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Nelly Ating

“Nelly Ating is a visual researcher whose body of work focuses primarily on deconstructing trauma in conflict and migration. She reimagines hardcore stories from a point that affectionately positions vulnerability as a powerful entity. Her work has been published on CNN, Premium Times, Vanguard, Thisday. She is a member of the Women Photograph, Girl Gaze, Black Women Photographers, and African Database for Photojournalist run by the World Press Photo.”

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“Adaeze Ihebom is an Afro Italian Artist based in London. She holds a degree from Ravensbourne University in Digital Photography and currently doing her Masters in Photography Arts at the University of Wesminster to enrich her photography.”

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Sina Yaghoobpoor

“Sina Yaghoobpoor is a photojournalist and a visual storyteller based in Iran. He began his journey as a photographer at the age of 21, when he was a mechanical engineering student at the university, capturing political and social events in his homeland. So far, his journey has led him through the landscapes and communities of Georgia, Turkey, and Iraq. Sina likes to tell stories from Iranian society or the Middle East whose audience is all over the world.”

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David Dosunmu

“David Dosunmu is a documentary photographer based in Lagos, Nigeria. His work confronts various issues that impact the daily lives of Nigerians such as Identity, gender, culture, and belief systems. He believes every photograph is witness to a moment, a life, a reality — that a photograph is an opportunity to document and preserve what would otherwise be lost or unknown. He is currently the Official Photographer to the Executive Governor of Imo State, Nigeria.”

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shelby swann

“Shelby Swann is a DC based photographer from Baltimore, Maryland. Her work explores the beauty and  complex symbolism of Black culture. Swann's upbringing influences the basis of her work - a ​street aesthetic highlighting Black environments and city life.​ Through photography her work aims to  amplify community voices and empower the individual lives of our contemporary world.   ”

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Max Hirshfeld

“Max Hirshfeld is recognized as a master at spotting decisive moments while revealing the warmth and humanity of his subjects. He was born in North Carolina in 1951 and grew up in Decatur, Alabama. After moving to Washington, DC, he studied photography at George Washington University, graduating in 1973. His work has been shown at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, the Kreeger Museum, and is represented by leading galleries in Washington and Boston. ”

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Riley Yuan

“Riley photographs daily life as simply and straightforwardly as he can. He first picked up photography in college, which was a lonely and misguided time for him. The camera became an outlet. After graduation, he taught high school English and humanities for three years before joining the Peace Corps in Indonesia. He is still focused on documenting daily life—his own and that of the people around him. ”

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Mattea McKinnon

“Mattea is a travel documentary and lifestyle photographer from the South Coast, U.K with a passion for meaningful storytelling. After graduating with a 1st in her Music degree back in 2013, she embarked on several world trips, solidifying her love for photography and travel. She is currently based in New Zealand and has recently had her work exhibited in both Germany and Israel. ”

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“Montreal-based documentary photographer Drowster is on a quest to eradicate prejudices via the power of beauty. He truly believes that by showing social issues in a positive way, impactful changes can be achieved. He is particularly interested by work-related subjects, isolated communities and giving a voice to the minorities. Aside from his documentary work across Asia and the Middle East, Drowster also creates compelling visual storytelling for brands in Canada, United States and Europe. ”

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“Wan Chee Michelle Chan is a visual storyteller. Her oeuvre explores human relationships and the myriad ways of creating narratives that obscure the often fragile boundaries between fact and fiction. She has had her work exhibited in major venues in Hong Kong as well as internationally, in places as diverse as Arles, Berlin, Budapest, Dublin, Siem Reap, Taipei, and Toronto. Her work has been featured in e.g. PhotoVogue Italia, National Geographic, Wild Dog in Paris, and SCMP Magazines.”

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Updated on August 13, 2019 | By Steph Davidson

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