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Justin Smith

“Justin Smith is a Commercial Photographer and DP, based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. He's created work for Budweiser, Festool, Harley Davidson, Moen, SONOS, Sunbrella, and many more. Available for: Photography, Cinematography, Directing & Photo Retouching”

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Luc Coiffait

“From Newcastle in Northern England, Luc’s background was in football. Having narrowly missed out on becoming professional, Luc pursued his passion for photography. His work is instantly recognisable through capturing both talent and models in a striking yet natural way. Luc has collaborated with the likes of Robbie Spencer, Haider Ackermann, Dua Lipa, Willem Dafoe, Ben Schofield and Harry Lambert. Clients: Vogue, Gucci, Burberry, i-D, GQ, Kinfolk, Vanity Fair, Calvin Klein”

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Ornelle Chimi

“Ornelle Chimi is a Cameroonian-born photographer who aims to capture the essence and beauty of her subject with captivating colors and refined toning.”

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Daniel McClane

“Initially a Fine Art Photographer, Daniel McClane moved into shooting weddings with a Fine Art/documentary style. ”

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Craig Keene

“Craig Keene is a Kansas City based photographer, who specializes in architecture, interiors, and design. He collaborates with professionals from those respected fields and has an ongoing collection of personal work that explores the design elements of the built environment.”

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Katelyn Cavaleri

“Katelyn Cavaleri is a brand & dditorial photographer specializing in product, still life & lifestyle imagery in Missoula Montana.”

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Reed Mattison

“Reed Mattison is a photojournalist from southern Kentucky. His work focuses on family, regional cultures, and the environment. He graduated from Western Kentucky University with a degree in photojournalism and is currently based in Jackson, Wyoming. ”

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Stirling Elmendorf

“Self-employed since 2004, Stirling Elmendorf has run his business successfully in Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Osaka, Tokyo and now Berlin. ”

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Jena Carlin

“Jena is a Midwest-based commercial food and lifestyle photographer, videographer, prop stylist, and art director. Over the past 13 years, Jena has been known for her elevated earthy, artistic photography style focused on appetite appeal and brand storytelling. She prides herself on building the community and knowledge of commercial food photography through her blog, summit & mentorship program. Selected clients inclue Ghirardelli, Martha Stewart, Kohl’s, Taste of Home, and Sam’s Club. ”

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Roseanne Orim

“Dubai-based advertising & commercial food photographer and recipe developer.”

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