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“Joselito Verschaeve (Belgium, 1996) is a visual artist living and working in Ghent, Belgium. With a focus on photographic work and the photobook.”

Template: Horizon

Piotr Wenclewski

“Piotr Wenclewski is a graduate of the European Academy of Photography in Warsaw. He made his diploma thesis in the field of artistic photography and has presented his works at several individual exhibitions in the country and abroad. Mostly taking photographs, Piotr sometimes also paints, draws and writes poetry. He lives and works in Warsaw - Poland.”

Template: Amazon

Sabrina Budon

“Sabrina Budon is a passionate artist who uses photography, her favorite medium, as an open door between two worlds. In her different series she likes to explore the tangible link between past and present, the real and the imaginary. ”

Template: Horizon Left

marjolein martinot

“Marjolein is a Dutch photographer, based in France. Her photography touches on the poetic, while striving to remain authentic and true at the same time. She aims to evoke sentiments by using and mixing different photographic approaches and analogue cameras. The prime focus of Marjolein’s work is on everyday life: family, friends, and the places and things that touch her. Her most recent project is called “Riverland”(2023-Finalist - The Sony World Photography Awards, Professional Competition).”

Template: Slate

Alvin Ng

“Alvin Ng, a Southeast Asian photographic artist currently based in Singapore, formally channels these creative expressions. His works embody the merging of past and present, utilizing hand-manipulated prints to delve into the rich tapestry of Humanity's mythic heritage. With an aim to evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity, Alvin's art invites viewers on a journey that transcends temporal boundaries.”

Template: Fabric

Alexander Stefan

“Alexander Stefan never worked as a full-time photographer, even though he received a professional photographer's education at the Washington School of Photography in mid-1990's. For nearly 30 years, he's been creating experimental photo art. Had numerous personal exhibits, participated in group shows and got awards at photo contests. He uses techniques such as in-camera double/multiple exposures, image "sandwiching", blurring of images, camera movement, lens filters. No computer post-production.”

Template: Grace

Sean Pressley

“Sean Pressley is a photographer from Charleston, SC currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY. His work acts as a survey of the black experience drawing inspiration from his middle class upbringing, often exploring gray areas, states of rest, and periods of informality. His works include portraits, landscapes, and documentary works, as well as staged representations which resemble documents resulting in a stylized, slightly embellished depiction of reality.”

Template: Spruce

Emmanuelle BENJAMIN

“Emmanuelle BENJAMIN is a French photographer-author born in Bordeaux in 1983. Her initial training in the human sciences and psychoanalysis influences her author's gaze. Her photographic work is at the same time pictorial, poetic and dreamlike. She is more of a colorist and recomposes reality often rather vertically. Her universe is an invitation and a dive into intimacy and subjectivity. Above all, she draws influence from the meditative observation of her surrounding world. ”

Template: Obsidian

Dan Hendrickson

“Dan Hendrickson is a fine arts photographer residing in Pittsburgh. His work uses the 19th century printing method known as cyanotype to tell stories of futurism, spaceflight, and our place in a theorized multiverse. His use of cyanotype pays homage to the forebearers of the medium, who used it to capture photograms of flora in the 1800s. It is because cyanotype has its roots in depicting earthy subjects that it casts visions of the future in a believable light.”

Template: Horizon Left

Evan D. Williams

“Evan D. Williams investigates the quandaries of the numinous and carnal self in a range of mostly photo-based media.”

Template: Offset

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