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Sean Pressley

“Sean Pressley is a photographer from Charleston, SC currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY. His work acts as a survey of the black experience drawing inspiration from his middle class upbringing, often exploring gray areas, states of rest, and periods of informality. His works include portraits, landscapes, and documentary works, as well as staged representations which resemble documents resulting in a stylized, slightly embellished depiction of reality.”

Template: Offset

Maria Lax

“Maria Lax is a London-based photographer originally from a small town in Northern Finland. She is known for her use of color and experimental camera techniques. Recent clients include British Telecom, Virgin Records, Glass Magazine, Panasonic, and Maya Njie perfumes. Her work has been exhibited and published worldwide. Maria is one of the winners of British Journal Photography’s Female in Focus awards 2019, a finalist for PHMuseum Photography grant 2020, and the LensCulture Portrait Awards.”

Template: Mica

Sarala Bhukal

“Sarala Bhukal is an emerging photographer based Etobicoke, Ontario. Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, she immigrated with her family to Canada in 1995 at the age of five and earned a Bachelor of Design in Illustration from OCAD University in 2014. Through Bhukal's photographic practice, she seeks new iterations of her identity she has yet to find or understand. Bhukal currently studies photography at Seneca College and is a member of the Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography. ”

Template: Horizon Left

Dan Hendrickson

“Dan Hendrickson is a fine arts photographer residing in Pittsburgh. His work uses the 19th century printing method known as cyanotype to tell stories of futurism, spaceflight, and our place in a theorized multiverse. His use of cyanotype pays homage to the forebearers of the medium, who used it to capture photograms of flora in the 1800s. It is because cyanotype has its roots in depicting earthy subjects that it casts visions of the future in a believable light.”

Template: Horizon Left

Patrick Lambertz Photography

“Patrick was born 1972 in Aachen/Germany and grew up in Germany, Ghana and Belgium. He initially studied filmmaking in Berlin and worked with artists like Wim Wenders, Rosa von Praunheim and Shirin Neshat. He then moved to Switzerland, working as Head of Marketing and Chief Operating Officer in the sports and fashion industry, while continuously realizing professional shootings published in print magazines, advertisements and catalogues. ”

Template: Ora

Jamie Kronick

“Jamie Kronick is a fine art & editorial portrait photographer based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. In his photographic work he creates compelling, at times haunting pieces that reveal personality by linking the physicality of place to the internal individuality of each subject.”

Template: Horizon Left

Jamil Fatti

“Jamil Fatti is an artist and licensed landscape architect currently pursuing a masters in fine arts at the Rhode Island School of Design.”

Template: Fabric

Yin Qin

“Yin is a photo and video artist from China, who currently resides in Beijing. She received her MFA degree in San Francisco Art Institute where she studied photography, video and sound art. Her major focus is about portraits, emotions, the philosophy of life, humor, meaningful and meaningless state. Her art styles varies and changes with times, but is most often imaginary.”

Template: Kiln

Quinn Saine

“Quinn Saine's passion for the California Coast is the overwhelming theme throughout their work. Saine's photographic collection varies from ultra-long exposures, traditional astrophotography, and ocean abstractions. Whether the photograph provides immense detail, a simple aesthetic, bold or muted colors, each image clings to its own unique ephemeral moment. Their intention is to create a visceral response of tranquility and awe that the ocean gifts to all of us. ”

Template: Foray

Janne Amalie Svit

“Janne Amalie Svit (1978) is a Norwegian photographer living in the countryside of Norway. She has 20 years of experience as a professional photographer and is a graduate from Kent Institute of Art and Design in England and Norwegian School of Photography. Svit work is nurtured by her relationship to her surroundings in the north, in what many think of as in the middle of nowhere.Her work can be seen as a visual diary, investigating motherhood, dystopia and the Human Condition. ”

Template: Offset

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