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Jeff Sornig

“Jeff Sornig is a U.S. Marine veteran & illustrator/cartoonist from southeastern Michigan. He's worked at Nickelodeon Animation Studio as a production assistant on the great teams for Pig Goat Banana Cricket, Pinky Malinky, and Rocko's Modern Life. Jeff is also a contributing artist for clients Cryptozoic Entertainment & ONI Press Comics. He is inspired by classic Chuck Jones cartoons, Hanna Barbera, and the marvelous UPA area of animation. ”

Template: Amazon

Gary Wilson

“Gary Wilson is a Scottish animator, researcher, and visual development artist interested in ethnographic approaches to the animated landscape. He graduated with a Master of Fine Art in Animation from Edinburgh College of Art, and has since continued to develop his voice as a filmmaker.”

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Alaric Hobbs

“Alaric's sculpture and illustration is primarily influenced by world interests, such as; semiotics, fables, architecture, natural phenomena and politics. His illustrative style is inspired from nature and urban environments. In his Detritus series, Alaric manipulates found objects, and sculpts them into readymades with a purpose and function. Initially drawn to something for its original form, he questions the manipulation and history of flotsam with the same principle as 'Grandfather's Axe'.”

Template: Sierra

Carla Fache

“Carla Fache is a chilean born, Miami-based visual artist who explores through her paintings the frontiers of color, space, balance and matter. Her work unfolds the juncture of different scenarios occurring simultaneously in parallel realities, providing interconnected timelines through her canvas, as portals to new dimensions. ”

Template: Order

Donald Jacob

“Donald Jacob, architect, ecologist, studied fine arts at the Schule für Gestaltung Basel. He works with a wide variety of medias from photography, painting, sculpture, video and performances. Donald was one of the first to start with computer technology and is considered a pioneer in the digital movement. Early in his career he created interactive expositions by filming visitors or creating kinetic art in responding with the viewer. He is an observer of people - the world ”

Template: Horizon Left

Isabel Wedekind

“Isabel Wedekind is an aspiring artist attending OCAD University to pursue her dream of becoming an art therapist. Wedekind’s practise consists of drawings and oil paintings, figurative work mostly, which convey a certain truth that one may find telling or emotional. Wedekind’s work has been featured in local newspapers and has taken part in art festivals such as Hamilton’s annual Supercrawl. After completing her bachelors in Fine Arts Isabel plans find a placement in a correctional facility.”

Template: Obsidian

Kais, Nataly

“Nataly Kais is a Toronto based creative interested in sustainability, human connection and mindfulness. Her practice includes painting, 2D work, 3D work as well as animation. ”

Template: Amazon

Zoey Lin

“Lin is a contemporary artist who mainly works in oil paint with the theme of anthropomorphism. She is interested in exploring the relationships between human and animal, her work attributes human characteristics and behaviors to animate wildlife, with a particular focus on the details and textures found in nature. ”

Template: Offset

Abdo Hassan

“Abdo Hassan is a Junior Art Director, based in Cairo, Egypt. Specialized in digital visual arts, digital collages, and mixed media, joined international exhibitions, and got featured in various books and mags. ”

Template: Obsidian

Annie Forrest

“Inspired by interesting and outlandish characters, Annie is a lens based artist recognized for her playful style and interest in the absurdity of humanity. Alumni of the Creative Practice program at the International Center of Photography, she previously earned a BA in Communication at SFU. Critical studies of politics, gender and media laid a foundation which informs how she views the world and approaches projects. Annie has photographed musicians including A$AP Rocky, Orville Peck and Arca. ”

Template: Obsidian

Updated on November 11, 2019 | By Steph Davidson

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