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Fivebargate Illustration Studio

“Andy Goodman is an artist and graphic illustrator who observes and interprets the world through everyday language and visual punnery using simplistic geometric shapes, striking colours and fine line. Often working with themes of well-being, mindfulness and rehabilitation, Andy's recent commissions include those with Laurence King Publishing, The Daily Telegraph, Lloyds of London, The Royal United Hospital in Bath, The Evelina Children’s Hospital in London, The Guardian and WeareSunday. ”

Template: Amazon

Christian Neuman

“Christian Neuman is an independent artist, filmmaker and creative director, producing original work for the film and creative industries. Clients include Calach Film, SOS Faim, European Commission, Re:Media, Belle Sauvage, Arcadia Group, HP France Group, Asos, Elle China, Camomilla Group Italy, Mercedes Benz Luxembourg, IPCN (China’s Next Top Model) & The Voice of China.”

Template: Iris

Hitesh Ambasna

“Hitesh Ambasna is an educator and an artist. Their work is rooted in the photography of invention and they see photography as a visual language that is informed by art and culture. Ambasna's working strategy is simple. Curiosity is a key element, and embracing creative failure as way to explore new ideas. They are interested in 'making photographs rather than taking photographs' ”

Template: Offset

Claudia Di Maio

“Claudia Di Maio always wants her work to give off the feeling of summer vacation. She's focused primarily on the beach, beach culture, and surf photography as well as commercial still-life work.”

Template: Peak

Gary Wilson

“Gary Wilson is a Scottish animator, researcher, and visual development artist interested in ethnographic approaches to the animated landscape. He graduated with a Master of Fine Art in Animation from Edinburgh College of Art, and has since continued to develop his voice as a filmmaker.”

Template: Order

Mitchelle Tamariz

“Mitchelle Tamariz is an animation director from Cancun, México. She graduated from la Poudrière animation film school in Valence, France where she directed "Noche", "Vous avez-vous mes jambes?" which was broadcast on the French TV channel Gulli and “When we leave,” a short film which highlights the current struggles immigrant families face when forced to leave their home country. ”

Template: Order

Updated on August 13, 2019 | By Steph Davidson

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