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Piotr Wenclewski

“Piotr Wenclewski is a graduate of the European Academy of Photography in Warsaw. He made his diploma thesis in the field of artistic photography and has presented his works at several individual exhibitions in the country and abroad. Mostly taking photographs, Piotr sometimes also paints, draws and writes poetry. He lives and works in Warsaw - Poland.”

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Adam Raymaker

“Adam Raymaker is a photographer currently living in Brooklyn, New York whose work is based around fine-art landscapes and travel. He believes that photography is the perfect medium to express himself and how he sees the environment around him. He finds much inspiration in being on the road and traveling around as much as he can. In his work, Adam aims to show appreciation for the places he's been, as well as giving a visual representation of human interaction with such awe-inspiring landscapes.”

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Mayank Thammalla

“Mayank Thammalla is an architectural graduate and photographer based in Auckland, New Zealand. Their photography journey has been quite experimental and diverse in styles. They started off being interested in ‘surrealism’ photography, where they learnt a lot about ‘composing a frame’ by focusing on the human form and infusing it with the natural surroundings. This style has evolved along with their interests towards natural landscapes, to capture the metaphysical qualities that they entail. ”

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Harriet Roberts

“Harriet Roberts is a photographer currently based in Brooklyn, NYC. While primarily a street and travel photographer, she also does event and portrait work. Her diverse portfolio encompasses both digital and analogue formats, and she has formerly worked and taught at darkrooms in the NYC area.”

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Roger Rich

“Roger Rich is a photographer who specialises in fashion and portraiture. Welsh-born and London-based, He is currently working with some of the world’s leading prestige brands and publications, including Numero, Beauty Papers and ZOO Magazine. Recently, Rich has photographed actors Matt Smith, Josh O'Connor and Eddie Redmayne for ZOO Magazine where Rich is a regular contributor.”

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Alexander Karlov

“Alexander Karlov is an fashion and portrait photographer based between Canada and Europe. He first found himself interested in photography at 17 and realized that capturing faces of people and creating fashion images was his passion. In his fashion work he tries to bridge the gap between art and commerce to create stunning and elegant shots that tell a story and when shooting portraits Alexander tries to showcase his subject's strength but encourages authenticity and vulnerability. ”

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“HOUSE of GIANORSO is a photographer, living in Rome, and obsessed by Classical Art which has influenced their vision and attitude in taking portraits of men. Their photos have been featured in several international male photography magazines: Mascular (UK), Men Addicted (France), Beef (USA), Pride (Italy), Euro Bear (Germany), Kerle (Germany), AUT (Italy), Torazine (Italy) and have been exposed in collective and personal exhibitions in Italy and Belgium. ”

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Benoit Florençon

“Benoit Florençon specializes in architecture and design photography. From retail spaces to scenography and public or private interiors, his work focuses on space, materials, and design details. I work closely with my clients to deliver the best images of their work. I have photographed projects in France, Europe and Asia, working either directly with brands or with architects and event agencies.”

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Simone Morciano

“Simone Morciano is an interior and architectural photographer based in London, UK. He is focused on finding compelling ways of representing urban spaces through his camera lenses. Simone enjoys the challenge of working around the constraints imposed by architectural spaces, as he finds a sense of fulfilment in resourcefully responding to the environment around him.”

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Austin Quintana

“Based in New York, Austin Quintana is a photographer and filmmaker using analog tools to create their work. Austin's photographic work consists of personal documentary and portraiture. Austin's recent project "Where The Valley Sings" is an exploration of their family's land, the people currently living on it, the people that came before them, and their relationship with the space. ”

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Shot by member Mark Clennon