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Fergus Hurst

“Fergus Hurst is a film and digital photographer who captures landscapes, wildlife, portrait, commercial and documentary images. He fell in love with photography at a young age, and always learning new ways to capture the world around him.”

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Sophie Huntley

“Sophie Huntley is a photographer and moving image maker (b. 1997 Essex). With a degree in BA(Hons) Fashion Photography, her work stylistically conveys elements of fashion and fine art. Sophie approaches creating visuals as a piece of art: fascinated by form, the body, landscape, light and water. Sophie's work demonstrates a focus on women, deriving from the position of women within society and her own personal experience.”

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Niko Goga

“Niko started his photography journey in 2012, via various workshops, photo clubs, college courses, and photographic organisations. He loves making memories with his camera. Memories that stay imprinted with people. Every time you click that shutter, you make a connection. A connection that lasts forever. ”

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Franklin Yeep

“Franklin Yeep is a black & white film portrait photographer based in NYC. Yeep shoot all things analog, which gives them a one-of-a-kind experience to the subject and the viewer. They believe the slow process allows the sitter to "breathe," enabling them to capture their portraiture in an honest, and transparent way. Everything is hand-processed by Yeep from start to finish without involving any photo labs, which allows them to have complete control over the creative process. ”

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Hilaire Baumgartner

“Hilaire Baumgartner is an editorial and commercial food photographer based in Fort Worth. What started as a vegan food blog in 2017, Baumassfoods (a play on words from her last name) is now Hilaire’s business where she focuses exclusively on food + product photography. She believes food should be fun and often transfers her playful personality into bold and colorful work. ”

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Lorenzo Frison

“Lorenzo Frison is a 29 year old visual artist based in Belgium. He has a heart for photography, film/cinematography, art direction and storytelling. In 2019 he graduated a LUCA School of arts with a bachelor degree in Film, Television and Storytelling. In september of 2020 he started a new education in photography to re-master his skills.”

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Ian Warren

“Maybe it sparked when Ian Warren asked for a subscription to Architectural Digest for his 11th birthday, or watching his dad build models of their house before beginning an add-on or remodel, while he was earning a BFA in sculpture or, working as a graphic designer. Ian Warren's love for design, people, and architecture has brought him to where he is now. After growing up in Colorado and living in New York his work is inspired by European architectural photography, modern design, and nature. ”

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Heath Cajandig

“Heath Cajandig is an award winning photographer whose work focuses on cities, landscapes and interesting things. Heath's work has been featured in 100+ international publications and media including a Stephen King and James Patterson book cover.”

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Virginie Garnier

“Virginie Garnier is a freelance photographer specialised in travel, lifestyle, portrait and food. They work with natural light and are based in Paris.”

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“Former marketer, brand strategist, Alonso left his 18 year career to pursue his true passion, photography. Now he is beginning the best part of his life. It's never too late.”

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Shot by member Mark Clennon