These 11 Fun Apps Will Make Social Media Graphics For You

Need some social media graphics to really make your Facebook shine? Use these graphics apps to crank out free online graphics for Instagram, Twitter, and more!


You pretty much need social media graphics to make your social feeds really pop these days. But what do you do when you have zero design experience? Fear not! There’s plenty of social media graphics tools out there that are super-easy to use, allowing artists, creatives, and makers sans Photoshop savvy to whip up professional-looking (free!) social media graphics quickly and painlessly.

We’ve rounded up the top 11 social media post creators and social video makers that will help you make your own graphics for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any other social media account you need free online graphics for.

We’ll also share our best tips for how to use these social media image makers to create your own graphics. Let’s dig in!

But Before You Get Started…

Once you start creating social media graphics and sharing them on your accounts, you’ll probably start enjoying more customer engagement—and that means more traffic to your website. This is why it’s crucial that your online portfolio website is in tip-top shape so that you’re prepared for any new customers coming to check out more of your work. There’s nothing worse than hooking a customer with your social media graphics, only for them to find an out-of-date website…or none at all!

Don’t have one yet? Just use a website builder to create one. Make sure to pick one with clean, modern templates that work with your brand identity, and a built-in online store, so you can sell your wares to any folks who come calling after enjoying your social media graphics.

Another cool feature to look out for is Instagram integration. This way, folks coming to you via your social media graphics on the ‘gram can see a consistent branding and people who know you more through your website can explore your cool social media graphics. Win-win!

Ready to build a portfolio website that captures clients’ attention? We’ve got you covered. Start your free trial with Format today!

Now that your portfolio is all set up, let’s learn about the best graphics apps.

Social Media Graphics Apps


Choose from over a million stock images, input your text and, just like that, you will have created your very own custom social media graphic. Fine-tune the details by adding frames, icons, or shapes, and play with transparency to get your desired look. You can also upload your own images if you wish. Canva’s interface is extremely intuitive and easy to use, so it’s a great social media post maker if you’re new to graphic design, or if you just don’t want to devote a ton of time to learning new software.


Befunky is aces when it comes to creating images online. You can easily search for stock images related to a specific topic, or browse their featured images if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for. Befunky also includes a collage-making feature, and digital art effects (where you can filter a photo to look like an oil painting)!


This social media post creator is amazing for those without any experience in graphic design. (Not only can you create social media graphics, you can also use Desygner to create content like presentations or flyers.) If you prefer to work on on the go rather than on your desktop, Desygner’s mobile app is perfect for you. It allows you to create amazing social media graphics from your device without sacrificing the quality or design.


Pixlr is kind-of like mini Photoshop, but on your web browser. It uses layers and effects, which means it can create high-complexity images. It may be better suited to the more slightly more advanced designer looking to do a little image design online.


When it comes to your social media presence, people want to see more than just self-promotion. Sharing a graphic with a cool quote can be a great way to drive engagement. The best thing about Pablo—along with its 600,000+ images—is that you can try it out without making an account, meaning you can create tons of free online graphics.


Take your pick from over two million public-domain stock photos with this social media post generator—including high-quality nature photos. Share your social media graphic directly to several of your social media accounts, and schedule through Buffer.


Not only does Fotor offer users the ability to quickly create collages, but this graphics app has tons of social media design templates to choose from for creating social media graphics.


Using PlaceIt, you can easily put your product onto all manner of items, including t-shirts and the like. The coolest part, though, is that you can take a screenshot of your website (or any website) and put it on a computer or phone screen, so that it looks like someone is using their device to check out your page.

Social Media Video Makers


Biteable provides you with complete video ads that are fully customizable. You select a video template, complete with music and background shots, as well as spaces to add your own text and images. Need a free social media video maker? Biteable’s free plan gives users access to five video projects per month.


This social media video maker starts you off inputting the text you want your video to feature, then Lumen5’s system will match your words to related photos, videos, and music. Their AI does the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on fine-tuning the details.


Animaker changes things up by offering the ability to create animated video without any animation experience. The free version is limited, but you can really make your social media content stand out using these features.

How to Create Images Online

Now that you have a bunch of cool social media post creators and social media video makers in hand, check out some of our best tips for creating attention-grabbing social media graphics.

  • Emphasize what’s most important by making your headline the largest element in your social media graphic.

  • Keep things simple by limiting the amount of data in your social media graphics; too much visual information will look cluttered.

  • It can be tempting to go all out with flowery fonts and bright colors. Don’t! A bunch of contrasting features will ultimately take away from the overall impact of your post. Instead, pick one feature to emphasize, and pair with some more low-key elements to keep things focused.

  • Bone up on color theory. If your font color and background color are contrasting shades—like green and red—the text and background will create a vibrating sensation, making it difficult for the reader to make out what is written. On the other hand, choosing two colors that are too similar to one another will cause the writing to blend with the background, making it equally hard to read. Make sure to play around with different color combinations and pay attention to how the colors affect your ability to make out the text in your social media graphics.

  • Don’t forget: certain colors evoke certain emotions. Cooler colors like blue are typically seen as calm, while warm colors like orange can indicate energy or passion. When it comes to your social media graphics, how do you want people to feel when they see them? Reflecting on this should lead you towards the types of colors you should use when creating images online.

  • Choose your fonts wisely. For example, if you specialize in creating whimsical, otherworldly paintings, a standard font like Times New Roman might not be the one to best express what you and your creative business are all about.

  • To really make the most of your time, use social media post creators to create evergreen content. Unlike social media graphics that relate to a specific time of year or temporary promotion, evergreen posts can be shared over and over again without losing any of their initial value. Why not take a little pressure off yourself wherever you can by making some social media graphics that you can recycle to your heart’s content? The social media graphics you create can even be repurposed and used on your blog.

Now that you’re all caught up on social media graphics generators, you’ll be designing your own graphics in no time!

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