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Stàrista Jacobsen

“Stàrista Jacobsen is an artist from Chile. She earned a bachelor of arts in Theatrical Design, from the "Universidad de Chile. She has worked in theatre, films and animation short films, board games and as a visual artist doing murals. She loves to paint and draw. Has a golden retriever named Oliver.”

Theme: Horizon

Jordan Shaw

“Jordan Shaw is an artist and creative technologist whose work spans mediums ranging from digital and algorithmically generated to interactive physical environments and installations. His work explores themes of technological influence in culture and the predefined expectations society has about their relationship with computers, technology, and the future. These ideas manifest themselves by visualizing hidden interactions between people, technology, data and digital systems.”

Theme: Ora

Elizabeth Faraci

“Sometimes a single moment defines us. Other times, it's only after a lengthy culmination and rumination of ideas that we can "see the big picture". The two can also crossover at times like a Venn diagram. It's this honest, flawed, captivating intersection that I aim to reflect in my work. Elizabeth is from Denver, Colorado. She received a B.F.A. from Pitzer College and a M.S. in Art & Design Education from Pratt Institute. ”

Theme: Order

Tim Porter

“Tim Porter is a Canadian photographer, painter and filmmaker, known for his highly formalist photographs that range from documentary and landscape images to abstract experimental works. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, in solo and group shows, and is held in both private and public collection The National Gallery of Canada has a large collection of Porter’s artworks, including works from his 1970s downtown Vancouver series and his Japanese garden series.”

Theme: Offset

Ben & Julia Studio

“Ben & Julia is a Berlin-based Creative Studio founded in 2007 but the duo Julia Gaudard & Benoit Créac'h. They work as multidisciplinary artists, video and art directors. They create exceptional mixed media work through 2D and 3D animation, puppetry and live-action. To date their work has been enthusiastically commissioned and activated on a wide spectrum of platforms, from working with NIKE, Volvo, Swatch and MTV to live painting at Art Basel.”

Theme: Sierra

Zoe Thomas

“Zoe Thomas is a Multi-disciplinary Artist based in London, England. She attended London College of Fashion and Completed her BA in Fashion Textiles : Print in 2017. Best known for her high-powered, bold and off-beat compositions of surface patterns. Her signature style is visually disruptive, odd and bordering on macabre, whilst still maintaining balance and energy. She draws her inspiration from personal experiences and the current social climate.”

Theme: Post

Olivia Grace Di Gregorio

“Olivia Di Gregorio is an emerging Canadian artist who visits expressions about femininity, childhood, and melancholy in oil painted subjects, integrating contemporary ideals and identities into a classic mythological framework. Her major inspirations are derived from exploring relationships between personal writings, reflections on inclusive ideologies, and the historical process of painting.”

Theme: Foray


“After ten years of studies and work in animation, Boum tries making comics and becomes completely addicted. She is mostly known for her Boumeries, a journal comic, and for A Small Revolution, published by Front Froid in 2012 and in English by Soaring Penguin Press in 2017. Her comics are shortlisted for many prizes across the years: Bedelys, Expozine Awards, Joe Shuster Awards, Ignatz Awards... She is currently working on several comic projects at once, while also illustrating kids' books.”

Theme: Peak

Gary Wilson

“Gary Wilson is a Scottish animator, visual development artist and layout designer, interested in ethnographic approaches to the animated landscape. He graduated with a Master of Fine Art in Animation from Edinburgh College of Art, and has since continued to develop his voice as a filmmaker.”

Theme: Order

Mitchelle Tamariz

“Mitchelle Tamariz is an animation director from Cancun, México. She graduated from la Poudrière animation film school in Valence, France where she directed "Noche", "Vous avez-vous mes jambes?" which was broadcast on the French TV channel Gulli and “When we leave,” a short film which highlights the current struggles immigrant families face when forced to leave their home country. ”

Theme: Amazon

Updated on August 13, 2019 | By Steph Davidson

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