Photography portfolio website examples.

Matthew Manhire

“Matt Manhire is a photographer & director based in Toronto, Canada. Being whole-heartedly involved is what makes Matthew’s work (and the experience of working with him) so unique and fun. As an artist, he has a genuine interest in connecting with his subjects and environment. He has the ability to create a safe atmosphere on set where talent, client, and crew can feel free to contribute their expertise. Which has proven to create imagery that's as enjoyable to capture, as it is to look at. ”

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Glen Dandridge jr

“ Glen is not your just ordinary photographer! Through his experience as a model for brands such as: Levis, Dockers and many more; he knows what is needed in front of the camera, as well as the eye for behind it. His work has evolved over the years after buying his first camera in Belgium in 2014. The effect light has on a subject has been a key focus for Glen, whether he is shooting headshots or a brand's campaign. He's constantly watching light. It's a beautiful unspoken language. ”

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Ritty Tacsum

“Ritty Tacsum (b.1990) is a Malta-based experimental photographer and multimedia artist with a predisposition for multi-layered stories and narratives. Her work taps into memory and makes abundant reference to context, time and place. Architecture features prominently in her work, as do moody surreal settings often dominated by masked anamorphic or androgynous figures. Ritty's work has already been the subject of seven solo shows. Her work has been featured in countless art & design publications”

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hannah brown

“Hannah Brown is an editorial and portrait photographer based in Suffolk, England. Hannah has a consistent and sustained vision, which is evident through her refined colour palette and her attention to detail, which allows her photographs to be clean and refined. Hannah’s muted visual approach to her photography enhances the nostalgic, melancholy feel of her images. Through working with a subdued colour palette, she is able to portray a calm and serene mood throughout her work.”

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“Coming from a world of science and research, Siddhartha finds another voice in the arts, specially street photography. The pulse of life constantly unfolding into fleeting scenes is endlessly engrossing. It is the form, people, colour and light come together in a confluence that he tries to capture in his photographs. ”

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Charly Savely

“Charly Savely is a Seattle, Washington based adventure & commercial photographer. Available for travel worldwide. ”

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Le Caron

“Steve is as a multidisciplinary artist who made a career out of his passions. He knows the hard work it takes to transform one's passions into full-time jobs. He has studied in graphic design and is a self-taught photographer. Over time, Steve discovered a love for photography and it kept growing. The passion and excitement he has in photography comes with capturing the right emotion in each image and the story it tells.”

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Armin Graca

“Born in 1990, Armin Graca is a self-taught photographer and self-publisher from Sarajevo. He uses his camera to interact with people and to tell their stories through a visual experience.”

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Omii Thompson

“Toronto born and NYC raised, Omii is a product of two cultures. After spending his childhood and early adult life in the United States, he returned to Toronto to attend Sheridan College where he studied Classical Animation. Always seeking new ways for artistic expression, Omii decided to pick up a camera and transition to capturing still images. Love for storytelling and illustration drew him to portrait photography and the challenge of distilling the spirit of the person in front of him. ”

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Dan Fontanelli

“Dan Fontanelli is a photographer and the owner of Bright Rooms, an open access darkroom, and studio in London. He has built a large body of work shooting portraits of contemporary artists whilst also working on several book projects. He takes on private and editorial commissions and works with London institutions on photographic projects. Bright Rooms was built to share his passion for analogue technique, build community, and also a teaching space for all to learn.”

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Shot by member Mark Clennon