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Michelle Leandra

“Michelle Leandra is a London-based Makeup Artist whose work focuses on maintaining a person's authenticity, with a real emphasis on skin, minimalism, and complementary tones. In addition, Michelle enjoys the combination of experimental looks, exploring the freedom of creativity, and challenging perceptions.”

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Susan Zeytuntsyan

“Susan Zeytuntsyan is a mixed-media freelance makeup artist in Los Angeles, CA. Her style is effortless and minimalistic and she draws inspiration from each and every individual in her chair. She enjoys working in different mediums from fashion to television. Beauty is her specialty, but she also loves to get creative and experiment with colors & textures. ”

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Eduardo Bravo

“Eduardo Bravo started working as a hairstylist in 2000. In 2016, he moved to Europe, and this pursuit led him to enter the fashion world working Fashion Week with Guido Palau, Gary Gill, Sam McKnight and Eugene Souleiman for significant brands like Balenciaga, Dior, and Prada. His experience has lead to being published in Vogue/ Vogue Man, GQ, Harper's Bazaar, L'Officiel, Elle, Marie Claire, and Cosmopolitan.”

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Jihyuck Mun

“Jihyuck Mun is a London-based model. Jihyuck Mun has participated in different events, including Walk Fashion Show NYFW 2020, House of iKons London FW 2020, as well as TME LAFW 2020. ”

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Angelina Gozzi

“Angelina (just Nina) has been modeling print and runway since the age of 9. An entrepreneur since a young age; founded Red Beret Society, and now runs her own pastry shop. Nina is 5'9, 16 yrs, born in USA, of Hispanic European heritage.”

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“Karissa Slater is a model based in Paris. Her shots have been featured for brands such as MISSHA Beauty Tokyo, TOMMY Magazine, Issy Miyake, Nina Carter, and more.”

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Jaenna Wessling

“Jaenna Wessling is a Filipino-German-Irish model. She has modeled for 3 years. Currently, she is signed with BiCoastal MGMT, EMG Models, and Prime MGM. Born in San Diego, she is now based in Los Angeles.”

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“Sin is an aspiring fashion model based in Paris and London. He has also modeled across various different European cities, such as Barcelona, Brussels, Amsterdam, Geneva, Cannes, and Milan.”

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Valeria Herrero

“Valeria Herrero was raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She began modeling with Element Models Agency at the age of 15. Valeria describes herself as being “hardworking, creative, motivated, and a humorous spirit”. She currently attends Johnson and Wales University, where she is studying fashion merchandise.”

Template: Obsidian

Samuel James Dawson

“Samuel James Dawson is a commercial and fashion model, represented by Frame Perfect, The Creative Collective. Dawson has been modeling for three years and has gained a vast amount of experience in various areas of the entertainment industry. ”

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