Model Portfolio Websites | Tips and Examples

What better way to learn how to make a model portfolio, than looking at examples of model websites and learn tips and tricks? Here are some our favorite.

July 13, 2021
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About Karissa

Karissa Slater is a model based in Paris. Her shots have been featured for brands such as MISSHA Beauty Tokyo, TOMMY Magazine, Issy Miyake, Nina Carter, and more.
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Jaenna Wessling

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About Jaenna Wessling

Jaenna Wessling is a Filipino-German-Irish model. She has modeled for 3 years. Currently, she is signed with BiCoastal MGMT, EMG Models, and Prime MGM. Born in San Diego, she is now based in Los Angeles.
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Selena Santana

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About Selena Santana

Selena Santana – model, actress, pornstar legend. She was born in sin city Vegas, of Cuban decent and raised in beautiful Miami where she still calls home. At the age of 19 she was discovered by local adult industry talent agents while working as a waitress at Hooters. From there she quickly garnered massive worldwide recognition, propelling her fame with a unique combination of timeless beauty, a shy yet bubbly personality and a dominantly provocative persona on camera.
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Christine IDiivil

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About Christine IDiivil

Christine IDiivil, is a Los Angeles based Japanese/Czech model with a passion for figure art and form. It is her belief that the human body serves as a powerful tool for self-expression. Christine models now to refine that voice and to meet and collaborate with fellow artists to learn what drives their craft. Ultimately, she wishes to share in the human experience and create something that resonates in someone's heart. If she is lucky, she hopes to be successful in that.
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Jeremy Anthony

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About Jeremy Anthony

Jeremy Anthony is an international male model and actor currently represented by Twenty Model Management (Cape Town, South Africa) and NEXT (Toronto, Canada). Born and raised in Toronto, Canada his parents hail from the Caribbean (his mother from Grenada and his father from Bermuda). Prior to the entertainment industry, Jeremy was engaged in the legal industry working as a law clerk for the legal regulatory for the province of Ontario.
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Jenny Rei

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About Jenny Rei

Jenny Rei is an international model from Dusseldorf, Germany who worked for magazines like Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle and was the face of brands like Dove, Chanel and Bvlgari, living between Los Angeles, India and the Middle East. Jenny Rei has an on-going ocean clean up project called 'Trash Mermaid' in India and the US, she wrote a script about it and it made it into the Top 10 Soho House Script writing contest of 2019 worldwide. Besides that Jenny is running her own clothing brand.

Beginner Model Portfolio Tip: Show Your Range

When you’re just starting out as a professional model, you won’t be sure which kinds of gigs you’ll be most successful in landing. Models that have been working for a while may start to be pigeonholed in a particular style they are very well suited for, but when you’re a beginner, you might as well explore different styles. Make sure your modeling portfolio includes some variety to show your range of capacity as a model and increase your chances of booking gigs.

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