Multidisciplinary Art


“Limbo AccrA is a spatial art platform experimenting between the fields of architecture and the mixed-arts. The aim of Limbo is to establish both a trans-local and trans-continental dialogue of »Space« by interweaving and connecting new site-specific, socially engaged art projects into the existing infrastructure of uncompleted property developments, offering a large and flexible outlet for experimentation in public art and culture programming.”

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“Carla Maldonado is a visual artist born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY. With photography, filmmaking and installations, Maldonado creates work that is inherently political, exploring her relationship to the struggles of progressive movements in her home country of Brazil, post Bolsonaro's election, and her experience as a latin immigrant in the currennt Trump era. ”

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“G L O W Z I is a mixed media artist. From painting to digital drawing and vinyl mixing, the emerging artist always lets her curiosity guide her through the vast and majestic art world. Through her pieces, G L O W Z I explores various themes such as blackness, power, nostalgia and many more. By representing her ways of thinking, struggles, successes and failures through her pieces, G L O W Z I invites anyone whose eyes meet her creations into her funky world.”

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“Maxime Matthys (1995, Belgium) is a visual artist working and living between Rennes and Paris. He is developing an artistic practice using mainly photography, performance, videography and installation. His work focuses on the way technologies are affecting our daily life and are shifting our perception of reality. While exploring new forms of narrative, he keeps documenting the important issues that are shaping our future.”

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Melanie-Jane Frey

“Historienne de formation, elle a exercé 20 ans comme photojournaliste. Depuis 2012, sa photographie est devenu exclusivement artistique. Dans son studio parisien, elle travaille à la chambre grand format et au Collodion Humide, réalisant ses images sur des supports comme le verre ou le métal. Elle explore la confrontation des rapports de l’humain avec le temps dans des thèmes tel que la mémoire, la musique, la mortalité. Ses collodions et ses Platine-Palladium sont reconnus internationalement.”

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Irfan Hendrian

“IRFAN HENDRIAN is an artist, industrial printmaker and graphic designer known for his formal explorations in abstraction. Working mainly with paper and industrial print, his interest is in the Bauhaus approach and method: to reduce, subtract and simplify everything to its most sublime, essential and substantial state, thus developed a purist approach to materials. Currently based in Bandung, Indonesia and represented by Sullivan+Strumpf.”

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Michelle Lee Delgado

“Michelle Lee Delgado (legally known as Michelle Lee Wallace b. 1990, Normal, IL) is an artist living and working in Philadelphia, PA. She studied art and environmental studies at Illinois State University and was a recipient of the Ellen Battell Stoeckel Fellowship for the Yale Summer School of Art and Music in 2012. In 2015 she was published in Capricious Magazine and in 2016 her work, "I MADE A FRIEND TODAY" was attained by the collection of Milner Library at Illinois State University. In 2017”

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Kate Lionis

“Kate Lionis is an artist residing in Sydney, Australia. Using a mixtures of oils, acrylics and watercolour with sketching, Kate is on a journey of discovery celebrating the simplicity of everyday life. After spending most of her childhood playing around with different types of art, she started making some effort in 2018. Currently the focus is on everyday moments and celebrating the simple pleasures life can offer. ”

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“DAAS is an American contemporary artist, internationally recognized for his vibrant, engaging paintings and murals. ”

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Valeriu Catalineanu

“Valeriu Catalineanu uses mixed media techniques to access deeper levels of ideas, which would thus be hidden in a single medium, which would impose some boundaries.”

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