The 10 Best Wildlife Photography Portfolio Examples of 2022

We’ve compiled a ‘Best Of’ page to share some of our favourite wildlife photography websites. Take a scroll through.

February 8, 2022

These wildlife photography portfolio examples will help you to find your own unique expression. They're gathered together here by Format, the award-winning site builder for creative professionals, to help you see how other wildlife photographers are presenting their work.

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Patrick Bentley

Theme used: Amazon

Patrick Bentley is an award-winning, fine art nature photographer from Zambia. He creates images using a variety of techniques and creative ideas to provide a fresh perspective on the natural world, with a particular emphasis on black and white, infrared and aerial photography, sometimes in combination.
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Christina Stobbs

Theme used: Gloss

Christina Stobbs is a nature photographer with a passion for bird photography. She takes great pleasure in capturing the beauty of our world through imagery. When photographing wildlife, she strives to minimize her presence, approaching slowly, staying within a comfortable distance, and allowing her subject to become accustomed to her presence. Then she waits for the moment to present herself.
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Jeremy Durand

Theme used: Order

Jeremy Durand started to photograph horses in 2014 while living in Camargue, south of France. Jeremy is an international horse photographer. He first began capturing wildlife when he photographed his friend's horse, and since then he hasn't stopped capturing these emotions. Jeremy uses black and white to help them focus on action and emotion.
desktop browser window frameJanerio Morgan
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Janerio Morgan

Theme used: Foray

Based in Atlanta GA, Janerio Morgan has been a creative person since he was very young. His first artistic interests were drawing with pen and ink and watercolor painting. Nature, landscape, and wildlife photography is his center of focus, but his love of water from an early age lead to adding underwater photography to his photography passion.
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Zion Cooper

Theme used: Ora

Zion Cooper is a wildlife photographer from Christchurch, New Zealand. Zion uses photography to portray the beauty of their home, Aotearoa, and the inhabitants that also call it home. Zion has been to Tiritiri Matangi Island, photographing the amazing Kokako, as well as Ashley estuary where they laid on the rocks photographing wrybills.
desktop browser window frameMax George
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Max George

Theme used: Carousel

Max Morgan George is a photographer from the United Kingdom whose work primarily consists of wildlife around the British Isles. Max has been documenting the British wildlife since childhood, building up a catalog of over 120 different native species of birds alone. This website is a portfolio of some of his best work and personal favorites.
desktop browser window frameOscar Dominguez
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Oscar Dominguez

Theme used: Slate

Oscar Dominguez is a professional wildlife and conservation photographer focused on endangered species and mountain ecosystems. In the last years, he has turned to document endangered species and their environments in the most pristine and wild places. Oscar's work has been published in several newspapers and magazines, such as BBC Wildlife Magazine, The Guardian, New Scientist, NaturFoto, Viajes National Geographic among others, and is represented by Tandem Stills + Motion.
desktop browser window frameGlyn Sellors
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Glyn Sellors

Theme used: Amazon

Glyn Sellors bought their first camera in 1981 - an Olympus OM1N with a Vivitar 400mm f5.6 lens. Glyn does most of their local birding in Derbyshire. Glyn also travels to the coast to see rare and scarce British birds and, sometimes, just regular summer and winter visitors. Most years, Glyn travels abroad to watch and photograph birds and other wildlife.
desktop browser window frameVinchel Budihardjo
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Vinchel Budihardjo

Theme used: Order

Enthusiast in wildlife and landscape photography
desktop browser window frameMissy Mandel
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Missy Mandel

Theme used: Horizon

Missy Mandel loves photography, as it allows them to better appreciate the wonderful things they see. Missy Mandel feels that nature is connected with something deep inside of them, which has greatly influenced how they see and photograph the world. Missy Mandel strives to capture the emotions and feelings of both birds and animals. Their photographs take people closer to see better the detail, color, and spirit of a wild creature.

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