The 15 Best Artist Portfolio Examples of 2022

If you’re an artist, your portfolio should showcase examples of your best work to prospective clients. Here's a list of stunning artist portfolio examples.

February 8, 2022

If you’re an artist, your portfolio will serve as an example of both your personal and professional growth. Potential clients will enjoy seeing your artistic journey, as this will give them a better sense of how you have improved your technique, leveraged your style, or exhibited your work over time. We’ve teamed up with different artists to showcase portfolio examples from a wide range of painters, sculptors, digital artists, photographers, installation artists, creative directors, illustrators, and more. Amongst the portfolios listed below are internationally accomplished artists and entrepreneurs, with work featured in publications such as the New Yorker and Nike, as well as coveted personal collections across the globe.

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desktop browser window frameAlex Jones
phone window frameAlex Jones
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Alex Jones

Theme used: Ora

Brighton-based artist, Alex Jones’ work combines harsh lines, geometric structures, and soft, muted colorscapes to create visually engaging pieces.
desktop browser window frameVineta Rutkovskis
phone window frameVineta Rutkovskis
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Vineta Rutkovskis

Theme used: Editorial

Vineta Rutkovskis was born and raised in the Bay Area, where she grew up with a passion for creative expression. She is primarily self-taught — she initially studied art at UC Davis, but found the traditional academic system too restrictive. Vineta mainly uses repetition, patterns and the integration of techniques to drive her creative work. Her plan is that “there is no plan, only the idea that simplicity when repeated blossoms into intrigue”.
desktop browser window frameAlexander McMillan
phone window frameAlexander McMillan
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Alexander McMillan

Theme used: Horizon Left

Alexander McMillan is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist based in Hamilton, ON. His works have been featured in exhibits across Canada and the UK. His work explores the unusual experience of being a human being.
desktop browser window framePia Antonsen Rognes
phone window framePia Antonsen Rognes
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Pia Antonsen Rognes

Theme used: Panorama

Pia Antonsen Rognes is a visual artist based in Trondheim, Norway. She received her MA in Fine Arts from the Iceland Academy of Arts. Her sculptural work is visually stimulating, exploring anthropomorphic designs in her quest to investigate destructive behavior.
desktop browser window framemiles cleveland goodwin
phone window framemiles cleveland goodwin
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miles cleveland goodwin

Theme used: Hue

Miles Cleveland Goodwin is a Mississippi-born, Georgia-based artist. He received his BFA in Painting and Printmaking at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, OR. Miles’ work includes both painting and sculpture and has been featured in various exhibitions across the US.
desktop browser window frameines khadraoui
phone window frameines khadraoui
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ines khadraoui

Theme used: Foray

Ines Khadraoui developed her taste for abstract art by the way of applied arts and more particularly of graphic design at Creapole Design School in Paris. Ines Khadraoui produces experimental work that calls into question our reason for being and relationship with humanity. She believes that her act of painting is at the core of her dialogue, helping her be grounded in the present moment.
desktop browser window frameFernando Jaramillo
phone window frameFernando Jaramillo
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Fernando Jaramillo

Theme used: Albers

Fernando Jaramillo is a painter from Santa Marta, Columbia. His paintings are composed using abstract imagery and colorful shapes, lines and textures. His work has been featured in a long list of exhibitions worldwide. In his work, Fernando is interested in exploring the interconnection processes between science and art, by building micro-macro landscapes of biomorphic abstractions.
desktop browser window frameSonia Haberstich
phone window frameSonia Haberstich
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Sonia Haberstich

Theme used: Hue

Sonia Haberstich was born in Quebec City in 1960. She obtained a BFA in Studio Arts in 2004 and an MFA in Painting from Concordia University in 2008. Sonia has presented her work in numerous solo exhibitions, both nationally and internationally. Her CV includes various fashion shoots and commercial work. She likes to spend time working with people’s faces, emotions and poses.
desktop browser window frameSaara Maria Tikka
phone window frameSaara Maria Tikka
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Saara Maria Tikka

Theme used: Iris

Saara Maria Tikka is studying existential phenomena and an individual’s relations to one’s surroundings. As an artist who paints “painful themes with vibrant colors”, her goal is for the viewer to experience her work fully. With her work, she calls viewers to recognize communal, social and psychological phenomena in their own mind and life.
desktop browser window frameGustavo Ramos
phone window frameGustavo Ramos
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Gustavo Ramos

Theme used: Slate

Gustavo Ramos’ representational oil paintings juxtapose modernist design and the classically-oriented figure. Gustavo conceptualizes form and picture space inside the flat surfaces of paintings. His work has been exhibited in a number of world-class venues across the globe.
desktop browser window frameClare Carter
phone window frameClare Carter
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Clare Carter

Theme used: Grace

Clare Carter is a painter, printmaker and songwriter from West Yorkshire, UK. She has traveled and produced artwork in various countries across the globe, completing residencies in different areas of Europe and Greenland. Clare “views the process of constructing an image as a part of discovering exactly what it is she is looking for, and why”.
desktop browser window frame山中suplex/Yamanaka Suplex
phone window frame山中suplex/Yamanaka Suplex
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山中suplex/Yamanaka Suplex

Theme used: Ora

Yamanaka Suplex is a shared studio in Otsu City, freezing the frame on a moment in time and finding beauty in places where others may not. Their artists-in-house strive to connect with people and uncover stories. The huge space and various facilities in the studio allow artists to create sculptural work and other large art pieces.
desktop browser window frameDiogo Pinheiro
phone window frameDiogo Pinheiro
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Diogo Pinheiro

Theme used: Order

Diogo Pinheiro was born in Lisbon, Portugal and currently resides in Brampton, ON, Canada. He received his BFA in Drawing and Painting at OCAD University in 2015. Diogo’s work contains “urbanscapes that are geometrically simplified and colorful”, performing his work on wood panels with the use of oil paints. Using urban locations as inspiration for his pieces, his art focuses on the idea that forms of beauty “often go unnoticed” due to the fast-paced nature of urban life.
desktop browser window frameLouise Tate
phone window frameLouise Tate
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Louise Tate

Theme used: Fabric

Louise Tate is a Melbourne-based artist whose painting and writing practice explores historical narratives. She has exhibited locally and internationally and has been the recipient of several awards and residencies. Louise explores themes of care, fictional post-climate landscapes, and gentles modes of co-existing with the natural environment.
desktop browser window frameHolly
phone window frameHolly
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Theme used: Peak

Holly Anderson works primarily with painting as a practice for investigating anxious bodily and psychic sensations. An awareness of the body as a form messily embedded within threatened ecologies belies this interest. With continual reference to the bathers and sunlit landscapes of classical romantic landscape painting, various ways the body might be more strangely implicated in these systems are tentatively explored.

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