Design portfolio website examples.

Elora Crawford

“Elora Crawford is a brand and communications designer based in Montréal, Canada.”

Template: Horizon

Rich Heaton

“Rich Heaton is a commercial photographer with a love for Beauty, Fashion, and Advertising Photography. He has been featured on billboards for New York Fashion week among other print and web-based publications.”

Template: Horizon

Monay Taylor

“Monay is a fashion designer and seamstress in NYC. Raised in Flint, Michigan, she then moved to Chicago where she focused on fine and applied arts. Her passion for style, sewing, and costuming is what she's determined to keep doing. ”

Template: Obsidian

Tonica Pitman

“Founder of TYPFFE, Tonicia Pitman is a designer, mom of two, and successful businesswoman. When she started TYPFFE, she set out to discover what would make her clothing different than every other clothing brand. The result is trendy designs that are fit for the everyday working woman, whether she is a mother or a boss lady juggling many projects. TYPFFE provides clothing that gives you the freedom to go about your business comfortably, while still looking great.”

Template: Order

Niall McKeever

“Niall is a Theatre designer based in London who was recently awarded the full-time Max Rayne Production Design Assistant bursary at the National Theatre which he completed in July 2019. He graduated with a BA in Theatre Design from Wimbledon College of Art in 2017. As well as a Set and Costume Designer, he continues to work across many disciplines including site-responsive design, art installations and sculpture all of which he uses to inform his practice.”

Template: Foray

Hamid Shahi

“Hamid Shahi is an Award winning Canadian designer from Toronto, that works across a wide variety of fields. He studied Masters of Architecture at Carleton University in Ottawa. He has previously earned his Bachelor of Design at OCAD University in Toronto. He is known for his experimental stance, which allows his intuition to run freely during the design process. With a passion for collaborating with others, his works has been recognized by magazines such as AXIS, Architizer and designboom. ”

Template: Sierra

Michael Lomon

“Michael is a London-based Motion Graphics Designer, Illustrator, and Comic Book Artist. Michael is the creator of the Palace of Tears web comic and other fantastical fictions. In addition, he is the designer, animator, and often director of a whole host of animated shorts. These are produced for broadcast, web, and social. Big on After Effects and Cinema 4D, Michael’s favorite projects allow for a more organic approach to motion, with plenty of texture, and unusual aesthetics.”

Template: Ora

Nicola Montefusco

“Nicola Montefusco is a concept designer working with companies and creative agencies delivering high-quality concepts and illustrations, as well as graphic designs.”

Template: Horizon Left

Ella Butler

“Ella is a Sydney-based designer for theatre, film and live performance. With a detailed approach to framing, Ella strives to create liminal spaces that focus on feeling, association and mood.”

Template: Sierra

Eunah Ainslie

“Eunah is a Designer and a Creative Consultant with extensive experience in Fashion, Illustration, and Art Direction. Eunah specializes in designing apparel, prints, patterns, and textiles. Through Eunah’s international work with design teams and production facilities, Eunah has built a broad understanding of the design and production processes. These range from raw material sourcing to retail display, to point-of-sale in both high fashion, and corporate environments. ”

Template: Peak

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