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Annelieke van Halen

“Annelieke van Halen is an artisan shoemaker who is driven by a lifelong love for shoes. They create timeless designs that span the seasons. Annelieke passion for modern and contemporary art is reflected in the minimalist, clean lines of her designs. Each pair of shoes she produces is made on demand using quality leather and biodegradable materials from Italy for all her creations, resulting in footwear that exudes a high-quality finish and is ideal for lovers of sustainable products.”

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Mariana Mejia

“Mariana Mejia is a product designer and user researcher based in Toronto, Canada. They adore understanding user needs and making evidence based designs. They have worked in UI/UX, accessibility design research, design education and open source design. ”

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Bezant London

“Bespoke London based Jeweller and Gemmologist, combining ethically sourced rare gemstones with smooth rose gold. Each piece is tailored and custom crafted for the client - with graphic detail, light and form essential to its creation. With a penchant for the feminine form and natural curves to embrace the body, a Bezant London piece is designed from bridal to heirloom.”

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“Edgar Ferrer is a motion designer and animator working for almost 15 years between Barcelona, Brussels, and Berlin. He loves telling stories through design and animation in 2D, 3D, or mixing both at the same time.”

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“PLATANO DE PLATA is a jewelry store located in Mexico City. They design in precious metals, combining different materials and processes creating a brand that is fresh and fune with a Mexican touch”

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Alex Kinsley

“Alex Kinsley Vey is from Hamilton, O.N. where he received jewellery training from his parents. Moving to Toronto in 2010 Alex studied jewellery at George Brown College, receiving a Adv. Diploma in Jewellery Arts in 2013. Alex has shown work in Canada, Europe, and the United States. He has been a member of Craft Ontario since 2012, Klimt02 since 2017, and was accepted into Harbourfront Centre’s Artist-in-Residence program in 2015. He is currently a member at Jewel Envy in Toronto's west-end.”

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Estudio Anabella Valls

“An interior design studio based in Elche. Interior designer, Anabella studied interior Architecture at the European University of Madrid. ”

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Émilie Guitton

“Emilie Guitton offers tailor-made support for your interior renovation and layout project. Whether it be kitchen, bathroom, or living room, all the spaces in your home are reinvented and enhanced with this designer’s expertise. Trained at the school of applied arts in Poitiers, in the interior architecture section, Guitton carried out her first renovations in Paris and worked there for 7 years.”

Template: Stockholm

Meredith Erickson

“Meredith Erickson is a New York home hard goods designer with over a decade of experience researching trends and developing successful product lines. They love working with and developing new materials, as well as, taking the challenges of reinventing recycled or sustainable materials to make then fresh.”

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Mads Svanegaard

“Mads Svanegaard is a creative soul with an eye for precision. He is experienced with industrial design, shaping, design thinking, user-focused design, UX, and improving people's lives with better products tailored to their needs. ”

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Shot by member Mark Clennon