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Shih-Ting Tseng

“Shih-Ting Tseng is a Graphic Designer who studied 4 years of graphic design in OCAD University located in Toronto, Ontario. She is well practiced in typography, packaging, branding and motion graphics. She is passionate about designing and are open to share and discuss her creative ideas.”

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Steve Attardo

“Steve Attardo is a New York-based art director, designer, photographer, and educator working with a focus in publishing, photojournalism, and all forms visual storytelling. Currently, Steve is the Design Director for W. W. Norton and Company’s trade book division where he designs and art directs covers for best-selling and up and coming authors alike.”

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Bridget Tyrrell

“A lifelong relationship with vintage is the backbone of Bridget Tyrrell’s cheeky personal and artistic style, as well as the driving force behind her career. She recently earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Textile Design from San Francisco’s Academy of Art University. Along with her degree, she brings an unparalleled outlook, from the most outlandish of cities, home to her native state of New Jersey.”

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Valerie Hawkins

“Valerie Hawkins creates footwear collections for clients around the world. Over the years she has worked with many product developers, technicians and factories all over the world to design and build successful collections. Drawing on these experiences she now designs and develops shoes, on a consultancy basis, from her studio in Somerset, UK. ”

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Lizz Hill

“Lizz Hill is an NYC based 3D artist and technical designer by trade as well as a jewelry designer, 3D printing evangelist, experimental embroiderer and weekend potter! Lizz's work embraces the use of modern technology while emphasizing the traditions of hand-craftsmanship and her portfolio is the accumulation of her work, professional life, passion projects and her community-focused endeavors.”

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Inga Drazniece

“Inga was born in Liepaja, Latvia but has travelled from young age. She has lived in Turkey, on Guernsey and Sark and in Brighton in between travelling around New Zealand, Europe and Asia. But the lure of Scilly has proved too strong and Inga has chosen to settle on the island of St. Martin’s. Her work not only celebrates her island life but also her travels beforehand.”

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“Lee geon-min / Founder OBJT born in Korea in 1988. Lee geon-min, who majored in sculpture, understands the product or object in a sculptural way and reveals their essence in a new way. After his debut in 2017, Lee participated in major design exhibitions in Seoul and London. 'Nomad', which was exhibited at the exhibition of 'ARUMJIGI' in Seoul in 2018, was Permanent Collected in the Victorian Albert Museum in London.”

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Shan Stride

“Shan Stride is a film set designer based in Cape Town, South Africa. She has worked on a number of high profile feature films, including "Maze Runner," Netflix's "Mowgli", and the 2020 Disney live-action version of Mulan. Shan's job is to create architectural plans and digital 3D models for the purpose of conceptualizing and constructing film sets. In addition to accepting film contracts, Shan also offers private lessons in Sketchup and AutoCAD.”

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“Shoug Fardan is an Emirati fashion designer born in Dubai, founded her eponymous brand SHOUG shortly after graduating from Parsons School of Design in 2017 in New York. Shoug explores concepts of minimalism, her UAE heritage and inheritance, and individuality within the existing. Collaborating with visual artists and artisans to weave together culture, art and fashion. Shoug creates for people who live a thought-provoking and curatorial life. ”

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Rosehall Homes

“Rosehall Homes is a design-build company that blends functionality, uniqueness, and sustainability. Whether building a new home or transforming a single room we bring a sophisticated and inspired sense of space and light. We aim to create a sense of comfortable simplicity that is tailored to each of our client’s individuality. We love collaborating with our clients and together creating spaces that bring them joy.”

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