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July 29, 2021
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Marzena Wodziak

Theme used: Slate
About Marzena Wodziak

Marzena is a Polish artist working in a wide range of media. Art occupies an important place in her life. Above all, it's Marzena's way of exploring the world and learning. Although sculpture has a special place in her heart, more recently she chose the career of a set designer in order to work with other people, not only in a studio or at a screen.
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Joi Fulton

Theme used: Order
About Joi Fulton

Joi Fulton is a 2D and 3D illustrator and animator based in Chicago. This digital artist portfolio example consists of bright. punchy colors and inviting, friend-shaped buddies. A lot of her inspiration comes from her time as a teacher for children aged 2 to 3. Just being around their creative minds has given her a wealth of inspiration and ideas.
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Jenny Jiyoung Han

Theme used: Background
About Jenny Jiyoung Han

Jenny Han is originally from South Korea, studied Fashion at the University of Arts London, and graduated in 2017. She worked as an illustrator and a private art tutor for young children during her schooling. She now lives in Belgium. Her work reimagines familiar subjects and symbols in an innovative style that’s all her own.
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Nunulanka Studio

Theme used: Peak
About Nunulanka Studio

Nunulanka Studio is run by Nurbanu Asena, a versatile and creative video artist and director. Her work is a fusion of her background in animation, illustration, and documentary filmmaking. Her wide-ranging expertise has led her to create social media videos, infographics, tv commercials, and indie films, and to provide direction, art direction, storyboarding, animation, film, and editing services to her clients.
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Wenzel Stendike

Theme used: Chroma
About Wenzel Stendike

Wenzel is a 23-year-old multimedia and VR design student from Germany working on projects involving art and design. He works in a wide range of media, including illustration, game and app design, animation, 3D modeling, character design, and concept art.
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Trevor Ycas

Theme used: Iris
About Trevor Ycas

Trevor Ycas is a visual artist, photographer, experimenter, and generally curious individual based in Boulder, Colorado. He is always experimenting with new techniques, like blending digital technologies with hand drawing, and much of his work is derived from multiple processes or sources. In addition to drawing and photography, his digital art portfolio website features 3D environments digitally as well as 2D raster and vector environments.
desktop browser window frameThomas Osorio desktop
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Thomas Osorio

Theme used: Offset
About Thomas Osorio

Thomas Osorio is an artist based in Cincinnati, Ohio who creates both new media artworks ranging from digital paintings to videos as well as drawings and paintings. His works reference his experiences exploring his inner world as well as the influences of art historical references.
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