Artist Art Portfolio Websites | Tips and Examples

Since your art portfolio website will often be someone’s first introduction to your work, you need to make a strong and memorable impression. Here are some examples and tips for creating your own.

June 18, 2021
desktop browser window frameNga Reiniö
phone window frameNga Reiniö
Preview Site

Nga Reiniö

Theme used: Frame About Nga Reiniö
desktop browser window frameVon Hyin Kolk
phone window frameVon Hyin Kolk
Preview Site

Von Hyin Kolk

Theme used: Gloss About Von Hyin Kolk
desktop browser window frameDora Dalila Cheffi
phone window frameDora Dalila Cheffi
Preview Site

Dora Dalila Cheffi

Theme used: Horizon About Dora Dalila Cheffi
desktop browser window frameHERA KIM
phone window frameHERA KIM
Preview Site


Theme used: Frame About HERA KIM
desktop browser window frameKatherine Strause
phone window frameKatherine Strause
Preview Site

Katherine Strause

Theme used: Chroma About Katherine Strause
desktop browser window frameJulio Serrano
phone window frameJulio Serrano
Preview Site

Julio Serrano

Theme used: Lightbox About Julio Serrano

Art portfolio requirements tip

Since your art portfolio website will often be someone’s first introduction to your work, you need to make a strong and memorable impression. You might be tempted to include every piece of art you’ve done to show versatility, but it’s in your best interest to exclude any work that isn’t your best. You want your viewers to want to see more, not to feel overwhelmed by a website that is too busy or distracts from the work itself.

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desktop browser window frameAlejandro Javaloyas
phone window frameAlejandro Javaloyas
Preview Site

Alejandro Javaloyas

Theme used: Ora About Alejandro Javaloyas
desktop browser window frameCaroline Ji
phone window frameCaroline Ji
Preview Site

Caroline Ji

Theme used: Peak About Caroline Ji
desktop browser window frameMichelle Daisley-Moffitt
phone window frameMichelle Daisley-Moffitt
Preview Site

Michelle Daisley-Moffitt

Theme used: Hue About Michelle Daisley-Moffitt
desktop browser window frameSarah Leuchtner
phone window frameSarah Leuchtner
Preview Site

Sarah Leuchtner

Theme used: Kiln About Sarah Leuchtner
desktop browser window frameShakeyla Shinholster
phone window frameShakeyla Shinholster
Preview Site

Shakeyla Shinholster

Theme used: Pattern About Shakeyla Shinholster

Artist website inspiration

Before you make your own art portfolio, you may want to have a look at some of your favorite artist’s websites to get some inspiration. Pay attention to how other artists approach things like their About Me and gallery pages. Make note of what works and what doesn’t, and use that information to inform the design choices you make when creating your own artist portfolio.

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desktop browser window frameGirl Club Studio
phone window frameGirl Club Studio
Preview Site

Girl Club Studio

Theme used: Object About Girl Club Studio
desktop browser window frameMaggee Irene Day
phone window frameMaggee Irene Day
Preview Site

Maggee Irene Day

Theme used: Peak About Maggee Irene Day
desktop browser window frameGeorg Óskar Giannakoudakis
phone window frameGeorg Óskar Giannakoudakis
Preview Site

Georg Óskar Giannakoudakis

Theme used: Slate About Georg Óskar Giannakoudakis
desktop browser window framefelix treadwell
phone window framefelix treadwell
Preview Site

felix treadwell

Theme used: Horizon Left About felix treadwell
desktop browser window frameLee Johnson
phone window frameLee Johnson
Preview Site

Lee Johnson

Theme used: Ora About Lee Johnson
desktop browser window framePaula Pfitzner
phone window framePaula Pfitzner
Preview Site

Paula Pfitzner

Theme used: Ora About Paula Pfitzner

Art portfolio design ideas for multidisciplinary artists

It can be challenging to decide on a layout for your art portfolio website, especially if you work in a variety of mediums or styles. The last thing you want is for your site to be overwhelming to visitors, so try separating your work into medium, and then have sections within that for individual projects or themes to make it easy to navigate.

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desktop browser window frameClaude Charlier
phone window frameClaude Charlier
Preview Site

Claude Charlier

Theme used: Lightbox About Claude Charlier
desktop browser window frameBartosz Czarnecki
phone window frameBartosz Czarnecki
Preview Site

Bartosz Czarnecki

Theme used: Peak About Bartosz Czarnecki
desktop browser window frameAlicia Brown
phone window frameAlicia Brown
Preview Site

Alicia Brown

Theme used: Horizon About Alicia Brown
desktop browser window frameRichard Barbot
phone window frameRichard Barbot
Preview Site

Richard Barbot

Theme used: Horizon About Richard Barbot
desktop browser window frameRachael Grad
phone window frameRachael Grad
Preview Site

Rachael Grad

Theme used: Sierra About Rachael Grad
desktop browser window frameMartin Brouillette
phone window frameMartin Brouillette
Preview Site

Martin Brouillette

Theme used: Offset About Martin Brouillette

Artist website design ideas for photographers

If you’re a photographer capturing large images with a lot of detail, like landscape photos or fine art photography, you might want to choose a website template that allows you to show your photos uncropped. This can be achieved by using a vertical scroll portfolio template that accommodates full width images. For landscape photos, consider grouping them into categories like location, theme, or date.

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desktop browser window frameDavid Weishaar
phone window frameDavid Weishaar
Preview Site

David Weishaar

Theme used: Peak About David Weishaar
desktop browser window frameByron Hodgins
phone window frameByron Hodgins
Preview Site

Byron Hodgins

Theme used: Chroma About Byron Hodgins
desktop browser window frameDevon Rodriguez
phone window frameDevon Rodriguez
Preview Site

Devon Rodriguez

Theme used: Gloss About Devon Rodriguez
desktop browser window frameRafael Rix
phone window frameRafael Rix
Preview Site

Rafael Rix

Theme used: Slate About Rafael Rix
desktop browser window frameTara McPherson
phone window frameTara McPherson
Preview Site

Tara McPherson

Theme used: Slate About Tara McPherson
desktop browser window frameOlivia Grace Di Gregorio
phone window frameOlivia Grace Di Gregorio
Preview Site

Olivia Grace Di Gregorio

Theme used: Foray About Olivia Grace Di Gregorio

Art concept ideas for illustrators

A great way to make your artwork stand out is by showcasing how it looks in real life. One way that you can achieve this is by creating photo mockups of your art on the wall of a home or museum or even as a mural on the side of a building. Just make sure that you’re clear about these images being mockups, especially if you’re playing with the scale of your art. You could also do a photoshoot with your art to create a memorable artist photo for your artist bio or About Me page.

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desktop browser window frameJohn Good
phone window frameJohn Good
Preview Site

John Good

Theme used: Order About John Good
desktop browser window frameJonathan Charlebois
phone window frameJonathan Charlebois
Preview Site

Jonathan Charlebois

Theme used: Pattern About Jonathan Charlebois
desktop browser window frameJohn Irick
phone window frameJohn Irick
Preview Site

John Irick

Theme used: Grace About John Irick
desktop browser window frameKevin Lynch
phone window frameKevin Lynch
Preview Site

Kevin Lynch

Theme used: Clarity About Kevin Lynch
desktop browser window frameEfe Kurt
phone window frameEfe Kurt
Preview Site

Efe Kurt

Theme used: Exposure About Efe Kurt
desktop browser window frameStella Schwake
phone window frameStella Schwake
Preview Site

Stella Schwake

Theme used: Amazon About Stella Schwake

Artist portfolio ideas for digital artists

If you’re a digital artist, why not get creative with your online portfolio website? You want your portfolio to stand out, and it doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s websites. If you’re a video game art designer, you could introduce elements to your portfolio that are reminiscent of old school video games or connect to the games you’ve designed. If you’re a digital illustrator, consider hand drawing some custom elements and creating your own logo design.

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desktop browser window frameGrace Blair
phone window frameGrace Blair
Preview Site

Grace Blair

Theme used: Kiln About Grace Blair
desktop browser window frameJasmin Amoako
phone window frameJasmin Amoako
Preview Site

Jasmin Amoako

Theme used: Vignette About Jasmin Amoako
desktop browser window frameNatalia Mendez
phone window frameNatalia Mendez
Preview Site

Natalia Mendez

Theme used: Ora About Natalia Mendez
desktop browser window frameRose McBurney
phone window frameRose McBurney
Preview Site

Rose McBurney

Theme used: Foray About Rose McBurney
desktop browser window frameNicholas
phone window frameNicholas
Preview Site


Theme used: Medium About Nicholas
desktop browser window frameLionel  Lofton
phone window frameLionel  Lofton
Preview Site

Lionel Lofton

Theme used: Chroma About Lionel Lofton

Artist portfolio ideas for animators

If you specialize in animation, what better way to make your portfolio stand out than by animating some features on your artist website? In addition to simply showcasing your animation work on your gallery pages, you could introduce custom elements throughout your website that speak to your abilities. Make sure your color scheme and website template are also designed with your unique animation style in mind.

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desktop browser window frameKyra Nijskens
phone window frameKyra Nijskens
Preview Site

Kyra Nijskens

Theme used: Ora About Kyra Nijskens
desktop browser window frameYoYo Lander
phone window frameYoYo Lander
Preview Site

YoYo Lander

Theme used: Industry About YoYo Lander
desktop browser window frameVictoria Novak
phone window frameVictoria Novak
Preview Site

Victoria Novak

Theme used: Amazon About Victoria Novak
desktop browser window frameAndy Cherewick
phone window frameAndy Cherewick
Preview Site

Andy Cherewick

Theme used: Offset About Andy Cherewick
desktop browser window framedakurtz
phone window framedakurtz
Preview Site


Theme used: Ora About dakurtz
desktop browser window frameMelanie Kambhampati
phone window frameMelanie Kambhampati
Preview Site

Melanie Kambhampati

Theme used: Order About Melanie Kambhampati

Artist website design ideas for mural artists

With so many different kinds of art out there, there is no one size fits all approach for creating an art portfolio. What works for showcasing small drawings or digital work may not work as well for something large scale like a mural. In addition to photos of your finished murals, you could change it up by showing some behind the scenes process videos, which will also help give your website visitors a sense of the scale.

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desktop browser window frameKiah Zellner-Smith
phone window frameKiah Zellner-Smith
Preview Site

Kiah Zellner-Smith

Theme used: Kiln About Kiah Zellner-Smith
desktop browser window frameSararay
phone window frameSararay
Preview Site


Theme used: Peak About Sararay
desktop browser window frameDana Gilchrist
phone window frameDana Gilchrist
Preview Site

Dana Gilchrist

Theme used: Foray About Dana Gilchrist
desktop browser window frameBeth Rhodes
phone window frameBeth Rhodes
Preview Site

Beth Rhodes

Theme used: Industry About Beth Rhodes

Art portfolio design ideas for fine artists

As a fine artist, it’s important for you to demonstrate to your potential collectors how much hard work, time, and expertise you devote to each of your artworks. Consider including some timelapse videos of you creating and photos from behind the scenes in your art studio. You could even provide some insight into your process and chosen subject matter by writing captions for each of your images.

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