Lifestyle Photography Portfolio Websites | Tips and Examples

Get inspired by these amazing lifestyle photography portfolio websites and discover how you can create a stunning portfolio to showcase your lifestyle photography projects.

October 4, 2021
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Clara Lu

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About Clara Lu

Clara Lu is a San Francisco based portrait and lifestyle photographer. She captures images that are natural, poetic, and full of emotion. Rather than posing, her sessions are a combination of playing, laughing, and simply spending time together. Clara's goal is a blend of fine art and photojournalism that reflects the essence of people as well as the bonds between them.
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Zhamak Fullad

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About Zhamak Fullad

Zhamak Fullad is a LA based photographer and this is how they see the world around them. Not having a specific process; most of Zhamak's photos are created from just being present at the right place and the right time.
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About Mandy-Lyn

Mandy-Lyn is a photographer, writer and film maker. Her home is East Vancouver on Canada's West Coast and she loves rock n roll. She shoots on film with a 35mm camera that her Grandpa gave her. Mandy-Lyn's photographs have been seen in Juxtapoz, VICE, Penthouse, Choppers Magazine, HUSTLER and Vogue Italy.
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Olivia Katz

Theme used: Peak
About Olivia Katz

Olivia Katz is a fashion, lifestyle and portrait photographer now based in Byron Bay, Australia. She is interested in organic, loose, slightly unkempt moments that speak to the imperfect nature of existence rather than an overly glossed image devoid of emotion. For her, photography is the air she breathes, it has given meaning to her life and a voice to her vision.
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Emma Peijnenburg

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About Emma Peijnenburg

When Emma Peijnenburg set out on my photography journey, she came across lifestyle photography quite early on. It is when all her interests come together: a mix of authentic and staged situations, but always staying true to life. On set or location, she jumpstart a series of moments that are characteristic of the situation and the brand. It’s all about creating a unique atmosphere and photography style for a client - photos that tell a story.
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Delphine de Syon

Theme used: Rhythm
About Delphine de Syon

Delphine de Syon is a french writer and photographer specialising in Light, beauty, and well-being. She loves to travel the world to bring back to your eyes the most beautiful treasures earth can offer. Celebrating life every single day, she enjoys portraying anonymous or well-known people. She has published one major book of photography and is in the process of publishing her first novel.

Lifestyle Photography Tips: Get The Lighting Right

Even though the key to capturing great lifestyle photographs is to let things happen naturally, a little bit of direction to get the lighting right won’t hurt. When shooting your subjects, keep your focus on them until you find the light on their face. Then, consider turning them until their face is perfectly illuminated.

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Rob Schanz

Theme used: Kiln
About Rob Schanz

Rob Schanz is a commercial and editorial photographer based in San Francisco. Rob's travels inspire them to approach their work in different ways. Rob always tries to make the viewer feel like they could be there when the image was taken, whether it's a still image or a motion picture.
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Amy Tran

Theme used: Frame
About Amy Tran

Amy Tran (b. 1993) is an American born photographer specializing in portrait and lifestyle photography. Through her creative practices, Tran has been able to capture her subjects in an unsuspecting way and ultimately create images that show the true character of whoever is in front of her lens.
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Clint Colbert

Theme used: Panorama
About Clint Colbert

Clint Colbert (b.1988) grew up in the small town of Fayetteville, Tennessee. He spent four years in Nashville, TN studying and practicing photography before moving to Philadelphia, PA where he now resides. Currently, he is working as a photographer for Urban Outfitters, but in his off time focuses on his personal work like his ongoing series Resort Destination.
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Brittny Debonis

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About Brittny Debonis

Brittny is a brand & portrait Photographer and an SF Bay Area native She's an editor at ROAM, Creative Director, Brand Strategist, Travel Enthusiast.
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Ashton Staniszewski

Theme used: Amazon
About Ashton Staniszewski

Ashton is an Atlanta photographer that spent 10 years agency side as an art director making work for fancy clients. Now independent and collaborating with killer creatives and great brands to tell their stories.
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Dan Holz

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About Dan Holz

Dan Holz is an internationally published outdoor photographer and award winning filmmaker specializing in active lifestyle and mountain sport photography. Based in Southwest Colorado, Dan brings the most spectacular scenes from the most remote peaks and corners of the globe to you. With a firm belief in 'earning the view,' Dan's sense of adventure has and will continue to produce images and video of unique perspective and remarkable beauty.

Lifestyle Photography Tips: Stay Alert and Always Be Ready

When it comes to shooting lifestyle photography, your number-one rule of thumb should be to always keep your camera handy at all times! You never know what timeless moments can arise, which is why you should always be prepared to snap and expect the unexpected. Consider setting up a fast shutter speed for best results.

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