing

Colorists and retouchers and photographers, oh my! Sometimes the real magic happens after the photo is already snapped. Fans of the /r/Lightroom subreddit can happily lurk here if they’re using other photo editing software for their post processing needs.

With close to 54,000 users, this is a great Reddit photography platform for submitting raw photos for suggestions and feedback, as well posting questions, software comparisons, and helpful tips and tricks.

Best for… photographers interested in tweaking mood, composition, and color with post processing software.

23. /r/PictureChallenge

A super fun subreddit, /r/PictureChallenge provides a different community challenge for photographers every week.

With hundreds of challenges all conveniently archived, there’s enough material to keep any photographer inspired for a long time.

Best for… photographers seeking to get out of their comfort zones and switch up their typical subjects; folks who love a good challenge and some friendly competition.

24. /r/ExposurePorn

Let there be light! This subreddit features over 309,000 self-proclaimed long-exposure addicts posting various visual delights. (So, not as NSFW as it sounds.)

A mix of original photography and found gems, users still provide sufficient context for their finds (resolution, title, and more for each photograph).

Best for… sharing your love of long-exposure photography; gaining inspo from fellow long-exposure addicts.

Reddit Illustration

25. /r/Illustration

There’s no better place to start in the world of Reddit illustration than the aptly titled /r/Illustration subreddit. A community for cartoons, comics, children’s books, caricatures, and more, this is a great forum to connect with likeminded artists working in your specific genre—or experience something totally new.

Asking for and providing feedback is welcome, as is posting works-in-progress and published pieces.

Best for… learning more about various niches in the world of illustration; generously providing feedback, sharing tips and tricks, or discussing industry news.

26. /r/RedditGetsDrawn

One of the coolest and most unique corners of the Reddit drawing community is /r/RedditGetsDrawn: a place where folks who want to be drawn link up with artists and illustrators with the talent to make it happen.

It’s a perfect swap situation for illustrators looking for new subjects and individuals who want to give themselves (or lucky friends, family members, and loved ones) a special gift.

With over 350,000 subscribers, it’s also one of the top subreddits of its kind.

Best for… improving your illustration skills and making someone’s day; marvelling at how the same photograph can be interpreted in so many different ways.

27. /r/ArtProgressPics

Practice makes perfect. This subreddit embodies this old adage perfectly. All progress is good progress as over 3,000 subscribers show community members how their work has changed and improved over time, whether it’s over the span of a single day or a few years.

Best for… getting inspired and motivating yourself to track your development as an artist; wowing others with your killer before and after shots.

28. /r/PixelArt

What is pixel art? Also referred to as 8-bit art, this throwback style uses computer pixels as building blocks to create pieces with a cool retro effect.

A supportive community for pixel enthusiasts to share and network, there’s also a great list of resources that features a guide for newbies, a practical tutorial, a list of must-use software, and a thread for pixel artists looking for work opportunities.

Best for… pixel artists and enthusiasts looking to get started, network, and find work; artists who enjoy mosaics or pointillist paintings but want to trade in their palettes for computer programs.

29. /r/SpecArt

Boasting over 227,000 subscribers, Reddit illustration aficionados and sci-fi/fantasy buffs alike flock to /r/SpecArt for their daily dose of fantastical words and landscapes.

Speculative artists from every realm (illustration, sculpture, drawing, computer art, and everything in between) are welcome to post their own creations and geek out with others.

Best for… networking with other speculative artists and lovers of genre-specific creations; if you love lurking DeviantArt.

30. /r/Comics

Comics fans and comic artists are a die-hard breed and nearly one million of them gather in /r/Comics, easily one of the top subreddits on this list. From print comics to web comics, all are welcome.

The playing field is quite level and comic artists at all skill levels are welcome as well.

Best for… posting work, discovering new comics, and sharing news about film and TV adaptations based on comics; generating some buzz for a comic project you’re ready to share or promote.

31. /r/ArtistsLounge

Kick back and relax with fellow artists in a laidback online environment. This discussion-based subreddit welcomes all forms of art including illustration, photography, painting, 3D sculpting, and more.

A quick scan of current threads on /r/ArtistsLounge include discussions on how to deal with friends who want “free art,” where to find a set of natural hair brushes, and cures for achy hands and wrists.

But remember: this is not the appropriate place to post or attempt to sell your own artwork.

Best for… stimulating discussions, debates, and practical information from other artists in your field.

Reddit Design

32. /r/Design

A great aesthetic hub to tap into, this is one of the most popular subreddits for all things design-related. The threads found within might span a wide variety of topics—from logos to branding to posters and beyond—but content is usually high-quality and the discussions are fruitful.

Clearly articulated rules also help keep this large subreddit from getting too unruly.

**Best for…**someone who is interested in many different elements of design and doesn’t feel the need to narrow things down quite yet.

33. /r/WebDesign

For designers on the internet, the large and lively /r/WebDesign community is a great spot for web designers and developers to swap resources and ask each other more nitty-gritty questions about data filters, coding, landing pages, and more.

With nearly 330,000 subscribers, newbies and pro web designers lurk threads asking and answering questions.The updated FAQ page and clear guidelines are a real time-saver. Thanks to weekly discussions (Friday community design critiques), get ready to grow!

Best for… an intro into the thriving web design industry and community; web designers looking to bond in coding language!

34. /r/Design_Critiques

Need a second opinion (or 12) on your design portfolio? Something just not clicking with a recent design project?

/r/Design_Critiques is one of the top subreddits for community design feedback. Product branding, logos, graphic design, website help—it’s all fair game! Though most Reddit art forums are open to questions in some form, this is the subreddit to flock to if you’re looking more meaningful insights on something specific.

Best for… designers looking for constructive criticism on specific projects.

35. /r/Graphic_Design

Incredibly popular as far as top subreddits for design go, over 280,000 graphic designers frequent this online community forum. You can find news and inspiration on illustration, logos, print work, making a living freelancing, and design software.

An organized and well-moderated subreddit, it’s easy to navigate and also handily links to a slew of other related design subreddits!

Best for… graphic designers looking to network with other professionals and share resources.

36. /r/Typography

A subreddit exclusively for typophiles! They say good design is invisible (and bad fonts can stick out like a sore thumb), but that doesn’t mean that designers don’t see typography they love and want to share and discuss.

This subreddit is a wonderful resource for celebrating the often-unsung art of typesetting and glyph design. If you’re looking to identify a particular font, try /r/IdentifyThisFont.

Best for… anyone who’s actually ever referred to themselves as a typophile; if you’re the one always ID-ing fonts for your friends.

37. /r/TalesFromDesigners

Take a load off and dig in to the trials and tribulations shared in this hilarious and cringeworthy subreddit. From ridiculous requests and unrealistic expectations to rude clients and wacky screw-ups, /r/TalesFromDesigners will help you feel a sense of camaraderie with your fellow designers. We’ve all been there!

Clients and businesses are kept anonymous to protect guilty parties and keep it ethical.

Best for… making light of stressful or ridiculously comedic design-related situations; venting to other professionals in your field who just get it; feeling less bad about procrastinating by falling down a design-related rabbit hole.

38. /r/LogoDesign

Logos are ubiquitous—they can make or break a brand. The 52,000-plus members of this subreddit focused on logo design understand this better than most. From branding faux-pas to running commentary on redesigned logos, there’s a lot of valuable content for designers and aesthetic appreciators of all kinds.

If you’re specifically looking for feedback on a logo design, try the /r/logo_critique subreddit.

Best for… designers looking to hone their logo design skills to gain new clients; BBNs: Big Branding Nerds.

39. /r/Visualization

The savvy /r/Visualization forum is one of the most popular subreddits that blends business strategy, information, and design.

The community of over 27,000 is a resource for instructional guides, tutorials, sharing works-in-progress, and general discussions about information visualization.

Best for… designers, brand leaders, and entrepreneurs looking to transform how information is conveyed to make a stronger visual impact; people who can’t resist a good pie chart or graph.

40. /r/DesignThought

Imagine if Aristotle were a designer. What kind of musings would he have on his process and craft? Think of this forum as a venue that welcomes deep thought and rumination on both the business side and the professional side of the design industry.

Best for… designers looking for discussion threads that prioritize quality over quantity.

Here’s a philosophy for you: when it comes to Reddit art, Reddit photography, and Reddit illustration, subscribe widely! It’s a great (and free) way to take learning and community-building into your own hands and gain an edge in your industry. Happy Reddit-ing!

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