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Laurence Finet

“Laurence Finet (Mons, Belgium, 1976) graduated in the Fine Arts Diploma program at the Ottawa School of Art in June 2018. In 2014, she decided to concentrate on the development of her artistic practice. She has participated in various group and solo exhibitions. Her work has been recognized by several awards of excellence and one has been recently purchased by the City of Ottawa. She currently resides and works in Chelsea, Quebec. She is represented by the gallery Studio 66 in Ottawa.”

Template: Albers

Laura Gerry

“Laura Gerry is a self-taught Contemporary Realist working predominantly in watermedia (watercolor, ink and liquid graphite) from her US, East Coast studio. When she's not painting, she is exploring. Laura has lectured, taught workshops and has exhibited at various museums, art centers, galleries and fine art shows from the eastern seaboard to as far west as Kentucky and her paintings are included in numerous private collections. ”

Template: Offset

Vaughan Larsen

“Vaughan Larsen received their BFA with an emphasis in Photography and Imaging from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in May 2019. Their practice currently explores issues of identity and relationships at the intersection of queer culture. Larsen won first place in the 2019 LGBTQ+ Stories by Getty Images; and first prize in the Unique competition of the 2019 Amsterdam Pride Photo Award. Larsen's work has been written about in publications such as Photo Emphasis, and Humble Arts Foundation.”

Template: Horizon Left

Henri T

“Henri T is a non-binary trans identifying, visual storyteller, working with photography, moving image and performance. They are interested in documenting and exploring queerness, deconstructing the gender binary and raising visibility for underrepresented groups and issues. Henri describes themselves as an observer who, with an honest and kind eye, encourages their subjects to embrace all of who they are.”

Template: Horizon Left

Mara Corsino

“Brooklyn-based photographer Mara Corsino has cemented her visual language without losing the essence of powerful femininity. Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, she refined her photographic voice during her years spent living in Milan. ”

Template: Kiln

Tina Yan

“Tina (Huating) Yan is a Chinese-Canadian illustrator and otaku from Edmonton, Alberta. She works with mainly ink, marker and Procreate, but loves experimenting with animation and printmaking. Her work is highly influenced by manga and street art and is constantly fueled by electronic music and rock. She is passionate about designing characters, screenprinting, and creating comics and zines. In 2022, she self-published her first manga RUDBECKIA. ”

Template: Peak

Viktoria Körösi

“Viktoria Körösi was born in 1977 in Budapest, Hungary. Graduated from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest in 2004. Lives and works in Linz, Austria. ”

Template: Meander

Icaro Kosak

“Icaro Kosak is an artist whose career encompasses photography, textile design and interior decoration. Born in Rome, he trained as a fashion designer in the atelier of his mother, Boža Košak. He went on to study architecture, and art history in Tübingen, Munich and Rome.”

Template: Albers

Sergey Jivetin

“Sergey Jivetin is an artist-miniaturist working with heirloom seeds as a conceptual and physical medium. For the past several years Sergey has been traveling the continental US with Furrow project, connecting with a multitude of people and organizations that contribute to seed advocacy, collecting their stories and depicting these on actual seedpods through the art of hand engraving.”

Template: Foray

Nadiya Nacorda

“Nadiya Nacorda is a Blasian artist, photographer and Taurus currently pursuing an Art Photography MFA at Syracuse University. She was born in Detroit, MI to a Filipinx immigrant father and a Xhosa mother. Throughout the year, she travels around the country photographing her immediate family, as well as her family abroad. Her work heavily draws from notions of intimacy, family, love, displacement, secrecy, and generational trauma within the context of immigrant-American family life.”

Template: Horizon Left

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