Design portfolio website examples.

Rhea Jeong

“Rhea Jeong is a creative professional with an eye for precision. Originally from Seoul, Rhea is an industrial designer currently based in San Francisco. ”

Template: Kiln

Carla Gine

“Carla studied Arts and has a Degree in Fashion Design, and a Master’s in Research in Art and Design. More specifically, she is focused on researching Aesthetics through design. In 2016, Carlia started focusing on how fashion can be changed by using aesthetic capacites. In 2017, Carla presented Methamophos in the context of Alicante Fashion Week. In 2019, Carlia showed a dress at the TerrassaTextile Museum. In 2020, Carla received a grant for artistic research in Konvent and released ECHO.”

Template: Slate

lucy yu

“Lucy is a designer bringing together research, critical analysis, and design to create more impactful understandings of contemporary society. Her work as an architect and strategist mostly centers around space, a story told through plans, sections, time/use studies, collage, models, and diagrammatic axonometric drawings.”

Template: Ora

Chri Romero

“Chri Romero is a thoughtful leader in creative strategy, branding, art direction, and experiential design, with a passion for multidisciplinary creative problem solving and building cultural relevance for brands. ”

Template: Coral

Paul Rodgers

“Paul Rodgers is a London-based makeup artist and hairstylist. With over 12 years of experience working in the creative industry, Paul has worked in advertising, fashion, music, TV, and theatre. Paul also has experience working with various clients in fashion, runway, beauty, and red carpet.”

Template: Peak


“Gaelle Bonnot is a freelance makeup artist and hairstylist. Gaelle works with subtle materials and the desire to challenge. Based in Paris, the city has allowed her to open up to the world of studio and practice in an area where it overcomes the codes.”

Template: Peak


“CheayRochelle produces an array of modernized-Haute Couture special occasion garments. Based in Brooklyn, New York, their pieces are aesthetically elegant and chic with a touch of romance. Specializing in bridal, and evening wear handmade garments. all their pieces are handcrafted with love in New York. ”

Template: Mica


“Thyth and Chins is an interior design studio that provides services in interior design, scenography, and styling photos. They provide advice on decoration and interior design for offices, hotels, restaurants, homes and apartments. ”

Template: Peak


“ Led by Crystal Boymistruk and Krystel Sam, C|K is a design and highly conceptual Interior Design studio focused on Hospitality. C|K develops the look and feel of a space to create an experience for each brand, as well as helping clients to solve design dilemmas. ”

Template: Amazon


“A design and interior architecture agency in Paris specializing in designing furniture and interiors. Antoine Mège founded his studio in 2016 with the aim of developing an interior architecture and design activity based on social and environmental values.”

Template: Mica

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How to create a design portfolio website.

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