Design portfolio website examples.

Mads Svanegaard

“Mads Svanegaard is a creative soul with an eye for precision. He is experienced with industrial design, shaping, design thinking, user-focused design, UX, and improving people's lives with better products tailored to their needs.”

Template: Order

cath vo

“Cath Vo is a Los Angeles-based freelance graphic designer. Having studied Graphic Design and Photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design, her work emphasizes thoughtful design and visual problem solving.”

Template: Iris

Monay Taylor

“Monay is a fashion designer and seamstress in NYC. Raised in Flint, Michigan, she then moved to Chicago where she focused on fine and applied arts. Her passion for style, sewing, and costuming is what she's determined to keep doing. ”

Template: Obsidian

Marius Wilkens-Zimmermann

“Marius Wilkens-Zimmermann is a multidisciplinary freelance digital artist based in Hamburg, Germany. With over 7 years of studio and agency experience, he creates high-end visuals for advertising clients in the field of cosmetics, products, and packaging. Marius merges artistic skills with technical accuracy to increase production value exponentially. ”

Template: Horizon

Zineb Hamza

“Zineb Hamza is a Digital Artist and Multidisciplinary Designer based in Tangier, Morocco. Zineb holds a diploma of Design and a degree in Philosophy from the National Institute of Fine Arts in Tetouan. Zineb captures things that are pure and simple. She is fascinated by the details. Graphic design and digital art are Zineb’s ways of expression in the creative world: they are the connection and the union of her approach to the several disciplines in which she practices. ”

Template: Amazon

Florian Matthias Egerer

“Florian is an Application Developer, Designer, and Product Manager based in Vienna, Austria. Florian focuses on delivering great user experience—in every aspect. He’s worked on apps, UI, UX, print, and corporate design with the same love, for more than 15 years. The things Florian creates are unique and have a common vision: meaning, simplicity, and usability. ”

Template: Ora

Early Cloud Design

“Early Cloud Design Integration Limited is a creative design integration company from Macau. The designer members are mainly from Macau, Taiwan and Malaysia. Their work focuses on using rigorous market research and analysis methods, unique design methods, and innovative thinking to help customers successfully develop their brand business. ”

Template: Order

Ahmed Bokhari

“Ahmed is a versatile and creative young professional who is passionate about various forms of design such as Architecture, Interior Design, Environmental Design, and Spatial Design. With experience in the Architecture and Interior Design industry, Ahmen is eager to build a career with the DGC with a focus on Set Design. Ahmed’s experiences as a multifaceted designer give him the right tools to jump into any project.”

Template: Horizon

Frank Ferrao

“Frank Ferrao is an award-winning illustrator and game designer with over two decades of experience spanning children's animation, games, and television. He is currently working towards his Masters in Design (M.Des) at OCAD University in the Digital Futures program, with a focus on digital constructive play and maker-centered learning for K-12 children. ”

Template: Industry

Arnis Putnins

“Arnis’s work focuses on research-based design: photography, film, illustration, sculpture, and typography. Arnis is a graphic designer experienced in brand identity, creative direction, photography, film video production, illustration, and website design. He leverages graphic design communication knowledge combined with public relations agency work experience to help understand client interests in a broad context. ”

Template: Order

Updated on October 13, 2021 | By Steph Davidson

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How to create a design portfolio website.

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