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Matthew Choi

“Currently based in Hong Kong, Matthew Choi began his photography journey in 2006, and has since spent 7 years living across United Kingdom, Canada and China. While documenting his travelling experiences, he has developed a keen eye in travel, landscape, cityscape, and aerial photography. He started his photographic journey as part of the school photography team, focusing on photojournalistic-styled events photography.”

Theme: Panorama

Monica Lazar

“Monica Lazar is a beauty and fashion High-End Retoucher based in Bucharest, Romania. Her retouching style is completely non-destructive with an emphasis on retaining 100% of the natural skin texture. Monica loves working on projects that require pixel-level work. Communication, attention to detail and always respecting the deadline are as important to me as the quality of the service she provides for her clients.”

Theme: Post

Emma Grigoryan

“Emma Grigoryan is a conceptual/commercial photographer whose work focuses on fashion and portraiture. She has around 20 international awards in beauty, fine art, fashion, portrait, advertising and wedding photography, and her photos have been exhibited at Musée du Louvre (Paris). ”

Theme: Horizon Left

Justin Element

“JustinElement Productions has been in the wedding industry since 2009, providing a unique perspective to wedding photography. While based in the Los Angeles/Orange County area, we’ve travelled all over the world catering to brides and grooms with different stories. We're committed to producing composition-centric compelling images and utilizing our environment around us to tell those stories.”

Theme: Horizon

Nellis Rietmann

“After decades working in the corporate environment, South African-based photographer Nellis Rietmann decided to pursue his passion professionally. Over the past 10 years he has become known in the South African entertainment industry for his artistically sensitive, dramatic and moving imagery. His work has featured locally and internationally in advertising, marketing and promotional material specifically for the theatre and film industry.”

Theme: Horizon Left

Bartek Muracki

“Bartek Muracki has been photographing music for over a decade. Although concert photography is his main domain, Bartek is most interested in music-oriented photojournalism that neither starts nor culminates on stage. He manages to find decisive moments and emotions in the quotidian – during hours-long recording sessions, while shooting a video clip on location, or inside a tour bus. He looks at what remains hidden throughout a concert.”

Theme: Horizon Left

Michelle Mercede

“Michelle is a photography major at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Her love for photography has made her understand humans in many different ways. Her goal as a photographer is to capture the truth of an individual. In doing that, she allows her subjects to open up to her while photographing them. She's come to realize that when the minds of different creative fields come together, something extraordinary can happen.”

Theme: Horizon Left

Evan Olea

“Evan Olea is a portrait and commercial photographer based in Denver, Colorado. Evan has produced imagery for hundreds of individual clients, including globally recognized companies MVMT, Skagen Denmark, The Denver Post, NEFF, and Highsnobiety to name a few. They started taking pictures at the age of 17 by learning the ins and outs of film photography. Evan currently lives in Denver, Colorado and loves to watches way too many photography/design tutorials and goes hiking.”

Theme: Post

Amelia Burns

“ Born in Ithaca NY and now based in Los Angeles, Amelia is a prolific photographer. Her work focuses on street portraiture and urban landscape, documenting the culture of our present time. Her work explores nature and humanity with humor and depth. Amelia has photographed all over the United States, as well as the world. In 2013, she self published a book, "Everything Belongs", documenting houseless people and the homeless crisis across the USA. ”

Theme: Peak

Douglas Hook

“Douglas Hook is a staff writer and photojournalist for MassLive in Springfield, Massachusetts. Working on long term documentary stories in the United States, Europe and Asia for a variety of publications. After graduating in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism Batchelor of Arts with Honours, from the University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, in 2013 with one of his final images being selected for the “AOP Open Awards,” in London, he moved to China to focus on long term projects. ”

Theme: Sun

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