Impossible Project Releases Stunning New Pink and Black Instant Film

Impossible Project’s new Duochrome instant film elevates any photo with a heavy dose of saturated color.


Impossible Project has been working hard to keep instant film alive since purchasing one of Polaroid’s last film factories in 2008. In addition to recreating the classic Polaroid 600 instant film, Impossible has even released their own line of instant cameras, dubbed the Impossible I-Type.

The latest offering from Impossible is Duochrome, a fresh, two-toned take on instant film that saturates your images in vivid pink. It uses the same chemistry as Impossible Project’s standard black and white films, and it’s compatible with their Impossible I-Type as well as the classic Polaroid 600 camera line. Each pack of film produces 8 black-bordered photos.

Pink and black is the newest option in Impossible’s Duochrome line, but the film is also available in shades of yellow, orange, and red. Shooting with Duochrome yields mesmerizing results, even when the subject is as simple as a vase on a table. The effect is similar to using a colored flash gel, but the bonus with Duochrome is that you don’t need to use flash to get vividly colored photographs.

By Gabriela Tulian

By Kristina M M

By Rocio Perez Rodriguez

By Orlova Maria

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