The 22 Best Graphic Design Portfolio Examples of 2022

If you're a graphic designer, having a strong portfolio is key when it comes to showcasing your work. Check out these winning graphic design portfolio examples.

February 8, 2022

Whether graphic design is your full-time gig, your side hustle, or something you’re new to, you’ll need to create an effective graphic design portfolio to host your work and impress future clients. Having a clean, personalized portfolio to showcase your projects is the best way to get your work noticed, make a great first impression, and provide your visitors with a viewing experience that’s both engaging and visually pleasing. To create a portfolio that will truly wow your visitors, you’ll want to build it using a powerful platform that offers graphic design portfolio templates that are both versatile and customizable. Get inspired by these stunning graphic design portfolios.

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phone window frameBaşak Kılıçbeyli
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Başak Kılıçbeyli

Theme used: Horizon Left

Basak Kilicbeyli is from Istanbul, Turkey, and was born in Moscow, Russia in 1992. She received her BFA in Graphic Design from Yeditepe University in 2015. Until 2019, she worked as a freelance Graphic Designer. After earned a merit scholarship from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in 2019, she came to the US and got her MFA degree in Studio Art in 2021. Basak Kilicbeyli currently lives and works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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Theme used: Sierra

Victoria is a senior freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Valencia, Spain. Victoria’s illustrations have a very versatile graphic style. Victoria can apply different techniques to each particular project such as collage, Chinese ink, watercolor, acrylics, gouache, and photomontage. Victoria also loves combining design and cooking, two worlds that she is passionate about. Both of them are always present in her life.
desktop browser window frameAntoni Dalewski
phone window frameAntoni Dalewski
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Antoni Dalewski

Theme used: Surface

Antoni Dalewski is a graphic designer based in Mississauga, ON. Antoni recently graduated from York Univesity/Sheridan College with an Honours Bachelor in Design. His specialties include editorial design, content creation, packaging and apparel design.
desktop browser window frameClaire Shadomy
phone window frameClaire Shadomy
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Claire Shadomy

Theme used: Iris

Claire Shadomy is an illustrator and designer currently living in Asheville, NC. She makes brands feel like friends and websites look like parties. She likes creating stories about women and their plants and the dogs they pet and all the ways they come to love themselves.
desktop browser window frameDawn Button
phone window frameDawn Button
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Dawn Button

Theme used: Dusk

Dawn Button is a highly experienced freelance senior graphic designer based in Mornington, Victoria, Australia. She currently offers professional graphic design and photo restoration and compositing services using the Adobe Suite. Dawn is particularly passionate about photo restoration and digital art and the perpetual challenge of taking ideas to the next level.
desktop browser window frameDanilo Deluxo
phone window frameDanilo Deluxo
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Danilo Deluxo

Theme used: Order

Danilo Deluxo is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist and graphic designer. As an Afrofuturist, his work explores the relationship between humans and dreams. Influenced by graffiti art from a young age, Danilo’s work has been featured in various group exhibitions since 2010. He has also worked with various community groups, such as The Remix Project and Under the Radar/The LOFT.
desktop browser window frameBarthélémy Croset
phone window frameBarthélémy Croset
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Barthélémy Croset

Theme used: Sierra

Barthélémy Croset is a graphic designer whose work is based on a conceptual approach. When he’s not working on design, he also enjoys boxing or exploring the streets with his friends.
desktop browser window frameChristine Chung
phone window frameChristine Chung
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Christine Chung

Theme used: Obsidian

Christine Chung is a spatial and graphic designer based in Toronto, ON. A graduate of architecture school, she is now pursuing a Master’s Degree in Inclusive Design. She is also currently working as a freelance designer.
desktop browser window frameTaylor Russo
phone window frameTaylor Russo
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Taylor Russo

Theme used: Sierra

Taylor Russo is a Kansas City-based graphic designer, with experience designing for a variety of different mediums — including print, digital, commercial design, and branding. Taylor has worked for marketing agencies across the Kansas City area, as well as clients located across North America.
desktop browser window frameANGLE visual integration
phone window frameANGLE visual integration
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ANGLE visual integration

Theme used: Spruce

ANGLE visual integration was founded in 2010 in Taiwan. They are a multi-disciplinary graphic design studio, whose work covers brand identity and development. They have also received many awards and recognitions — including the Good Design Award, the Taiwan Golden Pin Design Award, and best of the best — the DFA Design for Asia Award, Golden Bee.
desktop browser window frameSarah Scott
phone window frameSarah Scott
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Sarah Scott

Theme used: Sierra

Sarah Scott specializes in dynamic graphics, illustrations, and thing-making. She loves design in every form and is always looking to learn and grow her skills. Her passion is creating beautiful things, which is why she’d love to help your ideas come to life.
desktop browser window frameSean Rodwell
phone window frameSean Rodwell
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Sean Rodwell

Theme used: Illuminate

Walt is the graphic design arm of Aeriform, founded by Sean Rodwell. This graphic design division is packed with t-shirt designs, product designs, packaging, and more. From music festival t-shirt to company collaboration, Walt creates designs for a variety of clients that are used across different products.
desktop browser window frameKyle Poff
phone window frameKyle Poff
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Kyle Poff

Theme used: Sierra

Kyle Poff specializes in creating brand identities, packaging, brand strategy, illustration, and hand lettering. He says that almost every single job he receives is from a referral from someone else he’s done business with or from his graphic design portfolio — which is great, because it means he’s never had to scout for work! Right now, he is constantly trying to diversify his work with different styles because he “can't concentrate on one thing for too long.”
desktop browser window frameTino
phone window frameTino
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Theme used: Amazon

Tino is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Berlin, Germany. He loves to create portraits of people in his own style and create “cool editorial designs”. Tino’s work involves simplifying complex themes, with a “less is more” approach. He encourages you to have fun and consume his stuff.
desktop browser window framePeter Hershey
phone window framePeter Hershey
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Peter Hershey

Theme used: Kiln

Peter Hershey builds brands and tells stories — primarily using design and photography. He likes his work to be as simple and clean as possible, with an emphasis on people.
desktop browser window frameAisling Mc Elvaney
phone window frameAisling Mc Elvaney
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Aisling Mc Elvaney

Theme used: Mica

Aisling McElvaney is a graphic designer based in Dublin, Ireland. In 2016, she graduated from the National College of Art and Design with a 2.1 in History of Art and Design & Visual Communication. She is currently employed as a graphic designer at DIT Students’ Union. Currently, she is interested in the possibilities and creative ideas she can bring to campaigns. She has also recently started a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing.
desktop browser window frameJesselyn Nathania
phone window frameJesselyn Nathania
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Jesselyn Nathania

Theme used: Grace

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, Jesselyn Nathania graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from the Raffles Design Institute in Singapore in 2015. Her work mainly focuses on illustration and lettering. In her spare time, Jesselyn is fond of watching horror films, traveling, photography, and her “overweight” pet corgi named Barney.
desktop browser window frameStuart Chapman
phone window frameStuart Chapman
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Stuart Chapman

Theme used: Detail

Stuart (Stu) Chapman is an award-winning designer and visual storyteller who specializes in graphic design, creative branding, art direction, project curation, photography, video, and more across a wide range of mediums. Stu is highly passionate about connecting with “like-minded humans” and puts community and purpose at the forefront of his work.
desktop browser window frameJeoffrey Cheung
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Jeoffrey Cheung

Theme used: Peak

Jeoffrey Cheung is a graphic designer and photographer living in Las Vegas. Fully self-taught, he has always pushed himself to learn various mediums of programs and art. Currently, he works for a creative agency called Artisans On Fire — which he says has validated his ability to learn and compete in the industry. He seeks to inspire people that a career in design is not limited by lack of a degree, but more so possible if you believe hard enough and put in the work.
desktop browser window frameDavid Alderman
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David Alderman

Theme used: Ora

David Alderman is a graphic designer originally from Boston, MA, and currently based in San Diego, CA. His portfolio includes colorful and original designs for various local brands such as Grit Coffee, Revolution Roasters, Aquatic Brewing, Satchmo’s Throat Coat, and more.
desktop browser window frameNina Raj
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Nina Raj

Theme used: Peak

Nina Raj is a multi-disciplinary designer and photographer with a background in mission-driven advertising. Her interests lie at the crossroads of music and social change, with a focus on intersectional womxn’s rights and LGBTQIA+ activism. She likes to deliver creative solutions for companies that lead with their values.
desktop browser window frameEmily Manke
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Emily Manke

Theme used: Mode

Emily Manke is a Georgia-grown graphic designer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota — here to bring your creative vision to life! When she’s not creating inspiring graphics, you’ll find her volunteering at her church, planning her next travel adventure, or spending time with her family. If you’re looking for better branding, current design trends, or a new fresh look, search no further! Emily loves catching the vision of her clients and providing deliverables that exceed their expectations.

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