Still Life Photography Portfolio Websites | Tips and Examples

Get inspired by these amazing still life photography portfolio websites and discover how you can create a stunning portfolio to showcase your still life photography projects.

September 29, 2021
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Leo Bieber

Theme used: Amazon
About Leo Bieber

Leo Bieber’s studio specialises in still-life photography of High Jewellery. With over a decade of international experience, his expertise lies in creating lighting designs and background sets, which elevate the aesthetic power of jewellery and precious stones. Leo’s unique perspective and client-focused approach have led him to enjoy on-going collaborations with the world’s leading Jewellery Houses
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Akriti Sondhi

Theme used: Sharp
About Akriti Sondhi

Akriti Sondhi is a still life and fine art photographer currently based out of Paris, France. Their experimental projects often explore everyday phenomena with acute interest in movement and colours.
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Theme used: Kiln

Luca Nocera and Lara Ferri, are an Italian still-life photographer duo, based in London since 2012. Their photography style has been shaped through the years by the background in graphic design, paired with a multidisciplinary approach to their research. They believe art, especially sculpture and architecture, has a constant and strong influence on thier minimalist approach to photography.
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Theme used: Detail
About AnimusJ

Animus J is a lens-based visual artist, making mostly portraits, still life and conceptual art.
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Allen Schill

Theme used: Chroma
About Allen Schill

Born Long Island, Columbia College (BA in art history & studio art), MFA CUNY in painting, photo, & printmaking, assistant to Irving Penn 1977-79, professor of photo CUNY 1980-96, moved to Italy 1996. BW & palladium printing, pinhole & toy camera, photo-assemblage, sculpture. Emphasis since 1987 in view camera and then digital still life, using found objects arranged in boxes, a sort of 17th-century Dutch surrealism focused on the visual sensorium. Joseph Cornell channeling Samuel Beckett.
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Piergiulio Fiore

Theme used: Amazon
About Piergiulio Fiore

Piergiulio Fiore is a photographer specializing in advertising and still life photography. In photography he is fascinated by the challenge of time: subtracting moments from minutes, making them immortal. He dedicates himself to it in body and soul, convinced that study and research are the ideal grounds in which talent and intuition can grow.

Still Life Photography Tips: Get Creative

Still photography often is as simple as shooting inanimate objects, so to keep the photos from looking bland it is important to be creative with your shots. Working with different angles, lighting options, focal points, and color schemes can create intriguing photo designs. Be bold and try new things.

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Daniel Mitchell

Theme used: Horizon Left
About Daniel Mitchell

An experienced, creative, enthusiastic photographer looking to progress my career. With experience in ecommerce, product, still life, fashion, landscapes, portraiture and creative photography, Daniel's skills in different areas can be applied to a wide variety of professional photographic environments. With knowledge of various cameras, lighting and software including CaptureOne and Adobe Photoshop, a skilled individual, he is prepared to go above and beyond.
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Manuel Schaffernak

Theme used: Fabric
About Manuel Schaffernak

Manuel is an Austrian based photographer, media designer, art and design lover. He uses a wide variety of materials to explore the crossroads of still life, portraiture, geometry, and color. Things Manuel likes: minimalism, visual humor, geometry, color harmony and everything that makes him look twice.
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Theresa Hood

Theme used: Foray
About Theresa Hood

Theresa Hood creates her still life photographs using antique or vintage props, painting filters, digital textures and papers. She is inspired by works of the Dutch Master Still Life Painters and seek to create that same feeling in her images. When printed, her images have a painterly quality that she enhances by using vintage frames or printing on canvas.
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Marlene Rounds

Theme used: Amazon
About Marlene Rounds

Marlene Rounds is a Cincinnati-based photographer with 15+ years of experience working on commercial and editorial assignments in product, fashion, and food.
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Adam Nigro

Theme used: Peak
About Adam Nigro

Based in Montreal, Canada, Adam Nigro is a commercial advertising photographer specializing in product and still life imagery. Adam’s visual style is characterized by a bold, colorful signature combined with thoughtful staging, meticulous lighting, and oftentimes a hint of sarcasm to create images that leave a lasting impact on the viewer.
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Cory Dawson

Theme used: Mica
About Cory Dawson

Cory Dawson, a still life storyteller, has spent 15 years honing these skills which now profoundly embolden his ability to let his lens capture and communicate with clarity and intensity. He now incorporates the knowledge that he has garnered into social media launches, packaging shoots, and an array of food and product design projects.

Still Life Photography Tips and Techniques: Create Themed Shoots

A good jumping off point is choosing a strong theme for your still life photoshoot. Some say that still photography and portraits speak in ​​allegory so deciding what the story you are looking to create will help you to frame the objects you are working with.

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Lindsey Wernli

Theme used: Clarity
About Lindsey Wernli

Lindsey Wernli is a still life and editorial photographer based in Philadelphia, PA. In her images, she uses color, composition, and everyday objects to create dreamy backdrops and otherworldly atmospheres for her subjects to live in. She enjoys the challenge of applying a certain level of surreality to commercial assignments, further incorporating a playful state of being.
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Brandon Titaro

Theme used: Peak
About Brandon Titaro

Brandon is a commercial photographer specializing in fashion portraiture and conceptual still life. His area of focus is storytelling through lighting and his photographic style. His work blurs the line between culture and hype, to create images that stand the test of time.
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