Graphic Design Portfolio Websites | Tips and Examples

Graphic design may involve projects from logos, brochures, websites, and other marketing material. Make your portfolio stand out with these best practices.

June 23, 2021
desktop browser window frameSimone Hummel
phone window frameSimone Hummel
Preview Site

Simone Hummel

Theme used: Sierra About Simone Hummel
desktop browser window frameMika Queiroz Spinasse Nunes
phone window frameMika Queiroz Spinasse Nunes
Preview Site

Mika Queiroz Spinasse Nunes

Theme used: Order About Mika Queiroz Spinasse Nunes
desktop browser window frameElora Crawford
phone window frameElora Crawford
Preview Site

Elora Crawford

Theme used: Horizon About Elora Crawford
desktop browser window frameNico Bonacquist
phone window frameNico Bonacquist
Preview Site

Nico Bonacquist

Theme used: Horizon Left About Nico Bonacquist
desktop browser window frameOla Galewicz
phone window frameOla Galewicz
Preview Site

Ola Galewicz

Theme used: Pattern About Ola Galewicz

Graphic Design Portfolio Inspiration: Build A Site On A Free Trial

Whether you're looking to get started with your graphic design portfolio or you'd like to revamp your current site, the first place to start is to look at the portfolios of professionals in your industry and peruse templates to get your creative juices flowing. Format features some of the best design portfolio templates made for creative professionals like you in mind. Click on your favorite template layout and start building your portfolio on a 14-day trial—no credit card required. 

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desktop browser window frameKelly de Gier
phone window frameKelly de Gier
Preview Site

Kelly de Gier

Theme used: Line About Kelly de Gier
desktop browser window frameMotti Hollander
phone window frameMotti Hollander
Preview Site

Motti Hollander

Theme used: Gloss About Motti Hollander
desktop browser window frameMilena Silvia
phone window frameMilena Silvia
Preview Site

Milena Silvia

Theme used: Kiln About Milena Silvia
desktop browser window framePaolo Pessot
phone window framePaolo Pessot
Preview Site

Paolo Pessot

Theme used: Detail About Paolo Pessot
desktop browser window frameSteve Attardo
phone window frameSteve Attardo
Preview Site

Steve Attardo

Theme used: Horizon Left About Steve Attardo
desktop browser window frameZoe Wodarz
phone window frameZoe Wodarz
Preview Site

Zoe Wodarz

Theme used: Foreground About Zoe Wodarz

Graphic Design Ideas: Stay Relevant With Trends

Keep your freelance graphic design portfolio relevant and up-to-date by following design trends. Commissioning yourself for portfolio work will help you attract the type of client work you want. Not all the pieces in your portfolio need to come from paid client work. Draw inspiration from current trends and make them your own. Some of the current trends we're seeing in 2021 include muted color palettes, geometric shapes, simplified data visualizations, and flat icon illustrations. 

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desktop browser window frameNico Gibson
phone window frameNico Gibson
Preview Site

Nico Gibson

Theme used: Stockholm About Nico Gibson

Graphic Design Project Ideas For Portfolio: Focus On The Type Of Work You’d Like To Attract

It's a good idea to decide on the realm of design you're most interested in and focus your graphic design portfolio to attract that type of work. Most prospecting clients will ask to see your previous work, so a crucial part of marketing yourself is establishing a strong portfolio. If you haven't yet had paid experience, start with branding mock-ups, redesign websites, or packages of existing brands related to the desired industry you'd like to enter.

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