Graphic Design Portfolio Websites | Tips and Examples

Graphic design may involve projects from logos, brochures, websites, and other marketing material. Make your portfolio stand out with these best practices.

June 23, 2021
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Simone Hummel

Theme used: Sierra
About Simone Hummel

Simone's work is exciting and fresh. Her ability to tell stories in innovative ways shows innovations in rethinking content marketing, events, and design. Bravo!
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Elora Crawford

Theme used: Horizon
About Elora Crawford

Elora Crawford is a brand and communications designer based in Montréal, Canada.
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Nico Bonacquist

Theme used: Horizon Left
About Nico Bonacquist

Nico Bonacquist is a New York City-based designer at Tommy Boy Records.
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Ola Galewicz

Theme used: Pattern
About Ola Galewicz

Ola is a creative working within both traditional and digital media, with a focus on illustration and graphic design. Based in London, but originally from Poland, Ola has been heavily influenced by Slavic folklore and Polish School of Posters. In her work, she often uses bold shapes and vibrant colors to create compelling images that capture a sense of individual personality. She aims to approach every task with humor and playfulness, always remaining open to new challenges.
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Kelly de Gier

Theme used: Line
About Kelly de Gier

Gier Studios is a Denmark-based design studio and lifestyle label established by Kelly de Gier. Gier Studios is a multidisciplinary creative space with a minimal and holistic approach to design.
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Motti Hollander

Theme used: Gloss
About Motti Hollander

Motti® is a graphic designer and creative director based in Brooklyn, New York. Primarily working in the music industry, he has worked with clients across a range of genres - including Grammy-winners, worldwide touring artists, and major record labels.

Graphic Design Portfolio Inspiration: Build A Site On A Free Trial

Whether you're looking to get started with your graphic design portfolio or you'd like to revamp your current site, the first place to start is to look at the portfolios of professionals in your industry and peruse templates to get your creative juices flowing. Format features some of the best design portfolio templates made for creative professionals like you in mind. Click on your favorite template layout and start building your portfolio on a 14-day trial—no credit card required. 

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Milena Silvia

Theme used: Kiln
About Milena Silvia

Milena Silvia is a brand and packaging designer currently living on the beautiful Island of the Atlantic Ocean, Lanzarote. She designs and collaborates with brands from different fields creating modern vibrant and elegant designs since 2016 and emphasizes working with eco-friendly brands that reflect her values. Creativity and intuition help Milena a lot to craft modern and vibrant designs, but the key ingredient is communication she has with her clients.
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Paolo Pessot

Theme used: Detail
About Paolo Pessot

Paolo Pessot, is an Italian digital artist born in 1994 in Treviso. He grew with a constant passion for visual arts and always drawing. He studied Graphic Design in high school and graduated in June 2014.He concludes his education in May 2016 with a degree in movie directing and movie script at the National Academy of Cinema in Bologna.
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Steve Attardo

Theme used: Horizon Left
About Steve Attardo

Steve Attardo is a New York-based art director, designer, photographer, and educator working with a focus in publishing, photojournalism, and all forms visual storytelling. Currently, Steve is the Design Director for W. W. Norton and Company’s trade book division where he designs and art directs covers for best-selling and up and coming authors alike.
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Nico Gibson

Theme used: Stockholm
About Nico Gibson

Nico Gibson is a Visual Designer with 8+ years of studio and agency experience, most recently Digital Kitchen, MNML and Leo Burnett Dept. of Design. In his downtime he runs his own online design shop Nico’s work is deeply rooted in fashion and music. He's created award winning brand identities and campaigns for global corporations and local boutiques.

Graphic Design Ideas: Stay Relevant With Trends

Keep your freelance graphic design portfolio relevant and up-to-date by following design trends. Commissioning yourself for portfolio work will help you attract the type of client work you want. Not all the pieces in your portfolio need to come from paid client work. Draw inspiration from current trends and make them your own. Some of the current trends we're seeing in 2021 include muted color palettes, geometric shapes, simplified data visualizations, and flat icon illustrations. 

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